The Waish Building

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The Waish Building
"... the Waish Building has fallen ..."
--Thisisbright (talk) 19:28, 18 April 2022 (UTC)
the Waish Building

Pescodside [93,11]

Tanner Auto Repair Sirl Plaza St Odile's Church
Farmer Walk the Waish Building Spitter Walk Railway Station
Bamford Park Batten Drive Club Godfry

Basic Info:

  • Office buildings owned by the company often associated with the zombie outbreak. From the outside, they are indistinguishable from other buildings, but characters with the NecroTech Employment skill are able to recognise them.
  • Among the internal descriptions found in NecroTech Buildings:
    The NecroTech logo is set in the wall behind the front desk, and doors open onto powered-down computer rooms and laboratories."
  • If a generator is running inside the building:
    "The NecroTech logo glows gently above the front desk, and doors open onto a number of brightly-lit laboratories and computer rooms."
  • NecroTech offices are tall enough for survivors to commit suicide from. They also provide a vantage point from which binoculars can be used.
  • Necrotech Buildings can be barricaded normally.


The NecroTech logo glows gently above the front desk, and doors open onto a number of brightly-lit laboratories and computer rooms.



The Waish Building is a NecroTech facility located in the suburb of Pescodside. Though a faceless corporate structure to the uninitiated, this facility acts as the heart of zombie DNA analysis and tracking for NecroTech within Pescodside.

Interestingly NecroTech was not the first to own labs in the Waish Building as several years prior the building was home to leading bio-medical firm, MediPro Incorporated; however this earlier company did not last long and finally closed its doors in 1996 after drastically underestimating the public sector demand for protiens that caused tarantulas to grow to "man-eating" proportions before becoming insanely violent. This serious aracnoidal mistake proved the final straw in a string of equally lamentable PR mistakes which included, but were not limited to: killer vegetables, vitamins that turned human skin orange, and a tick shampoo that made Rotveillers hairless. This paved the way for a takeover by NecroTech.

At the time "a very poor fiscal year" was publicly credited as the corporation's main reason for closing- however it was later revealed by the Malton Herald that the company was being investigated by the Malton Department of Tobacco & Fire Arms (MDTF) on charges stemming from the possession of 'suspicious substances' which had found during a warrant search of the company premises. Of course the corporation's executive board denied all the allegations of narcotics involvement, stating that the recovered plants were "for medicinal purposes only". However during the court case it was revealed that certain combinations of the herbs, specifically red/blue/red/green, allowed them the herbs to be rolled up and smoked for a narcotic high. This startling revelation resulted in the company CEO being found guilty of 108 drug related counts. Judge Mathias Redgrave (presiding) told the jury that "poor or transparent analogies" were no excuse in the hi-tech world of genetic engineering. Afterwards both the case, and the company, were closed.

Noted NecroTech scientist, Caleb Usher, was initially stationed at this facility when he first arrived in Malton as a 2nd-class lab technician. NecroTech staff here often work in tangent with research personnel stationed at the Clewett Building to the southwest or the Inman Building to the southeast.


NecroTech staff continue to follow Directive 42-A, issued by the head office on January 19th 2006, with the activation and manufacture of MK-II revivification syringes. They have been charged with lending assistance to the Mermagen Street revivification zone and seeing to the restoration of life to all zombies located therein. Due to the possibility of infection still lingering in reanimating corpses, NecroTech staff is advised to carry First Aid Kits at all times and follow the SCR-protocol: Scan, Cure, Revive.

The activation of NecroNet with all NecroTech buildings has also allowed scientists to apply the DNA tracking research they have gathered to date. Staff at the Waish Building specialize in the monitoring and tracking of aberrant zombie activity within Pescodside. Standard protocol dictates that all staff be equipped with a standard issue DNA Extractor to tag any zombies they come across during field research.


To date research staff at the Waish Building are working hand-in-hand with survivors located in nearby resource buildings, namely:

  1. Pegrum Place PD [93,9], in nearby Dulston.
  2. Brokbury Row Fire Station [91,10]
  3. Sadley Way Fire Station [95,11]
  4. Treweeke Mall [92,7 - 93,8], in nearby Dulston.

Barricade Policy

Since the Waish Building's barricades are already always maintained at Extremely Heavily (EHB) unoffically, the official barricade level is raised to EHB by Dr. Walter Guedner, head scientist of the Waish building. This change has been approved by the Pescodside Defense Alliance.

