The Rising Sun

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The Rising Sun
Abbreviation: The Sun
Group Numbers: growing
Leadership: Trigger Slip and the Sun Council
Goals: The elimination of the dead and all those who oppose us
Recruitment Policy: Anyone can join any lvl any class, visit our forum.
Contact: E-Mail or forum


The Rising Sun



  • Maintain the safety and security of Spicer Hills. This includes keeping the undead out, the barricades up and the revives flowing!
  • Keep our Revive Point maintained and the que short, it's at Coat Avenue [21,96]. Report rotters at the RP so a member of The Sun with a firearm can remove them!
  • Gain alliances with other groups of survivors who are willing to co-operate and are fighting for the greater good of humans all over Malton.

Please use the Sun's forum at your leisure to contact the group, follow the group etiquette on posting.


We are currently looking for members, so join a new group with exciting ideas planned for the future, become part of a community, become part of The Rising Sun!

Please post on our forum if you wish to join The Sun please included your UD name, character ID, class and time zone.


All members on recruitment must be placed in a group that is chosen by the leadership that best represents how they wish their character to develop. All group members must follow their mission objectives and their leaders commands. Occasionally orders will be issued to specific team members, on this occasion they are no longer required to follow the teams mission objective but they must follow the direct order.

Members will be placed on the council if the leadership believes they have contributed enough to the community and organizing of the group/their teams. The following rankings are based on the traditional structure of a Yakuza family. For the honor of the Sun.

Kumicho - Sun Council Head

Wakashu - The Gang Leaders and Sun Council Members.

  • Fryzie - Leader of the Shinigami Warriors

Kobun - Yakuza Members.

  • PCCD

Survivor Group