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United Force
Group logo
Abbreviation: UF
Group Numbers: [Classified]
Leadership: SuddenStrike and nievadogg
Goals: Organised and efficient Pking
Recruitment Policy: No remorse in Pking
Contact: Join TUF!

Neutral Point of View

The United Force are a PKing group dedicated to ridding Malton from the unworthy.

-End Neutral Point of View.


The United Force government is an oligarchy. The leaders make the decisions and laws which can be voted upon by all members. Our members are divided into four sections. Here they are ranked highest to lowest.

Squad Leaders

The highest ranking in the Force. The Squad Leaders have the ability to command all the Forces, make war, make alliances, and create and enforce rules.

Squad Captains

The Squad Captains help the Squad Leaders lead troops and play a role in the making of decisions. The captains lead the Forces in battle with vicious precision and skill.


Sergeants make up the core of the forces. The Sergeants are known by all as the main attacking force. There efficiency at killing is only matched by their courage and audacity. Sergeants can vote in regular meetings and suggest new actions.


The new recruits have to prove themselves in battle before being promoted to Sergeants. Privates are not allowed to be involved in government roles. The Privates are eager to prove themselves in battle and become Sergeants. These trainees are regarded as sons and are trained by the Sergeants and Squad Captains in warfare. They Normally are promoted after 1 week of training. The training involves staying close to and fighting with a squad gaining valuable knowledge and expericence.

Goals and Guidelines

  • Support each other: Render whatever assistance or support you can to other United Force personnel in your area. If you are in the same or adjacent suburbs, stay in touch and be ready to help.


1. We never retreat and never surrender.

2. We work together, fight together, and die together.

3. Do not offend or disgrace us in any way.

4. We kill those that offend or disgrace us in any way.

5. We would gladly sacrifice ourselves for our fellow Members.

6. We obey our leaders, no exceptions.

7. We honor our elders, leaders, and fellow Members.

8. No loss is forgotten.

9. No prisoners, no mercy.

Prepare for Glory

Hat.jpg Honor Among Thieves
This user or group supports the Honor Among Thieves Policy & finds that PKing is more fun when only innocents suffer.
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