The Warner Building

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The Warner Building
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the Warner Building

Pescodside [91,17]

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Basic Info:

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The Warner Building is an animation studio building located in the suburb of Pescodside. Built in 1993, the Warner Building was constructed by and for the Warner Brothers Corporation. The building served as an animation studio for many of the Warner Brother staff who lived and worked in Malton. While public tours were never allowed of the building, it was revealed that several popular cartoons were animated at this location. These cartoons included: "Me and My Monkey" (1994), "All Hail President Monkey!" (1995), "Monkey, Me, or Tea" (1996), "Monkey Mojo" (1997), "The Great Monkey Caper" (1998), "The Mystery Man" (1999), "Spy Monkey" (2000), and "A Monkey Named Bo-Bo" (2001). In 2002 the studio began to answer complaints from local theaters that most of their productions involved monkeys, although later it was learned that in fact all of their productions featured monkeys since it was revealed that the lead character in "The Mystery Man" was in fact a monkey.

The staff at the Warner Building would no doubt have continued producing more monkey-oriented animated movies if not for a general strike in mid-2002. Most of the animators, fed up with the salaries they earned went on strike. The Warner Brothers Corporation was negotiating a new contract with the rebellious animators when the "Malton Incident" struck. Since then the building has been abandoned.

These days survivors will often be found playing around with office equipment left behind during the evacuation, such as using the building's many long hallways for highly illegal Office Chair Race competitions. Note NecroTech scientist, Caleb Usher, while visiting the building mentioned, "Survivors should always be mindful of open stairwells when racing down these halls, as I've seen more than one survivor, while extolling his recent victory, been sent plummeting down 20+ flights of stairs. Such victories always ring hollow. Remember that."

Barricade Policy

This building should be Extremely Heavily barricaded at all times. This is in accordance with the barricade plan set forth by the Burchell Arms Regulars as well as the mutually agreed-upon Pescodside Barricade Plan set forth by local survivor groups and the Dulston Alliance, all of whom routinely monitor the barricade level for this building. This building is meant to serve as a safehouse for Malton's veteran survivors, and thus requires the Free Running skill to be properly utilized.

Survivors who find the building's barricades below their assigned level are asked to assist in raising them back up in order to help ensure the safety of all the survivors staying inside the building. Any survivor found lowering the barricades may be directly "put to the question" by any member of the B.A.R. present at that time. If this happens the accused survivor must present a valid reason for their actions or be labeled a zombie spy/death cultist and be judged accordingly.

Current Events

November 15th, 2008 - The Burchell Arms Regulars reported that the building has been recaptured after the recent suburb-wide assault by the Militant Order of Barhah. It barricade and survivor status, though, remain unknown.

April 14th, 2007 - As the violence of the Rolt Heights War continued to spread across the suburb like wildfire it has become increasing common for survivors in adjacent suburbs to witness the war's fallout. The Warner Building became the scene of a retaliatory attack as Mr Shadows, the Don of the Malton Mob, was viciously gunned down in typical gangland style by a veteran member of the Burchell Arms Regulars. The attacker's parting remarks were said to have been, "The B.A.R. welcomes you to the area! Get used to waking up on the ground, champ."


Survivors later reported finding the famous mobster's bullet-ridden corpse lying in the street, although it's believed the Don was revived not long after his untimely demise. The Malton Mob has since vowed revenge.

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