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  • The Survivor's republic has disbanded due to the IRL death of its leader.

Congregatio est constructum super insons insontis!

The Survivor's Republic is a new group of military forces and survivors who refuse to be victimized by the zombie hordes. The creator, Sean Connolly, is an ex-IRA member and strongly urges military remnants to join. He also wishes that there were more than just shotguns and pistols, hates EH-buttholes, and is working on making this group a graphic. Each one of our members knows each other IRL.

Current Works

Scouting the edges of the Caiger Mall. Truthfully, we don't have near enough strength for that yet. We're thinking about spreading eastwards until southern Malton is one big safe zone, then sort of encircling the rest and closing in on Caiger.
Setting up a maze system of fortresses with few entrances, codenamed Operation Freerunner. So far, most of southwest Malton is safe (though truthfully, we can't take credit for that, except for Foulkes Village going from red to green on the danger map in the week of 11/20/09).
Raids on nearby NT labs in order to clear away the zombies. So far this is pretty easy, considering everyone else is keeping the zacks out, too.
Protecting civilians and rebuilding Malton Society. No, we're not trenchies, we know the game can't be 'won', this is just our RP goal.

Prepare for Operation:Asskick!

After the creation of Forts Childe, Wilder, and Thompson, and the Repopulation of New Arkham, rumors came out of a plan to spread out eastwards until the entire southern zone of Malton was safe. Well, those rumors are true.
For those interested in fighting a good fight, pack up your crap and head over to the Merryweather Way Fire Station. It'll be hell, just the way we like it. And you'll get a badge!

Edit: We will be working with the Wulves on this, so be sure to give some room and respect to these expert players.
THIS JUST IN! The MOB ISattacking the area! Remain vigilant, remain strong, and remain intelligent! It is our wits that have kept us alive, and our kick-ass attitude that has well, kicked ass, so we can pull it through if no one suddenly decides to 'trench it up'.--Sean Connolly 07:23, 14 December 2009 (UTC)
The MOB appears to be going on a counter-clockwise circle throughout the city. If that is so, the southwest is about to enter a human/zombie battle the likes of which have been seen many times before but is still no less devastating. Either barricade in numbers, or dissapear. The zombies can't eat all of us, nor can they eat what they cannot find.--Sean Connolly 22:48, 16 December 2009 (UTC)

Well, I have to admit we timed this whole darn thing wrong. As soon as we got started, the MOB came in and completely undid all the work we've done over the past month or so. Still, there's no way in heck we're giving up.--Sean Connolly 01:28, 7 January 2010 (UTC)
Haha, scratch that! East Grayside is SAFE! And west Grayside is now less dangerous. The surrounding area is becoming safer, but the southeast must be retaken. Our homeland of Foulkes Village must be restored! Onward in the name of the Republic, onward in the name of the SWA, onward in the name of kicking zahmbah ass!--Sean Connolly 23:17, 18 January 2010 (UTC)

Honored Members and Status

Sean Connolly: Leader, hanging out with the CAPD.
Vivo el Loco: Second in command, working with Flashbang Support Squad to scout Caiger
Josef Breeman: Officer, needs assistance guarding the NT lab near Caiger.
Willy Breeman: Officer, run by Josef's twin Willfred, needs help guarding the NT lab near Caiger.
Aileen Baker: Officer, one kick butt girl.
Richard Olson: Officer, in charge of radio transmissions, hanging out with Aileen and the Breeman's in Caiger.
Kailee Hu: Member, Willy's girl, back up with her crowbar, a crackin' an' wackin' at the Feral Undead.
Monty Ritchie: Initiate, rejoined after getting his traitorous zombie rear revivified.
Hippy Joe: Initiate, won't stop searching for shotguns.

Radio Broadcasts

Richard Olson is in charge of radio broadcasts in general. Our news and zombie watch channel is 28.48. Some of us have to share IP adresses, so broadcasts will be important and infrequent. Our emergency comm channel is 28.49, and is to be used only for help requests and zombie movement that obviously is directed towards our wandering forces. We recommend carrying multiple radios, and having one set to each of our signals as well as 29.00, the general zed news channel.

