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<center>____Brad Glore - Dec. 17, 1974 to Sept. 11th, 2009____</center>

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Psychotic Pantomime's Announcement

I am very sad and reluctant to tell all of you that our beloved friend died on Friday, September 11th, 2009 of a massive heart attack. He had an artificial heart valve and it gave up. They tried to save him and worked on him for two hours but he perished.

I can't tell you the emptiness and loss that we all feel right now.

Brad was a friend of mine and of numerous people here playing Urban Dead. His loss will be felt deeply as he had many friends from all over the globe that he became close with or talked to.

Brad was funny, sweet, always a gentleman and a damn fine person. He was always joking around and made everyone feel welcome here. Brad was always helpful on the LoD forum and wouldn't hesitate to lend a helping hand. He was one of my Second in Commands for Legends Of Darkness As Athair Bas (Prior to Fred Costello) and close to the first members to join here. He was also a long term member of The Spartans as Spacer one. We would spend a lot of time talking and planning things for the group then move on to real life issues offering a shoulder to each other as life had it's ups and downs. The last time I talked to him he said " Make sure you say hello to everyone for me and tell them I miss them like crazy. I will be back to kick some butt real soon." Our conversations always ended in hugs and hearts. He was an important friend to myself and we were important to him. He loved LoD, and everyone in it.

He had become clean and sober and was improving his life for his children and himself. He kept a positive attitude and it was inspiring to me. His girlfriend Laura wanted me to tell you: "Let everyone know how much he loved playing with them. He talked about everyone like they were best friends -- even the Heathers"

People are writing messages on Brads MySpace Pageand Laura has invited anyone who knew him to leave a message there for him, his family and his children.

His children are reading the messages. Tell them about their father or leave your condolences.

RIP ATHAIR! We will miss you so damn much.



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