The Summer Building

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The Summer Building
This building is under threat, with nearby buildings ruined and zombies about. EHB at the moment and lit.
AntjieSomers (talk) 10:01, 23 January 2021 (UTC)
The Summer Building

Roftwood [64,55]

a carpark Napier Plaza Eligius General Hospital
a factory The Summer Building Purchas Alley
a wasteland the Wrench Hotel Sloper Row

Basic Info:

General Information

The Summer Building is located at 64,55 in the suburb of Roftwood. This tall building has a mobile phone mast rising out from the roof and is a landmark in Roftwood. When the building is powered, it enables mobile phone service to the suburb of Roftwood, therefore when the suburb is under a serious zombie attack the Summer Building needs to be barricaded to Extremely Heavily in order to protect the generator and the mobile phone mast.

The factory (located at 63,55) found west of The Summer Building is an official entryway from which it should always be possible to access The Summer Building. The factory should never be barricaded more then Very Strongly (VS).

The views from the uppermost floors are spectacular. If one is not careful, one can plummet to death falling out of the windows of the building.

The Summer Building is rumored to be the headquarters of 26.17's Hazard Genocide Radio.

The Boondock Saints

The Summer Building is also the headquarters and central building for The Boondock Saints. The area around it is supported by the pro survivor group.


May 10th, 2007 The Drama Club staged a performance of "Apocalypse Now" in The Summer Building for the 3 survivors there as part of their Outward Spiral Tour of Malton. The group plans to travel in a counter-clockwise expanding spiral from the center of the town to the outer edges. See their group page for performing groups and schedules.

Additional Information

Searchable Items

No items of value can be found when searching this building, although searching the building may yield an old newspaper or two.


the Summer Building needs to be barricaded to Extremely Heavily in order to protect the generator powering the mobile phone mast.


Tagging this building grants no XP.

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