The Theobald Building

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The Theobald Building

Crooketon [4,64]

Squibbs Crescent Devonish Avenue Margaret General Hospital
Antheros General Hospital The Theobald Building Levy Drive
Herick Crescent Eason Drive Furneaux Square Fire Station

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The Theobald Building
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This Building is the Mobile Phone Mast for the suburb of Crooketon, which is located in the West Central area of the city.


A small metal-and-glass building with a collapsed roof, a phone mast towers three stories into the air. It is an amazing sight during the sunrise and sunset. The illuminating UV rays make it a beacon of hope for wandering survivors. Survivors have set up elaborate barricades inside, piling destroyed equipment together to block doorways. The offices have been boarded up and the remaining survivors hunker down in the control room, monitoring cell phone usage to coordinate with any survivors still alive.


Prior to the Outbreak, it was a Verizon mobile phone mast designed to be Verizon's first foothold in Malton's cell phone industry. There were many plans for expansion into central suburbs such as Stanbury Village, Brooke Hills, and Ridleybank, but only a few months after the completion of construction on The Theobald Building, the zombie infestation became too hot to handle and the Malton cell phone masts was centralized for easier communication, using triband cell-phone technology. Verizon's own cell phone company collapsed only several weeks after and most of the former workers flocked either to nearby NecroTech facilities's or Police Departments for employment.

Barricade Policy

To be kept EHB at all times.

Current Status

May 2, 2009 VSB, No power, radio or staff, 1 zed outside trying to get a signal--Dr Mycroft Chris 22:00, 2 May 2009 (BST)

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