As a NecroTech building, the functionality of the Waish Building is vital to the welfare of Pescodside residents. Therefore maximum safety has to be warranted for both NecroTech personnel inside the building and the devices the building itself provides. Maltons less experienced survivors are asked to seek shelter in less important buildings.

Survivors who find the building's barricades below their assigned level are asked to assist in raising them back up in order to help ensure the safety of all the survivors staying inside the building. Any survivor found lowering the barricades may be directly "put to the question" by any member of the Dulston Alliance or vigilante-minded survivor if caught in the act. If this happens the accused survivor is required to present a valid reason for their actions or be labeled a zombie spy/death cultist and be judged accordingly. So always be cautious lest you find yourself summarily executed for crimes against humanity.

NecroNet Reports

Zombie tracking reports are a free service provided by the NecroTech corporation to all its staff and local survivors in order to help facilitate quicker response times when managing zombie threats and to build a greater awareness of zombie migration patterns within the 9x9 block region around the Waish Building. As a cautious reminder, only those zombies tagged with the DNA Extractor will appear on these scans, so actual numbers may vary when dealing with older zombies (i.e. Brain Rot).


The Waish Building


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--Dr. Guedner (talk) 15:59, 1 November 2017 (UTC)

Internal News

  • April 4th, 2013 - Lab 412b has been closed off after multiple reports of alarming noises suggesting there has been an incident during the examination of specimen DHF/Xi-42. Research personnel is advised to steer clear of 412b until further notice. --Dr. Guedner
Update: Apparently, the aforementioned alarming noises have been caused by Robert Smith and Susan from reception, who had been using 412b for "recreational purposes". Luckily, the staff responsible for isolating the Lab hadn't taken into consideration that Lab 412b is directly connected to Lab 412a, so they could leave through there. On the other hand, we might have to take a look at Lab 508a again...
  • November 23rd, 2010 - After three years of using our Umbrella 2000 security system, our supply of portraits of Caleb Usher is slowly dwindling. A painting of two cute bunnies in front of a waterfall has been chosen as a suitable replacement, and as identical paintings are available in abundance at Treweeke Mall, it will remain our painting-to-be-burned for the foreseeable future. For reasons unknown, Susan from reception has already claimed the remaining portraits of Caleb Usher, so please, dear female colleagues, stop harassing me with your queries and turn directly to her. I thought women liked bunnies. - Dr. Walter Guedner
  • November 11th, 2008 - After almost a year and a half we finally managed to determine the password to the public posting network and posted this update. For future reference we have opted not to let only one staff member manage the password because when the system admin becomes a brain-eating zombie it creates a serious access issue. As such, everyone working at the Waish facility has been informed of the password. Please use this access responsibly.
G.HANLEY: Hey look guys! I can totally post here now. Wheeee!!!!!!! :)
R.SMITH: LOL. I know, it's totally sweet. Hey wanna watch a movie tonight?
G.HANLEY: I don't know. Larry from bio-lab 3 kinda asked me to shoot zombies with him tonight.
R.SMITH: LARRY? Larry got killed and turned into a zombie dude. :S
G.HANLEY: That sux. Now that you mention it there sure are a lot of zombies inside today... :O
R.SMITH: Barricades totally failed. Zerg rush! :(
ADMIN: For safety concerns NecroTech Industries has changed the password to the public posting network.
W.GUEDNER: I said no fooling around with the PPN in my absence... for the record, you could have simply revived me after that little accident instead.
  • February 21st, 2007 - Lab technicians are advised that Lab 508a is from now on off-limits to all staff and asked to ignore any noises, best described as "skittering, hissing, and rending flesh", coming from the area as a faulty air condition unit is to blame. Coincidentally lab technicians Patrick Wong, Kevin Schweitzer, and Serge Trudel have been transferred to... oh, what's that NecroTech facility on the far side of Malton? The Mitchener Building, yes, all the way to the Mitchener Building in New Arkham. In other, unrelated news "Project: Giant Spider" has been halted due to setbacks within our research team.
  • January 7th, 2007 - Please note that from February 6th onwards, all offices in the Waish Building will be secured via our new Umbrella 2000 security system. If you have not yet been given your Eagle Crest, Silver Key, and Crank Handle from Susan in reception then do so at your earliest convinience, but before the deadline. As from that date onwards you will not be able to access any of the 3rd-10th floor labs without them. Should you lose any, or all, of your security items you will be fined $50 and granted access to acquire replacements. All replacement items can be found hidden behind the portrait of Caleb Usher in the 2nd floor hallway beside the large statue of the woman holding a water urn on her shoulder. Please use the lighter provided by security to burn the portrait to reveal the hidden items. The $50 fine will go towards replacing the portrait.
  • January 6th, 2007 - Resident lab technicians are warned that security has been increased around the 4th and 5th floor Men's Washrooms after several dozen photocopies of someone's lower posterior were found posted inside. To whomever the culprit is we advised you to please stop; everyone knows NecroTech policy enforces a strict 50 copies per day and our monthly quota will be hurt by this. That is all. --Keith, HR Department.

