The Streltsy

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Leaders: Moctezuma | The Colonel
Diplomacy: Allies
Morbid: The Cemetery
Caleb Usher said:
"The audacity of these upstart Streltsy borders on the delusional."

The Streltsy
Abbreviation: Streltsy
Group Numbers: N/A
Leadership: Moctezuma and co-leader, The Colonel
Goals: Doing as much damage to the general survivor populace as possible.
Recruitment Policy: Any Killer with Class
Contact: The Forum


Who are The Streltsy?

We are a PKer group, dedicated to doing as much damage to the general survivor populace as we can through superior organization rather than numbers and also to enjoying ourselves in the process. We were founded on May 14th, 2008 and we are currently led by Moctezuma. At the moment we are nomadic but we are searching for a permanent home in Malton. Any more than that, we really can't (or won't) tell you.

Who are The Streltsy Leaders?

The Streltsy are led by Moctezuma and The Colonel.

What are The Streltsy's Policies?

Regarding Spying- The Streltsy do not spy. We won't spy on you and we expect the same in return.

Regarding other PKers- Streltsy members are to not attack fellow PKers. While not our immediate allies, they are our brethren and should be treated as such. Also, if any PKing is sighted, Streltsy members are to NOT report it. Note: by PKers we mean players that kill other players in general, we do not mean bounty hunters. For our policies on bounty hunters, read below.

Regarding Bounty Hunters- If a Streltsy member witnesses an act of murder committed by a bounty hunter then he/she is to report it on the Streltsy forums. The Streltsy does not take kindly to bounty hunters and we do not tolerate their presence in Malton. As we receive reports of bounty hunters in Malton we will create a list of them so that PKers everywhere can see who their enemies are. Bounty Hunters are to be killed on sight.

Regarding Confidentiality Within The Streltsy- Streltsy members are to keep anything that another Streltsy member tells them in private strictly confidential unless specifically instructed otherwise. The same applies to information posted on The Streltsy forum. Naturally, all Streltsy operations and plans are to be kept secret as well.

Regarding Activity- Streltsy members should check the Wiki and the Streltsy forum at least once a week and are to remain active with the game. If you need to take a break, post it in the forums, give us a GPS location and say how long you will be away for so we can plan ahead.

Regarding Allies- Streltsy members are not to attack members of allies or to act in a hostile manner towards allies. The Streltsy is a friendly group and we do not want our members to cause any hostilities or tension between our allies.

Regarding Zerging- Thou shalt not zerg. Zergers are scum and if you engage in zerging, please do not try to join The Streltsy. Known zergers will be banned.

Regarding Streltsy Officials and Rules- Streltsy members are to treat Streltsy officials with respect. We aren't fascists and we allow Streltsy to openly criticize one another (as long as they do so without violating the above Streltsy policy on Confidentiality), however, acting in an extremely rude or insulting manner towards Streltsy officials will not be tolerated. Streltsy members who do not follow Streltsy policies will find themselves banned from the group.

Regarding The Boondock Saints- Streltsy members are not to attack any member of The Boondock Saints and are to simply ignore any Boondock Saints members that they may encounter. Additionally, in accordance with our peace agreement with The Boondock Saints, Streltsy members are to stay out of Roftwood. Also, User:Kris McKinney is to be regarded as a friend of The Streltsy. Lastly, and most importantly, Streltsy members are to acknowledge the fact that Pulp Fiction was better.

A typical UD bounty hunter.

Bounty Hunter Reporting

As stated above, in our policy section, The Streltsy do not take kindly to bounty hunters and we will shoot them on sight. We strongly encourage others to attack them as well and we would also like to encourage everyone (regardless of whether or not they are a Streltsy member) to report any bounty hunters to us. To report a bounty hunter, leave a message here on our forum. For those who support our Bounty Hunter Reporting program we have created a handy template that you can put on wiki pages to spread awareness.

Mpd.png Report Bounty Hunters!
Don't let them get away with hypocrisy! Report them to the The Streltsy!

Bounty Hunter List

Bounty Hunter List.

Graffiti Advertisements for The Streltsy?

If you want to advertise our group here's some of our recruitment ads:

Tired of PKing solo?
In Streltsy malton, PKers kill you

Who are The Streltsy's Allies?

See this for a list of our allies. Also, we are friendly towards most of the other PKer groups in Malton and if asked, would probably aid them when necessary. If you wish to join in an alliance with The Streltsy just drop by our forums and let us know.

Who are The Streltsy's Enemies?

Survivors in general. As far as particular groups go, we aren't fond of the DEM.


May 22, 2008: The Streltsy is founded by Moctezuma and Runemasteryx.

May 24, 2008: The Streltsy gain a fourth member, only ten days after their establishment.

May 28, 2008: The Streltsy's List of Bounty Hunters Is Created.

June 3, 2008: The Streltsy gains a fifth member.

June 6, 2008: The Coolest Mollusk In Malton is now The Streltsy's second-in-command.

June 27, 2008: Moctezuma temporarily removes the bounty hunter list.

July 2, 2008: The Streltsy gets its tenth member (we've gotten more since then).

July 15, 2008: The Streltsy are pleased to announce an alliance with Legends of Darkness, a new PKer group which Moctezuma highly respects.

August 5, 2008: Shodaime takes over as The Streltsy's co leader.

December 5, 2009: The Streltsy are resurrected by Moctezuma and The Colonel

January 28, 2010: The Colonel resigns from The Streltsy.

March 12, 2010: On a minor note, The Burchell Arms Regulars think they've declared war on us. What they fail to realize is that it's too late- we declared it first. In more consequential news, The Colonel is back!

March 16, 2010: The Streltsy are now allies with Red Rum!

May 7, 2010:Streltsy are now allied with MITS and CGR. Recently they have been seen killing ENVY in Havercroft and raising all sorts of hell in Williamsville. Where they will go next... no body knows.

December 26, 2011:The Streltsy are going to be regrouping going into the new year

Supported Policies

Wriststrong.jpg Wrist Strong
This user or group supports wrist awareness.
Hat.jpg Honor Among Thieves
This user or group supports the Honor Among Thieves Policy & finds that PKing is more fun when only innocents suffer.