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The United Front of Zombie Propaganda is a program started in February 2007 to provide a single home to for zombie propaganda, no matter what the group. This project is still in its initial start-up, so the material listed on this page is largely RRF Propaganda. However, any and all zombie groups are welcome to post their propaganda works here. Rules on how to use this page are posted here.

New Propaganda

This area will be filled with a new piece of propaganda from each of the groups that posts on this page. Be sure to check back often to see what Malton's finest zombahz have come up with.


All zombie groups -- big and small, old and new -- will be allowed to post here. Groups that are new to the page will get top billing in this section for a while, before they're bumped down in order that they joined. Groups that are brand new to UD will get a longer time at the top of the groups listed.

Rowcliffe Must Fall

A group of zombies located in Pegton aka Barhah-Raz who are dedicated to ridding the suburb of humans. They have dubbed this the front lines of the zombie invasion, and hope to push zombie territory up to Fort Creedy's walls. They feel that the key to taking this suburb lies in keeping the humans out of The Rowcliffe Building, so they have decreed that this will be kept free of humans while they take out the rest of the suburb. Any human presence is quickly mobbed and destroyed and information posted on the RMF Propaganda Page.

The RMF Propagandist

December 14th Early this morning members of Rowcliffe Must Fall returned to their home in the Rowcliffe building drawn by the sounds and smells of a harman christmas party. We joined in the singing and the feasting and a good time was had by all. However some of our feral friends got a little out of hand and knocked over the CDF's christmas tree, for which we appologise.
--Robert Poole 2:23 PM, 14 December 2007 (UTC)

December 5th While I stood swaying in the Rowcliffe building (a human hasn't tried to knock me over in days) I overheard a human of the CDF trying to spout some propaganda of his own. "You damn zeds don't get it, do you? We'll always be fighting to retake Rowcliffe! The CDF is already wearing you down. Your numbers aren't what they used to be. We will emerge victorious, because we have the will to fight for what is rightfully ours, not just mindlessly attacking humans," he said to me, and since he wandered off before my jaws warmed I felt the need to reply here.
You harmanz may think that you are determined and will fight till your dying breath to retake the Rowcliffe building, but your determination is no match for the unshakable zombie will and we shall still be fighting long after you are dead.
As for the CDF wearing us down, our numbers have more then doubled since we started this crusade and we plan on doubling them again. Your PATHETIC resistance has only served to drive more zombies our cause.
You will not emerge victorious harmanz. We are fighting for our homes and our families. Barhah-Raz is our home. We will not leave it. There is no hope for you.

Furthermore, diplomatic negotiations between the RMF and the CDF have failed since members of the CDF seem to have forgotten how diplomacy works and barricaded our diplomats outside the negotiations. --Robert Poole 12:51 PM, 5 December 2007 (UTC)

December 1st *NAME DELETED FOR SECURITY PURPOSES* has been conducting some operations around *DELETED FOR SECURITY PURPOSES* and has declared the South East of Barhah-Raz to be a true zombie paradise closely following the commandments of Jorm. Zombies across Barhah-Raz can take pride in the example set by our Barhaherjas fighting down there!
Unfortunately the cowardly forces from the CDF, The Scarlet Lantern, TRF, OCU, Life Cultists and various feral survivors launched a constant raid on the First Church of Barhah all day. These heretics threw everything they had against us, hoping to tear down our church while many zombies were celebrating the victory at the hospitals. With the combined efforts of all these harmanz fighting against a skeleton crew of War Council Members, Gorilla Strike Force Troops, Las Plagas cultists and a couple members of our zombie hordes they managed to take control of the Church.

For about 10 minutes.

After that Fox0ne and Bran Eating Zombie launched a daring raid, single handedly taking back control. Our defenses have held firm since.
No news from the negotiating table.
Glory to Barhah-Raz! Glory to the Sacred War Council! Glory to Barhah!
--Bran Eating Zombie 23:57, 1 December 2007 (UTC)

Rowcliffe Must Fall
Click here to read all the RMF Propaganda.

Rowcliffe Must Fall
Click here to read all the RMF Propaganda.
Click here if U Want Brainz?

Older RMF Stories Here

Ferals of Malton

The Ferals of Malton came into existence on a very obscure day, April 1 2007. The Leader somehow realized the need for a group shortly after being run down by a M1 Abrams Battle Tank. And realized that how many of his kind were run down by the same tank.