Current Events

November 1st,2017 - The Waish Building has been a battlefield for the last few weeks. I'm mostly fighting on my own right now, the other Waish Workers are long gone. There is Susan from reception of course, and Keith from accounting, and a couple of others, but they spend most of their time hiding away somewhere in the facility. The science staff is defunct, more or less, which makes my position as head scientist a bit... redundant? The fighting seems to have died down as the hordes have travelled elsewhere in the city. Things start to return to normal in Pescodside. Still. There are few of us left. --Dr. Guedner (talk) 12:13, 1 November 2017 (UTC)

May 4th, 2017 - The Waish Building has been a piñata for the past couple of days - a first in its long history - but some mysterious benefactor obviously has restored it overnight after my own, mostly futile attempts at breaking down its barricades with my crowbar. The city is mostly dead, empty of people and the undead. We will see what the future holds, but I do not have much hope left. --Dr. Guedner (talk) 18:33, 4 May 2017 (UTC)

August 8th, 2014 - The defences of the facility have been breached today. The undead dragged Mr Penguin outside, I'm not sure if he is still alive. We managed to get the barricades back up, and with our current team, I'm confident we can repel the rest of the intruders before the building is overrun. --Dr. Guedner 18:30, 8 August 2014 (UTC)

Update: Due to the efforts of our associate, Mr Bottlecap, the attack has been successfully repelled. Sadly, Mr Penguin has to be considered a casualty.

August 3rd, 2014 - Disciples of the Zombot Queen have taken to spraypaint over useful directions in the suburb. It is believed they are responsible for the recent appearance of Piñatas in Pescodside. We'll have to watch those occurences and take action before the problem gets out of hand. --Dr. Guedner 09:10, 3 August 2014 (UTC)

July 18th, 2014 - Over the past few weeks, slowly and subtly, a small group of regular inhabitants has formed inside the Waish building, consisting of my stalwart companion Samanya, Miss Tasha Romanoff, purveyor of generators, a fellow scientist named Dr. Pokepoke, who has a predilection for poking (nomen est omen, apparently) and Mr Sergey Dekker, an as of now guitarless guitarist. The company does shine a light on the usual dire situations, and I hope we will stay together for a long time. --Dr. Guedner 10:11, 18 July 2014 (UTC)

June 20th, 2014 - The Waish building continues to serve the people of Malton throughout these uncertain times. The population of Pescodside has regrettably been continuing to dwindle throughout the last year despite our best efforts to bring people back to life, but the longer this quarantine remains in force, the more members of our research staff come to the conclusion that there may be a limit to how many times the human body can go through the processes of "zombification" and revivification. This seems to be varying vastly from individual to individual, but as both human and undead numbers go down, the city of Malton may very well soon be turning into a ghost town. It is possible that was the plan of management since the incident. --Dr. Guedner 13:59, 20 June 2014 (UTC)

April 18th, 2013 - The facility's defences were breached yesterday. Luckily, the single undead specimen could be repelled and the barricades have been repaired. Most buildings surrounding the Waish building were ruined during the last few days, and we can't be sure whether it is just the few local undead getting lucky, or if a more organised horde has taken notice of the northeast's desolate condition. --Dr. Guedner 12:30, 18 April 2013 (BST)

Update: And the building has been ruined as of April 21st. NecroTech staff has fled or was eaten. However, the building has been retaken shortly thereafter.