Forces of the Republic

If you are not assigned a force or guild, or can't find yours listed here, you are either a civilian or military grunt. No offense and nothing personal, it's not bad, it's just that these two groups are so self explanatory we didn't add them. Yet.
The Cleaners
The Cleaners are effectively our 'bounty hunters'. If PKing is noticed or reported, the Cleaners will hunt down the offender and mercilessly slaughter them, making sure to have a member watching the target at all times for one buisiness day (yes, some of us have that time, thanks to a job at best buy). Each time they rise up or are revived, they will be killed, whether zombie or survivor. The Cleaners will also hunt down a specific group of zacks if wanted. However, these services come with a price. This price is any valuable information, but anything else useful or cool is also accepted. Please send your request, proof of PK or zack grouping, and a map showing your building, suburb, and area to
Started by Richard Olson and Willy Breeman, the Gunnaboyz are high level players in posession of at least ten loaded shotguns and extra ammo. They are not allowed to leave their police stations without such supplies and then some. They use the multiconnection IP adresses available at the Starbucks to cooperate at least once a week on a great zackhunt, sweeping their suburbs and killing any zacks they find wandering outside (or at least attempt to, in the case of Kailee Hu).
Zack Crackers
Started by Aileen Baker, only firefighters or those with full hand to hand and melee weapon training may join the Zack Crackers. They fight only with axes and crowbars, and operate weekly, much like the Gunnaboyz, but using melee weapons only. On 11/18/09, they joined with another group that just happened to be wandering our wednesday detention as well and raided a zombie nest in that hospital near Caiger Mall. Unfortunately, right after barricading the place, they were all raided by zombies that were apparently attacking Caiger while the Zack Crackers were busy killing their backup. There were no survivors. And wouldn't you know, they had all of our revivers with 'em! D'oh!

CivAid Services
The CivAid Service team consists of our doctors, scientists, and engineers dedicated to the innocent civilian faction of The Survivor's Republic, instead of our military forces. They barricade, provide medical care, and protect the civilians. This follows our firm belief that the innocent are our key to rebuilding Malton society. Most of our police officers and doctors our in this group, but it also includes the simpler workers society needs yet takes for granted, such as bankers and janitors.

Flashbang Support Squad
The only group more restrictive than the Cleaners, the Flashbang Support squad will only have up to ten members at a time, and none of them are allowed to be above member level, as they are considered the arm of Vivo. They take orders from no one but him, and are the only people at member level allowed to ignore commands from an officer. They are sent where Vivo el Loco! decrees, knowing that his views are always shared by Sean Connolly and vice versa. When not following Vivo about and protecting him from danger, this group of contsruction trained scouts are busy giving other groups a little push towards victory.

The Directors
The Directors are tasked with giving directions towards our mazes and safe houses, as well as posting warnings and messages, nothing more. WHile this may seem insignifigant, it is very important for those who want to join us, or require our protection.

Our scientists and master construction workers who have decided to work on the go with our military forces. Got their name two days ago (11/16/09)when a kiZombie speaker moaned,"Mmmm! Magga bra!nz!" whilst eating one of our new lab assistants who was trying to revivify him. The lab assistant, being an immature pansy, then quit the game. We now mercilessly mock him. We are unsure whether magga meant 'mecha', 'mekka', or 'mega'. Personally, I (Sean Connolly) hope it was 'mekka'. That just sounds cool. These wonderfull boys and girls are tasked with bulding our maze system and revivifying zacks, so they will need free running, construction, or diagnosis and that one NecroTech skill that lets you use syringes.

