The Uncanny Valley Alliance

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The Uncanny Valley Alliance
Abbreviation: UVA
Group Numbers: 40+
Leadership: Lunatique
Goals: Take back Malton, one suburb at a time
Recruitment Policy: If you understand our motto, you probably also know how to contact us
Contact: N/A

"Subdivide and conquer!" - UVA motto

About the Alliance

Not much is known about this secretive group of guerilla fighters, except that all members were involved in CG (computer graphics) as professionals or enthusiasts before the outbreak, spanning various industries from film/television special effects, video games, product/scientific visualization, animation, advertising, illustration..etc.

Rumor has it that the group was formed when a SIGGRAPH meeting in Malton and an E3 convention a few blocks away were brought to an abrupt end by a horde of zombies that rudely crashed both events uninvited. While escaping the massacre, survivors of both events bumped into each other and decided to stick together for better chances of survival. Initially, the group was just a bunch of terrified CG geeks with pale skins that saw too little sunlight, with barely any skills beyond wielding their computer mice and Wacom tablets, but after a period of tough conditioning from the harsh realities around Malton, the group realized that the world they lived in had become eerily familiar--like those in various video games they often played. From that point on, the group found their purpose and cunningly applied all the strategic skills learned from video gaming to their survival tactics. With a mocking name chosen, the group carried with them the gamer's spirit--to deliver some serious p'wnage to the walking corpses. Today, The Uncanny Valley Alliance has became one of the leading forces fighting the unending tide of the living dead, and they are determined to take back Malton from the uninvited rude guests.

The name of the group is an ironic mocking of the undead. In CG and robotics, when attempts at realistic artificial humans display a creepy zombie-like aura due to not having all the spontaneity and subtleties of real humans, that creepy factor is called "the uncanny valley."

The motto of the UVA is "Subdivide and Conquer." According to the group, you'll only understand what that means if you're a 3D artist.

The group's founder is a man who goes by the handle "Lunatique." He's rumored to have been a video game art director and CG animation director before the outbreak. During a rare interview with the surviving members of the Malton News Media, the founder of The UVA had this to say:

"I merely got everyone together and convinced them to fight for the same cause. I'm not a leader--the members of The UVA are highly capable individuals that can operate on their own without leadership. I help organize the communication between members, that's all. There are other members who are just as important or have contributed just as much, if not more, to the survival and perseverence of The UVA."

The current objective of The UVA is to take back Malton from the undead, one suburb at a time, with revival as the main method (they believe killing is not the answer--the damn zombies just stand right back up!). However, they believe that zombies who have chosen to stay dead are traitors to humanity and the glorious civilization humans have spent thousands of years to build, and will punish them repeatedly with various sizes of gaping, bloody holes in their putrid, undead skulls. The current headquarters of The UVA is in an undisclosed building somewhere in Malton.

Interesting trivia: One of the members of The UVA is on the celebrity hitlist, and he's none other than the gyrating Ricky Martin. Living La Vida Loca!


Mid-November, 2005 - The UVA was actively involved in the protection and the successful recapture of Roftwood. Bringing with them a wide range of skills, the alliance was a major force in this triumph over the zombie horde.
Early January, 2006 - The Mall Tour '06 rampages through Roftwood and brings the Hildebrand Mall down. UVA forced to scatter and seek refuge.
Mid January, 2006 - The UVA returns, securing several key points on the first day of the strike.
April 9th, 2006 - A yet unkown organized horde of zombies is attacking the Herbert Building [68, 54]. All the UVA members, keep an eye to this building!
April 10th, 2006 - The organized horde has been confirmed to be the Minions of the Apocalypse.
April 14th, 2006

  • Official Message

Roftwood is not looking good. We've got z's in high numbers (100+). I've watched people get mauled right in front of me as I try to heal them, barricade, and fire guns into the zombies. If we don't turn the tide now, we'll get overrun for sure. All UVA members return to Roftwood to defend our home!

May 22th, 2006 - Thanks to our heroic efforts Roftwood is secure again!

June 1st, 2006

  • Official Message: radio

After a long discussion, it was decided to use the frequency is 27.82 MHz in our radio communications.

June 17th, 2006

  • Official Message: Mission to Shearbank: Securing Stickling Mall

Everyone, our quiet and peaceful days in Roftwood are over. No more BBQ at the Summer Building Penthouse. Pack your bags, don't forget your favourite newspaper, and head North.


Chain of Command

Lunatique - Founder & Leader
Equinnox - 2nd Leader & CG Artist
Paintbox - 3rd Leader

It is advised to direct messages to UVA discussion page


Official Allies:

Allies by nature:

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