April 4th, 2013 - Members of the shadowy NWO have taken to frequent the facility recently. Their intentions are unknown, and due to the nature of the organisation, no member of the research team has had the heart to ask them to state their business as of yet. Nonetheless, NecroTech personnel is asked to keep a close eye on them and report to me any behaviour deemed suspicious. --Dr. Guedner 18:02, 4 April 2013 (BST)

April 27th, 2010 - Two zombies have broken in, ransacked the building and have left two bodies in their wake.--Meryl Silverburgh 07:30, 27 April 2010 (UTC)

December 21st, 2008 - About half a dozen zombies inside having cleared out the last breather and ruined the NT today. --WanYao 20:50, 21 December 2008 (UTC)

December 17th, 2008 - The facility is EHB and powered, with a small group of NecroTech personel inside. We are back to "safe". --Dr. Guedner 18:50, 17 December 2008 (UTC)

December 4th, 2008 - Metal Fox reported that the lights in the Waish Building flickered off and back on. This may have had something to do with the report of a zombie inside the building, or possibly the other 4 zombies outside. Regardless, recon reports that the building is Very Strongly barricaded.

December 3rd, 2008 - "A beacon of Hope in a sea of red." --Sparticulous 04:04, 3 December 2008 (UTC)

Update: To clarify, rebuilding efforts are underway as the facility is back in survivor hands.

November 17th, 2008 - Reported fallen by the External Military radio channel. -- Kittithaj 14:37, 17 November 2008 (UTC)

November 11th, 2008 - A bright and beautiful day... and then ZOMBIES! The building's wonderful barricades, which had been organized alphabetically starting with arm chairs in the east lobby to the washing machine scientists carried upstairs from the basement to barricade the west lobby, have been destroyed and the building overrun by said zombies. As I think back I would say our deepest regret was the lack of proper 'X' and 'Z' barricade objects. It really messes with you. Oh well.

Update: Additionally, I'm still missing my ballpoint pen. --Dr. Guedner 18:54, 12 November 2008 (UTC)

October 24th, 2008 - The building is EHB and powered, with a small group of NecroTech personnel inside. We are back to safe status. --Dr. Guedner 14:23, 24 October 2008 (BST)

Update: "Déjà vu anyone?" commented noted NecroTech scientist Caleb Usher.
Update: True, true, dear colleague, but I honestly cannot seem to remember posting this information here even once, let alone twice. It is, however, my usual phrasing of the building danger report updates. Therefore I consider it quite likely someone decided that said update information should be mentioned under "current events" as well and deemed it to be reasonable to do so using my ID. --Dr. Guedner 15:58, 11 November 2008 (UTC)
Update: Noted NecroTech scientist Caleb Usher had this to say, "Hmmm. It may have very well have been me, as that happens to be a habit of mine. In the future I endeavour to pepper any dull news with horrific inaccuracies that should entertain everyone, for example: 'We found a small puppy dog today. He was cute and licked our faces whenever we held him. We all agreed to name the puppy His Puppiness, Sir Reginald Barky the Third of West Doggyland. The building is EHB and powered.' Madness you say? I say nay!"
Update: Oh my. I must say, for a person who has left the facility and the city of Malton a long time ago you surely spend a lot of time messing with our PPN. --Dr. Guedner 18:52, 12 November 2008 (UTC)

September 17th, 2008 - Dulston Alliance recon reported that the facility was still barricaded, but without power.

Update: Cpt Garviel Loken, Lord General Militant of the Imperium, reported that the Waish Building just went down again, only four zombies inside, with one of said four at only 30 HP, and two more zombies outside. A solid push could regain the building into survivor hands, with a repair cost of only 2 AP right now.

September 15th, 2008 - DarthKnight of D.I.T.P.S reported that he arrived at the facility to find its doors wide open with a zombie and a survivor at 40 HP inside. DarthKnight killed the zombie and Very Strongly barricaded the building before collapsing from fatigue. He did however contact Dulston Alliance HQ and request assistance.

Update: Cpt Garviel Loken, Lord General Militant of the Imperium, reported that he had arrived at the Waish Building to render aid. He Extremely Heavily barricaded the facility, installed a portable generator, and fueled it.
Update: DarthKnight reported that survivor numbers inside the facility were growing. At this time zombies have taken notice of the building as one of the few in northern Pescodside that was lit up. As such, the barricades dropped and the building is now only Very Heavily barricaded. Efforts are being made to maintain the barricades as more zombies gather outside.
Update: After a long, but some might say futile, battle the Waish Building was overrun by zombies. At this time the building ransacked with 6 zombies standing inside the ruined facility.

