The Wagner Building (Tapton)

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The Wagner Building
VHB, unlit
Danger Updater MDUDC 17:52, 12 February 2021 (UTC)
the Wagner Building

Tapton [46, 72]

Chetwind Lane Reid Square the Osler Building
Thomson Lane the Wagner Building Whittaker Boulevard Fire Station
Longmate Walk St. Luke's Hospital the Byfield Museum

Basic Info:


Wagner wrote the four-part Spin Cycle epic opera in the basement of this building.

A grand, redbrick edifice with classical columns.


'Dickie' at the time of his sojourn in Tapton.

This building takes its name from composer Richard Wagner, who spent a few months renting a cheap basement flat here as a young man in 1839.

During a frenzy of impassioned composition, the young 'Dickie' completed the entire four-part Spin Cycle epic - inspired by the noises and evil nature of a Victorian washing machine installed in said basement. Cleggthorpe's Patented Laundrywoman's Facilitator and Rotary Drum was a commercial failure but therefore had a long-lasting influence on the 20th century: it has even been blamed for the Second World War, as Hitler was inspired by the Spin Cycle to invade Poland exactly one hundred years later.

Wagner: "Stop blaming me for Adolf Hitler."

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