The Sprackett Building

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The Sprackett Building
HB, unlit
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the Sprackett Building

Stanbury Village [57,57]

Salvage Row Club Bartin Forse Walk School
a factory the Sprackett Building the Cabell Arms
Back Place School Kersley Mansion Kersley Mansion

Basic Info:


The Sprackett Building.

A manor house built of Cotswold stone, subsequently converted into offices.


Dame Sprackett, left (or possibly right), with Lady Organza Whinge, right (or possibly left)

Originally known as 'The Old House', the Sprackett took its contemporary name from its most celebrated resident, opera singer Dame Ariadne Sprackett (1852-1923). Sprackett lived here as a child and wrote about her childhood days here in her memoirs, Around the World With 80 Dames. She first 'tinkled on the ivories' on a baby grand piano which once stood in the drawing room (now a ransacked office suite).

Sprackett won fame as a member of the Carte D'Oyle Opera Company, performing in Gilbert O'Sullivan's comic operas at the Saveloy Opera House as well as on tour around the British Empire. Her roles in HMS Pitneybank, The Mrhkado and The Yeoman of the Park were particularly notable, as were her duets with pianist Lady Organza Whinge.

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