Zahmbah Gahmmahnah!an Zahrb!z
The Zahmbah Gahmmahnah!an Zahrb!z, or Zombie Communication Service, is made up of members who have become zacks and instead of being revived, became kiZombie speakers and decided to help teach other zombies the greater good of siding with the humans and leading them to revivification points. Those who demand a price to listen to our 'zamhbah missionaries' are 'fed' PKers (whom we herd towards the zacks for their consumption and delight. In return, these zombies don't attack us or other survivors that have requested to be under our protection (which is available if you e-mail NOTE: PROTECTION FROM ALL ZEDS, ZACKS, AND OTHER ZOMBIE TYPEISH THINGS IS NOT ASSURED!) and attack any zombie not in their group found in their 'protection areas'. This group is the least favorite of our role-playing only members, so expect to be ignored by some (about six) people if you join this group.

Enemies of the Republic

To add a person or group here, you must also add a good reason for them being here.
Damn. That sounds like a Star Wars game.
But seriously, everyone has enemies, especially people like us, who are trying to do good. We have a list of enemies and our own special system of bounty hunting. Whether they are a PK group, some Death Cultists, or simply a bunch of idiots who believe in Darwinism, we the citizens, soldiers, and defenders of The Survivor's Republic find it in our duty to eliminate these threats to society. While we can and have to ignore most, those who cause trouble nearest, cause trouble dearest, and are to be killed soonest.
Groups we Oppose
Zack-Shit Crazy-A bunch of death cultists started by some assholes in our school who prefer to go the evil way. They started up soon after the Survivor's Republic was born, and announced their chief belief that might is right, and that death is to be welcomed and heeded by the weak. Members of this group go around with zack 'minions', destroying and ransacking buildings. They were responsible for the most recent fall of the Foulkes Village cell phone mast. We have observed them making temporary zergs simply to cause damage and disorder. Many of them label themselves as Children of the Zacks, screaming horrid curses as they fell innocents. Any one in this group is to be killed on sight, as I, Sean Connolly, Leader of the Survivor's Republic, declare a state of WAR against Zack-Shit Crazy.


EDIT:HAHAHA! As of 2/03/10, Zack Shit Crazy is dead. Only three of their members still play, and they've become failed PKers.

The Foulkes Village Guardianship- A rather old but small group that opposes The Survivor's Republic/Operation Freerunner strongly. While we respect their control and historical reverence for Foulkes Village, they refuse to let us use it as an expansion to our safe havens, or even form an agreement with us. In their foolish attacks against us, they have let zacks enter their territory and attack those supposedly under their protection. It is with a heavy heart that I, Sean Connolly, Leader of the Survivor's Republic, declare a state of WAR against The Foulkes Village Guardianship.
EDIT:VICTORY! As of 11/25/09, the Foulkes Village Guardianship is no more! The 17 original members, as well as a good number of new members they had hired, were repeatedly killed, disbanded, and etiher left the area or gave us the passwords for their characters!
A Large Juicy Brain- noted for PKing many people under our protection whilst they were out looting. Seems to have unlimited IP, and has once made a mention of 'A Son of Zack' that paid him to commit his heinous crimes! We've killed him 12 times and he won't stop!

Count Smackula-Some weirdo who'd been spying on us for Zack-Shit Crazy. We had to shut down ops for two days because of this idiot.
Mr. Pigsty- Came into Chenery Cinema, screamed," Look out! ZOMBIES!" and repeatedly shot everyone who was still alive!

Bounty System

This is a special bounty system approved of, created by, and used extensively by The Survivor's Republic.
In order to request the service of a bounty hunter, simply e-mail a request (along with the location of your contact with the target, and your location) and something you believe to be worthy as fee for hiring our Cleaners to
Send an e-mail to one of the hunters on the following list:
Approved Hunters

If you are accepted, expect proof of the work being sent to you within two weeks, or we supply YOU with something.

Yep, That's about it. Simple, ain't it? However, there is a strict set of secret rules our hunters must follow.

