The Veysey Building

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The Veysey Building
VHB, unlit
Danger Updater MDUDC 00:43, 31 January 2021 (UTC)
the Veysey Building

West Grayside [57, 85]

Dampney Grove Police Department Mowlam Bank Dimmock Auto Repair
Hodgkinson Row Fire Station the Veysey Building Gillen Street
the Stroud Building Blackmore Cinema Gaywood Auto Repair

Basic Info:

The Veysey Building

Basic Info

Coordinates: 57,85

Barricade Level: EHB+2

Graffiti: Home, Sweetest Home!

Landlord: HunButcher


The computer generated perspective of the original Veysey Building as designed by its architect.

The Veysey building is a well-used apartment located amid many tactical resource buildings including, Dampney Grove Police Department, Hodgkinson Row Fire Station, The Topleaf Building, Dimmock Auto Repair, and Gaywood Auto Repair. The building has housed hundreds, if not thousands of survivors and zombies alike over the years since the Malton Incident and has played many a part in the conflicts and struggles in the immediate area, although its significance in those events were never officially recorded so its impact exists only in the memories of those who fought and survived to this day.

The building itself is a small metal and glass building with a collapsed roof. The building was originally several stories tall and sported a small helipad on the roof. Unfortunately, a lack of maintenance and care for the building's structure and core as a result of many civil engineers and maintenance workers having fled the city before the quarantine resulted in many of the buildings floors collapsing into the building. Thankfully, the building is still hospitable today and currently houses many a straggler, a small art collection, and a talk-show radio station that broadcasts to anyone who is listening.


All news older than one month should be moved from to the the Veysey Building news archive.

Barricade Policy

It is recommended under the West Grayside Barricade Plan to keep this building Extremely Heavily Barricaded or EHB++ at all times. Its purpose is to serve as a shelter for survivors.

Additional Links

Former headquarters of the Tenants Of Veysey.

  • Not former! We are still here :)

--HunButcher 20:57, 25 March 2011 (UTC)