The Third Extravaganza

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June 3rd, 2008

The seasons are changing. The biting cold of winter has given way to the warm breezes of spring, which are slowly transforming into the sticky stillness of the cities third summer under quarantine. Above the torpid stink of the cities numerous rotting corpses, spoiling food caches, and moldering buildings, a fresh breeze of change is approaching...because only a month remains until the third anniversary of Necrotech's catastrophic blunder, the start of Malton as we know it...and that means that this is just around the corner.

International fireworks 3 b.jpg

The Third Extravaganza

Yes, citizens of Malton, it's time for that most glorious of events...a chance to celebrate our continued existence (whether alive or dead), the change of the seasons, the camaraderie and class of the city, and our ability to blow things up in an endless variety of interesting ways. Our objectives remain the same as Our Last Two Years, to concentrate the entire flare-lauching, gun-shooting, and zombie-moaning power of the city into a few select squares. Even a few dedicated flare-launchers can create a profound spectacle worthy of a professional fireworks show: with only a few pounds of discount flares! So tell your friends, alert your factions, comb your stockpiles, wrangle your zombies, and gird your loins, because this is going to be epic

The Process

The process is fairly simple: You have one month, maybe a little less, to collect as many flares as possible, and launch them at one of the launch points listed below as the international clock turns from July 2nd to July 3rd. We (and by "We" I of course mean the shadowy coordinators of the whole event) will be in attendance at four locations throughout the city... groups are free to make their own, and post them below. Other events, photo-ops, celebrity appearances, guest speakers, and surprise improvised weaponry will be announced at a later date...for now, just acquire those explosives... Clock is Ticking

The locations

List is, of course, subject to below if you or your group is going to be in attendance.

Silley Park [24, 25] Every year, the primary hub of this celebration is held at Silley Park, site of other notable locations such as Stanstock. Historically, this location typically has the largest turnout, and the most spectacular fireworks. If you don't have anywhere else to be, we highly suggest you swing by this location, with a few buddies and flares in tow. If you don't like getting your hands dirty (or burnt, or bitten off) you can always watch the event from nearby Caiger Mall

the Ilderton Monument [77, 87] Every year, we also position one launch point down in Scarletwood because it's an idyllic little place which is otherwise usually ignored. The best locations to view the event are, as always, the tops of the Angell Building and the Garniss Building, both of which will likely be staffed by lively members of the Malton's Angels and the Garniss Border Patrol

A wasteland [52, 22] Located strategically between the high vantage point of The Whippey Building and the flare-packed hardware stores of Stickling Mall, this location will likely also have a high turnout.

Stockwell Road[83, 46] Near several malls, and one notable Fort, we expect this location to have a high military turnout and, consequentially, the most accidental carnage from converted mortars...which we totally endorse.

Links and upcoming events

-Most of the dialog for this event will occur where it always had, on the forums of the New Malton Colossus

-We will be bickering about a soundtrack for this event, like we always do...anything epic, loud, and energetic will be considered...discussions about this should take place on the talk page of this very article

-and of course, if you've forgotten How to blow stuff up so it looks pretty You're more than welcome to refresh your memory.

Who we are, and who you should be

Oh, us? we're no one special...just a group of Generous Citizens Who exist to raise the morale of survivors. Our numbers have dwindled over the last few years, but we're looking for new members to replace those who have escaped the quarantine of the city through secret routes known only to us. Contact us on the NMC forums if you're interested in joining...

of yes...and of course, badges are in order.

Extravaganza.jpg Extravaganza!
This group or person is dedicated to making the 3rd of July the most kick-ass night Malton has ever seen.

and another firework graphic, because we love them as much as you do. Firework 1327.jpg

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