The Wagner Building (Darvall Heights)

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The Wagner Building
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the Wagner Building

Darvall Heights [22,27]

Coker Avenue Stocker Lane Tompson Walk
Holloms Auto Repair the Wagner Building St. Isidore's Church
the Latrobe Building Cockle Street Yeandill Towers

Basic Info:

The Wagner Building


One of fourteen non-NecroTech buildings in Darvall Heights. The Wagner Building is located directly in between St. Isidore's Church and Holloms Auto Repair. Since both of these buildings are actively used by defenders of Caiger Mall the building often has frequent travelers. Before infection it was the most frequent building for suicides in Malton. With its fourty-five stories and easy access to the roof it led many to choose it as the site of their death. Its height has also been a blessing in the housing of survivors from the infected. Until 2010 the building had never been fully taken as zombies had never made it past the third floor. The refugees there are content and feel secure with their shelter.


In October 2007 a series of fires broke out in the top five stories of the building due to over zealous Halloween partying. After several days of major survivor fire fighting efforts major structural damage was avoided for the lower floors. However the damage to the upper levels has rendered the building mostly unsafe for long-term safehouse use. The resident population has seriously declined as a result and repair efforts on the upper floors have been slow.

With the 2010 New Year a large remodeling effort began on The Wagner Building. Survivors from across the suburb pitched in, whether they be frequent residents or just passing visitors. The effort had a very communal attitude, with contributors adding small portions whenever they could. This reconstruction was put on hold during an upsurge in the local zombie population. In February, only a few months after the effort began, the building was completely occupied by the undead horde for the first time in the building's history. The upper floors were more accessible than they would have been otherwise because of improperly monitored remodeling efforts.

In the winter of 2011 a massive survivor effort began to restore The Wagner Building to its former glory as a stronghold against the undead. The first wave of this effort began with the complete destruction of all of the remodeling efforts attempted the previous year. The spoils of this destruction were then used to reinforce the barricades in the bottom three floors which had previously withstood the undead horde for years. Over the years it had become clear to the residents of the building that the hordes of undead were only one of the dangers in the City of Malton. As such, they formed an organization called The Wagner Trust. This organization established that the top ten floors be reserved for established and trusted residents of Caiger Mall and The Wagner Building. This top section was further reinforced and secured against even survivor infiltration. The middle thirty floors were repaired last, but with great effort as Wagner was well known for being a safe haven for all survivors seeking shelter. These middle floors continue to be an 'open house' for survivors passing through as well as those looking for longer term shelter.

Early 2012 saw a series of fierce battles over Caiger Mall and the surrounding area. During this period of time Wagner often became the main base and launching point for attacks against a zombie held Caiger Mall. Although the building was overrun many times by the Zombie Horde the defenses built earlier that winter held true, with only the bottom floors suffering from occupation. The Wagner Trust during this time continued to work in secret, fearing the threat of infiltration and sabotage that plagued the battles of the time. With the re-emergence of The Caiger Mall Survivors the survivors around the mall became more organized and concentrated. Despite this renewed resistance to the forces of the undead the area would remain contested well into the summer.

Barricade Policy

This building should be kept at Extremely Heavily Barricaded (EHB) at all times. The building's primary function is as a Freerunning lane between Caiger Mall and St. Isidore's Church and as such does not need to be kept open to survivors entering from the street. The Wagner Building is also a secondary stronghold should a neighboring Tactical Resource Point be breached.

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