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The Williamsville Horde of Organized Zombies was formed to eliminate survivor activities in the relatively hip Williamsville area and make the area safe for zombies to worship in its many churches as well as study in its many libraries, schools, and museums, and party in its many more clubs.

Did we mention souping up cars in its many body shops and drag racing?

How about the four discotheques of Williamsville? Do the hustle!

Disco-01-june.gif Groovitude!
This user or group has boogied with the WHOZ and has digged it to the bone.

To sign up with the Williamsville Horde of Organized Zombies, you must do a few things:

  • Defend Williamsville
  • Put "Williamsville Horde of Organized Zombies" in your group tag
  • Enjoy disco

Ferals are welcome! One does not need to join our forums to be part of the WHOZ.

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