Ridleybank Resistance Front

The Ridleybank Resistance Front is legendary for its output of propaganda and its historic role as one of largest and longest lasting zombie hordes in the game. Below are numerous works of propaganda that the RRF has produced throughout the years. Be sure to check back often as the RRF continues to churn out high quality propaganda for all of Malton to enjoy.

Posters -- General




Poster db.jpg


Poster dm.jpg








Zombie Girls.jpg




Death Rattle Poetry

  • Gang! Barbaga bra!nz!

Mah zambah barg harman r!bz

Mmmm, barbaga r!bz!

-- BellaMort

  • Bam bam man harm mah

zambah? Nah, nah! Zammarrar

Ah barg bam bam man!

-- BellaMort

Speeches and Essays

  • The State of Ridleybank Address

(Note: This was given in November 2006 by the Chairman of the now defunct strike team, the Red Guards)

Neighbors, no one loves you like we do. Neighbors, your guards will triumph in finally making you a public fit for the 21st century. Never before has a strike team shown so much concern for re-education of its residents. Today we have insulated you from countless factions who threaten our suburb; such as the C4NT; the idealistic foreigners still clinging to their childish notions of harman life; why, you're even kept uninformed of useless propagandist journalism that reports alleged violations of harman rights (we all know that harmanz don't have any rights in Ridleybank). And who better to dispense such blatantly evident factoids but a self-appointed authority like our Dear Leader?

Harman Resistance is a thing of the past.... too many clashing groups, too little significance for our modern undead public, besides harman numbers are at an all-time low anyway, who needs those narrow minded barricaders? Too many brains to eat, hehe, and too much burden on the RRF! Who needs 'em here in the land of the free. Some other ass-backward suburb will give us what we need by exploiting its uneducated harman population anyway.

The Internet has expanded our ability to coordinate our advantages better than ever by offering fantastical adventures to every corner of Malton. Your home office is the window to Malton, and the heart of zombie resistance. Such behavior helps clear buildings and public works from overburden like harman existance and others who depend shamelessly on revivification syringes. Today you are freer than ever to do what you want, provided you're undead.

Remember, the first letter in RRF is the same first letter as Red! We have arrived, neighbors, we are the Red Guards.

Eastonwood Ferals

The EF prides itself to be one of the most active and successful moderate sized zombie groups in the game for more than a year. The location they choose to live in was once swarmed with survivor groups which necessitated a large amount of propaganda spraypaint and otherwise not only to persuade harmanz into joining but to proof to the outside world what achievements were underdone by these children of barhah. Now they are part of the Zombiefied Republic of !zanbah and participate in the creative output of it’s ministry of information.

Captain Dread, High Commander Ministry of Information

EF Banner.jpg


Minions of the Apocalypse

MotA is one of the oldest groups of any sort in the city and is dedicated to the simple premise that all humans must die, that killing humans is the natural and proper activity of all zombies, and that brains are tasty and shouldn't be locked up inside survivor skulls. We've been ripping down a safehouse or three and killing the inhabitants every day since before there was headshot, and didn't stop even in the dark days of the strike. Membership fluctuates, but MotA's continual migration and tight co-ordination assures that no matter the groups size (currently at 20+ active) it's effect is always deadly.

Invitations to the Apocalypse

Since its inception, MotA has made a practice of inviting soon-to-die humans to join us in our anti-life activities. It is quite common for MotA members to use death rattle during safe house invasions for this purpose, and some of the invitations border on elegance. Selected quotations include:

  • Nah harmz zambahz annamahrh! B ah zambah anh harm harmanz ahmang azzarh zambahz! Harmanz nah ganna B zambahz? Zahn grab mah hangan zambah bag anh gag ahn mah b!g zambah banana! Harh Harh Harh! M!N!ANZ! - Uggles
  • B arh M!N!AN, nah arh bazz man! Bazz manz argh bad! Abagagrabz habbanz, mazzaz harm za bazzaz nah! M!N!ANZ ab ABAGAGRABZ!! - Strike Boy
  • More to come...

Web Banners and Graphix

MotA has a long history, and many creative and talented zambhaz have feasted with us. Below is a (rather large) sampling of this work. I apologize that the artists names are not included - please, if your work is here, edit this to leave your "artist's signature"!




Kanga small.jpg



Z cook brain fuzzlet.jpg

Z dead dad mota.jpg

Z mota bullet for self.jpg

Z mota nutritionalfood.jpg

Z mota paper drive.jpg

Z mota valentoid.jpg

Z sam out.jpg

Z squaremeals fuzzlet.jpg



Zombie mota yoda.jpg


Feral Undead










Pub crawl.jpg



F U.jpg

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