Creed and Law

Any who disobey these rules without pardon from the Top 5 shall be punished severely! Also, 'man' refers to any human in the following rules.
No man is to commit theft upon his fellow survivors.
No man is to kill for any reason other than the defense of himself or others.
No man is to provide classified information to anyone from another group unless told to do so.
Bounty hunters are to follow the secret rules set by the Top 5.
No man is to lower any barricades, nor raise them, without express consent from the Top 5.
No man is to do anything to jeopardize the survival of another.
No man is to assert himself to a higher level of power. This is a Democratic Republic, not a Dictatorship!
No man is to own or abuse another.
No man is to shirk his duty in searching for supplies and killing zacks.
No man is to bear a child with his companion unless there are enough supplies.
No man is to disrupt the operations of the Republic, whether they are violent or peaceful.
No man is to disrupt the peace and law.
No man is to hamper the work of his fellows.

Allied Groups

These are groups that have openly and formally accepted The Survivor's Republic and it's policies. Groups we merely consort with are not noted here.
Ppl's Republic of Fewd
Morticianer's Children
Old Foulke's Home
New Arkham Jokers
A Brain for an Elbow
Caridan Military Expedition
Grayside Board of Groups

Cacti small.png South West Alliance
This user or group is a member of the South West Alliance.

If you want to ally us, just contact us and put

File:Tsrpal1.jpg T.S.R. Pal
This user or groups is a friend or member of The Survivor's Republic and wuvs it so!
on your page!


Ranking can depend on many things, such as what group you are in. This is a basic overview of our ranking system.
First off, you can add your rank to a badge:

Flaggyflag.jpg Rank Patch
Bob is ranked initiate in The Survivor's Republic.

The coding for this is: Survivor's Republic Badge|User=Bob|Level=initiate ;with image brackets on the end and beginning.

Ranks from lowest to highest:
Civilian: Has no command over military personnel. Is not yet trusted or just asks for protection.

Initiate: Beginning rank. Only has control when given letters of command by someone of at least Officer Rank, at which point they can direct civilians in case of an emergency. The only action these trainees get is on the occasional patrol.

Member: Call 'em what you want to, grunts, whelps, greenies, they're all the same. Basic soldiers who follow the same basic rules as Initiates, but get to go on better missions.

Veteran:A seasoned soldier toting shotguns and FAKs as if they were bags of candy, ready for zombies and unhealthy pals to respectively munch upon. Given control of small, squad based missions.

Bragger: Someone given bragging rights for what they've done. Given control of larger missions.

Officer/Liaison:Either an important friend from another group or a skilled and helpful member of The Survivor's Republic. Given control over all but the Leader and Second in Command.

Second in Command: Vice president Vivo el Loco!

Leader: Sean Connolly and the Top 5. They know what's best for the Survivor's, and evryone knows it.

Note that command can be overidden if the lesser personnel someone is leading agree on at least a three-fourths vote to declare them 'too unstable for action' if they go crazy.


Rat-ah-tat-tat.jpg Rat Tactics
Survive. Revive. Thrive.

Eagles may soar, but rats don't get sucked into zombie jet engines. Keep it on the down low.

Flood Tactics Hit 'em hard, but keep felxible.
Ghost Tactics Nothing scares zombies like a man with a fire axe popping randomly out of a place they thought was empty. Putting the BOO in BOOM!
C.A.R.E.S. Hey, if the greenies keeping dying, who are we going to protect?
Smart Revive Policy Reviving a PKer counts as a PK itself, and will likely get you killed.
Barricade Strafing If it's really griefing, then grief away, people! Grief away!
Lockdown Why not bring in an army of unknown trenchies to make you a meat shield?
Loop After all, Operation Freerunner is just a reformed version of Loop.
Retake and Repopulate After all, what are we here for other than to take what is ours, that we may pass it on to our children? Plus, it sounds like RAWR when abreviated.
Pendulum Tactics The best way to spread is safely.

Rise.GIF Prevent the up?rising
This user believes that playing Whack-A-Mole with zombies is plain retarded.
Covertops.jpg Covert Operations
This user favours covert ops tactics.
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