September 14th, 2008 - BASSIST 234 of Bounty Hunters Unltd. reported that the building was ruined with 2 zombies inside. Correction, 1 zombie. The other zombie was shot in the head a lot and died. I wonder how that happened...? *wink*

Update: BASSIST 234 of Bounty Hunters Unltd. reported the facility was empty. Not wanting to spoil a perfect opportunity he repaired and re-barricaded the building. The building is now Heavily barricaded.
Update: With assistance from another survivor BASSIST 234 reported that the building was now Extremely Heavily barricaded.

September 12th, 2008 - Imperium recon reported that the facility was currently Extremely Heavily barricaded, with 4 zombies outside. Rumor has it that the building might serve as a potential forward position for Dulston Alliance forces striking back into Dulston.

September 5th, 2008 - D.I.T.P.S recon, as part of a tour of northern Pescodside, reported that the facility was Heavily barricaded, but unpowered.

July 20th, 2008 - The building is EHB and powered, with a small group of NecroTech personnel inside. We are back to safe status. --Dr. Guedner 23:29, 20 July 2008 (BST)

August 28th, 2007 - One zombie is outside, but the building is overbarricaded and a lone Scientist is outside...there are likely to be two zombies outside if the barricades are not lowered...

June 1st, 2007 - Active zed numbers still seem to be conspicuously low along the Dulston border. Intel gathered in a brief survey of the 4X4 block encompassing Treweeke Mall and its surrounding area showed some 77 dead bodies. The possibility of a mass revival lingers. For now, Dulston residents can only wait, watch, and reload their shotguns.

May 11th, 2007 - Zombiologist, Ottari, reported that a recent NecroNet scan showed almost no zombie activity in Pescodside around the NT building. With only a single zombie appearing within scanning range it appears all is peaceful within the suburb today.

March 19th, 2007 - "When I entered laboratory B1 a couple of minutes ago, I encountered a person obviously not authorized to access this particular zone. I am not an expert, but the blood splattered all over his body and his rather limited vocabulary led to the assumption that it was, in fact, one of the undead. A zombie with a damaged cortex, to be precise. So, if one of you, dearest colleagues, plans to use a revivification syringe on a zombie with a damaged cortex inside the Waish Building, please be sure to label this individual in an appropriate way. If this is not the case at the moment... maybe one of us should inform the security. -- On a personal note - Who took my ballpoint pen again?" -- Dr. Walter Guedner

March 19th, 2007 - A recent NecroNet report issued by Ottari has detected a total of 25 tagged zombies in the vicinity of the Waish Building. A majority of the detected zombies appear to be clustered in the southeast around the Inman Building and the factory next door it to. As the factory originally produced industrial balances and scales we can only imagine what the zombies are up to...

March 7th, 2007 - A NecroNet report issued today by NecroTech researcher Ottari has recorded activity from 122 tagged zombies within the 9x9 city block grid around the Waish Building, with 3 tagged zombies outside the facility itself. Of note, 11 of these zombies are waiting at the Mermagen Street revive point and therefore may not be hostile. Even so, building staff are warned to take precautions, and if possible, not to step outside for a smoke as this may result in horrific death.

February 28th, 2007 - Treweeke Mall in nearby Dulston has fallen into zombie hands. In the carnage of the mall's collapse survivors have retreated to fallback buildings in the surrounding area, but Mall Tour '07 is not through yet. Unhappy with the weak resistance they encountered at the mall the horde marches now against new targets, among which include the Waish Building! Survivors inside the building brace themselves against the fury of the horde.

Update: Tragedy of tragedies! The Waish Building has been overrun by the Mall Tour zombies. Survivors are asked to stay calm and evacuate in an orderly fashion, unless already dead. The Dulston Alliance has been informed of our situation.

March 10th, 2006 - Science staff have noted increased zombie activity at the Jewell Museum and Lentell Walk PD. Due to the low numbers scientists believe this event must have been fairly recent, but do not discount the fact that untagged (i.e. Brain Rot) zombies might be among these numbers. As such, an alert has been issued to both Pegrum Place PD and Treweeke Mall survivors to render aid to that area.

