The Stroud Building

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The Stroud Building
VHB, unlit
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the Stroud Building

West Grayside [56, 86]

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Basic Info:

The Stroud Building


The Stroud Building is a modernized office building. A small granite statue of a man in a top hat sitting on a pile of bandages fronts the building. The plaque informs you that this is of Henry Streuth Stroud.


Originally built in 1861 as an office for hospital administrators of the area, this building has seen it's share of the toil of city life.

The building was named the 'Stroud Building' after Henry Streuth Stroud, one of the past chief hospital administrators. He was famous for organising a hijacking of a government lorry containing bandages which he routed to the Piran General Hospital, which only had one pack of bandages left and had exceeded it's quota.

Being extended in 1909, 1932 and lastly 1955 before succumbing to an unusual form of dry rot that resulted in its demolition three years later. It was rebuilt in the style of the period and sold to a German electronics contractor - a contrast to the anarchic entertainment vibe of the area - where it remained in the companies possession until the outbreak.

The CEO and his secretary managed to escape the city but other staff found themselves helpless. While some remained in the building sending out last minute communiques to Company Headquarters and putting up temporary barricades to keep out the countless mobs, others went to find their families or in the case of one employee try and grab a final meal at McDonalds.

Military records show that out of 355 employees barely a fifth escaped Malton.

Barricade Policy

Keep at EHB in accordance with the West Grayside Barricade Plan.

Current Status