The Temple of Our Martyred Lady

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Basic Information

The Temple of Our Martyred Lady is an alternate name for St Jude's Cathedral and the surrounding buildings. This phrase is used by members of The Ecclesiarchy Militant, who have claimed their area as a personal base of operations. Anyone is welcome to use the facilities of the area, however they should be advised that 'The Emperors Law' is the only one respected on the Temples grounds.

  • 1: Thou shall not suffer the Mutant to live. (Slay all zombies, or revive them.)
  • 2: Those who harbor or aid the Mutant shall share its fate. (Zombie spies will be killed.)
  • 3: Traitors to mankind deserve nothing but a chainsword to the head. (Known Pks will also be killed.)
  • 4: Let none speak ill of The God-Emperor. (Banned from temple grounds, if you return without repenting you will suffer the normal penalty. You have been forewarned, so please do not.)
  • 5: "There can be no bystanders in the war for survival. Anyone who will not fight by your side is an Enemy you must crush utterly!" (Anyone else who attempts to claim our temple as their own will be met with sufficient force to dissuade them. Whatever that happens to be, hopefully only shouting.)

Each area has a separate name when being referred to by the members of The Ecclesiarchy Militant.

  • Stockley Walk Police Dept. [10, 48] is the "Temple Armory"
  • Stallworthy Square [12, 46] Is the "Parade Grounds"
  • Jouxson Cinema [11, 46] Is the "Lesser Reliquary"
  • the Hateley Arms [11, 47] Is the "Brewery"
  • Maishman Bank [11, 48] Is the "Counting House"
  • the Curme Building [11, 49] Is called "The Apothecary" It is also a necrotech building.
  • Coffins Lane School [12, 49] Is called "The Scriptorium"
  • Donnan Alley [13, 49] & Thorburn Way [14, 49] are referred to as "The Gardens"
  • Copleston Library [14, 48] Is (Ironically) the "Library"
  • Cape Towers [14, 47] Is called "The Monks Cells"
  • the Farrant Monument [14, 46] Is referred to as "The Shrine of The Martyrs"
  • a factory [13, 46] Is known as "The Adeptus Mechanicus Enclave", It also holds the Suburb phone mast.
  • St Jude's Cathedral [12, 47], [13, 47], [12, 48] & [13, 48] Is simply called "The Cathedral"

Coordinates: A square area with the corners at. [11, 46], [11, 49], [14, 46], [14, 49]. Plus [10, 48]

Suburb Map

The Suburb of The Temple of Our Martyred Lady
Mitchel Walk Dauncey Square a junkyard Foyle Lane a carpark wasteland Bletso Cinema the Hambidge Building a warehouse Montgomery Avenue Fire Station
the Bayford Building Tasker Park Aston Lane St. Paulinus's Church the Hippesley Building Hamm Walk Fire Station Pattinson Row Trimble Lane the Barstow Building Loveridge Drive
the Pankhurst Building Wadden Boulevard a carpark Cottey Way a cemetery the Wakeford Motel a carpark Lettey Row Fire Station a warehouse the Pridham Building
Seear Auto Repair Emms Walk Tidball Library Ryles Avenue Chaning Alley Shenton Crescent Hollyman Lane Bustin Auto Repair Cotty Bank Tarzwell Road
Bere Towers Riste Alley Frekee Walk Burrell Way Police Department Julian Lane Rodeney Plaza the Bampfyld Arms the Eglen Building a factory Bygrave Cinema
Perham Park Wallbutton Way the Austwick Museum Warner Boulevard Falvey Walk Fire Station Ewins Row Fire Station Hind Boulevard Sorton Way Fire Station Rumbell Grove Railway Station Sherman Alley Fire Station
Harrison Park Lesser Reliquary Parade Grounds The Adeptus Mechanicus Enclave The Shrine of The Martyrs Blockwood Auto Repair Holland Alley wasteland the Lee Building the Snee Building
the Vaughan Arms Brewery The Cathedral The Cathedral The Monks Cells the Blackburn Arms Hanlon Park Denbury Road Felix General Hospital the Hamilton Arms
Temple Armory Counting House The Cathedral The Cathedral The Library the Dimon Museum the Collings Building St. Elisabeth's Hospital Badman Cinema Brundrit Towers
Martindale Road The Apothecary The Scriptorium The Gardens The Gardens a factory Neary Bank the Reginaldus Museum Crowly Library St. Columba's Church

Current Status

The long awaited arrival of the CotR has hit molebank hard, many individuals have been unable to log on and the church was taken with only light resistance. However with the holidays now over the fight is beginning in earnest. Retaliatory strikes and fresh volunteers are working to drive the zombies out. Rumors of the presence of The Redeemed have started circulating. Alexei Yaruk 16:52, 27 Dec 2005 (GMT)

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