March 9th, 2006 - It is with heavy hearts that we must report the death of one of our best and brightest minds, Caleb Usher. He often said that no zombie would ever be the death of him, and in this regard he was correct. Murdered inside Treweeke Mall the previous night his corpse was found on the street outside the mall the next morning. To account for this time of mourning there will be no NecroNet report issued for this day. That is all.

NEWS Bulletin - Caleb Usher is back among the living and reports tell that he is no worse for wear. Having returned to Treweeke Mall, the scene of the crime, he learned that the perpetrator of his murder had in fact been hunted down and executed. Nonplused Caleb was quoted as having said, "Dying and returning from the dead makes a man terribly thirsty. Anyone else want a drink? I've got plenty of FAKs, the currency of survivors, and I'm buying!".
I think all of us here at NecroTech Industries want to wish Caleb a warm welcome to his return among the living and cannot help but marvel at the miracle of science that is our revive syringe. Reuniting the dead with the living the day will come when NecroTech will help humanity concur death itself. Necrotech, helping make the world a better place for every living person.

March 4th, 2006 - The building's generator has been destroyed. At this time there are no details as to how this happened. Throughout the day attempts have been made to secure a new portable generator and fuel supply, but unfortunately nothing was never found. As such, we are unable at this time to issue a NecroNet report for this day. Survivors and staff alike are asked to attempt to secure a new portable generator as soon as possible in order to restore this building's scanning capabilities.

March 2nd, 2006 - To better manage its NecroNet reports staff at the Waish Building have started archiving the report files under a new directory on their servers. Survivors are asked to refer to the data link in the NecroNet Reports section for further details on reviewing these older reports.

February 27th, 2006 - A zombie was tracked just outside the southeast corner of Treweeke Mall. After issuing the NecroNet report staff at the Waish Building opted to send one of their own men to handle the situation. At the scene Caleb Usher found that not only was there a zombie standing outside, but it had been mauling a survivor (5 HP). Acting quickly Caleb used First Aid Kits to first stabilize the survivor before he proceeded with exterminating the zombie. After that task had been accomplished Caleb continued patching up the survivor until full health was restored and then warned the survivor to seek shelter before departing.

February 25th, 2006 - Scientists here at the Waish Building noted down that once again zombies had invaded Sadley Way Fire Station. Recon reports show that 4 zombies had broken inside the building and were still wandering around, even though further inspection showed that the building itself was Heavily barricaded. A lone survivor, severely injured, was found inside and rendered medical assistance before our runner went to issue a report to both Pegrum Place PD and Treweeke Mall.

February 23rd, 2006 - BREAKING NEWS BULLETIN... reports have come in from the Clewett Building that a lone zombie managed to breach their defenses and has proceeded to attack several of the staff and survivors inside. Moments after issuing an alert the matter was resolved, with the offending zombie terminated and its corpse disposed outside. Barricades were last reported at Very Strongly, but will likely be raised higher to dissuade the recently deceased zombie from returning.

February 20th, 2006 - Due to technical difficulties the NecroNet report will be delayed today. Scientists discovered that someone sabotaged the facility's portable generator and have been attempting to procure a new one ever since so as to restore NecroNet scanning capabilities. NecroTech Industries apologizes for the inconvenience.

Update: At 1:50 PM (EST) the generator was restored by one of our staff and NecroNet scanning was brought back online. A cursory report shows little tagged zombie activity, although a representative was dispatched to Pegrum Place PD to inform them of the zombie standing outside their precinct.

February 17th, 2006 - NecroTech technicians were startled this morning to find that once again Sadley Way Fire Station has become the target of zombies. After the initial surprise wore off noted NecroTech scientist, Caleb Usher visited the fire station, confirming that zombies were not actually inside at the time and that the barricades were at Very Strongly. Even so, he decided to warn the few survivors inside the building of the risk they were in before heading off to alert local militia of the zombie threat.

February 13th, 2006 - Scientists continue to marvel at the apparent interest zombies have been showing Sadley Way Fire Station, which has seen constant attacks over the past week by a handful of zombies. Staff here at the Waish Building are still perplexed over the zombies' apparent fascination with the building. Of course, test case aside, this did not prevent us from sending word to Treweeke Mall to request that they send assistance when we received a report that both zombies were actually inside the fire station.

February 11th, 2006 - NecroTech has issued a termination warrant for AxeAxeAxe for the willful destruction of NecroTech property (a portable generator located in the lobby). Our staff were appalled to learn that members of the anarchistic Degenerates group had found their way into Pescodside and while most Degenerates continue to be minor annoyances, staff should consider Axeaxeaxe to be armed and dangerous as detailed in reports issued from the Giddings Mall Defence Policy and Rhodenbank Civil Defense Corps. Staff are asked that, should they spot AxeAxeAxe within the premises, they should inform security personnel stationed at Pegrum Place PD, who in turn will send someone to remove AxeAxeAxe from the building... by force. Only by executing social deviants can we hope to build a better Malton.

NecroTech: Building a better tomorrow, today.

February 10th, 2006 - After hearing recent recon and viewing the released NecroNet report Caleb Usher went to investigate Sadley Way Fire Station, only to learn that it was true… the fire station had been overrun. With no survivors left alive, he quickly barricaded the fire station to Loosely, to close the building's doors, before leaving to report the incident to survivors at Pegrum Place PD and Treweeke Mall.

February 9th, 2006 - Recent reports via NecroNet indicate increased zombie activity at Younghusband Square PD in nearby Rolt Heights. Cross-referenced against recon reports issued at Treweeke Mall in Dulston of a zombie siege yesterday at this location has scientist worried the matter might be serious. Survivors are instructed to render aid if possible.

Also, NecroTech staff at the Waish Building have re-organized the NecroNet Reports so that they now show the most current report at the beginning and older reports will be moved downwards. While this does mean a slight increased in workload for our staff we feel that making the information more accessible to visitors is our #1 priority.

February 7th, 2006 - Scientists continue to study the odd behavior of zombie subject #K94072RH, who has over the past 3 days remained outside Younghusband Square PD. When asked to share his thoughts on the matter noted NecroTech scientist, Caleb Usher, was quoted as saying, "I'm not convinced it's the same zombie as our coverage of the area via NecroNet is limited at best and only updated once daily. It could very well be that there are several dead, but active, zombies lying outside the precinct and it just so happens that only one has stood up and stayed within that location during each given period of scanning." Many people, hoping Caleb would say something witty and/or funny, were naturally disappointed.

February 4th, 2006 - With the final stages of our satellite relay uplink finally setup, our staff are finally able to begin issuing NecroNet reports on zombie tracking throughout the area. NecroTech welcomes all survivors to take advantage of this new resource and staff here are advised to assist by submitting new reports. Standard procedure dictates that only one report be added per day, but should the need arise, due to a sudden surge in zombie activity, new reports can be added for either comparison purposes or to replace an existing report.

February 2nd, 2006 - As of today normal operations have been restored to the Clewett Building. NecroTech staffing routines have been reinstated and scientists are asked to return to duty at the facility. Their barricades are back up, although still under construction as of early this morning (8:54 AM, Quite Strongly). Already some staff and survivors have returned to the Clewett Building and restarted their labs. Staff are cautioned to be on alert as proper recon of the area has not yet been concluded and threat assessments are still being analyzed by our teams. Early NecroNet tracking from our satellite center shows 11-12 zombies currently outside St. Ninian's Hospital, but no other tagged zombies within a 9x9 block grid of our facility.

February 1st, 2006 - Memo to all staff: Confirmed reports indicate the Clewett Building has been overrun by zombies. As such, we here mourn the tragic loss of life, especially those dedicated to fulfilling NecroTech's goal of creating a better world. At 12:00 PM today we will observe a 5-minute moment of silence for these brave souls. As a reminder to all NecroTech staff, under Article 13b, Sub-section 2, said silence is mandatory.

Staff are also reminded to stock up on MK-II syringes in order to revive zombies, and potential NecroTech staff, arriving at Sirl Plaza. That is all.

January 31st, 2006 - NecroTech staff are under advisement to be cautious when traveling into southern Pescodside, especially to duty stations at the Clewett Building. Increased zombie activity has been noted on NecroNet and several resource buildings in the area have recently fallen to zombie siege. Due to this threat staff are advised to not stay overnight in any resource buildings including the Clewett Building.