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Can You Dig It?! - Cyrus

The Warriors
Abbreviation: A big phat red 'W'
Group Numbers: Currently Recruiting
Leadership: Democratic, since the Riffs iced our Warlord
Goals: Bopping our way all the way back to Coney!
Recruitment Policy: Got real heavy skills on the streets? Look good in a red vest? If so, you're in!
Contact: Visit the forum by clicking here

Previous to the outbreak, the Warriors were one of Malton's many street gangs. Falsely accused of murdering the leader of the biggest gang in the city, they were forced on the run from the armies of the night; at 60,000 they outnumbered the cops three to one, and they were all out to get the Warriors. Eventually surviving the night, their name cleared, they had no chance to reform properly due to the sudden outbreak and quarantine of the city. Now once again they face an entirely different army of the night; one that never sleeps, relentless and that roams the city streets in numbers far more than before.. again, the Warriors are on the run through the city, trying to make it all the way back home.

The Warriors are a non-PKer survivor clique with a solid rep. We call West Boundwood and East Boundwood home - but we're a real big item, and we're going all city. We're going to hit everything in sight, and everybody is going to know that the Warriors were there.

A Real Live Bunch

..coming soon!


Fear of Fridays Street Team (RIP)

The Randoms

News from the DJ

2nd December
All WARRIORS MIA for a long time...presumed racked. Looks like it's all over boppers. Thanks for the memories....Goodbye and good luck. Be lookin good wherever you are...cue "In The City"

7th September
Welcome back, to all you hardcore soldiers out there. It looks like post-extinction reports are coming in from our boys in the big city.. and we're all still boppin' our way past the undead. Anybody still out there wearing our colours should log onto the forums and see what we got going on right now..

Pre - Extintion

21st August

Looks like we've got to deal with some chumps trying to waste us now - West Boundwood has a PKer problem. Add to this that The Crabapple Estate have gotten a lttle upset with something we've said, and life is looking to get harder for us Boppers - assuming that they actually mattered anyhow. Be Looking good Boppers..

16th August

All right now.. for all of you Boppers out there in the big city, for you street people with an ear for the action, Ive been asked to play a request from The Warriors; and I do mean the Warriors, thats the real live bunch from West Boundwood? It seems that the big alert has been called off. Here's a hit with them, and the unfortunately departed 'zeds, in mind. You hear me babies? Good, real good <stylus touches down, and 'Carry on my Wayward Son' starts playing>.

11th August
When we saw the hypothetical sea, we figured we made it - we're home. Of course, we didnt figure on the siege that kicked off after the credits finished rolling, and the last notes of 'In The City' heralded the now legendary fade to black. But never mind Boppers, it looks like the intial reports we're wrong, all wrong. We're still here, it's still on, and we gotta make sure everybody is packed, and you're all flexing a little muscle; 'cause we gotta keep together. Lose it out there? And you'll get wasted..

29th July
Can you dig it!? Its all kinds of good being a Warrior at the moment, we'd like to say to our listeners out there. We're currently enjoying a siege still, which is good in that it gives us something to do. Unfortunately for the time being, we've had to abandon the eastern half of our fortress; when we've got things back to normal, we'll get around to claiming it. In the meantime however - we're enjoying kicking some ass!

11th July
We got those suckers, we got them! Goddamn Jackpot! This is more than we ever thought we'd get.. after a daring late night raid under the cover of darkness, we have cleaned out the infestation problem for now. We're still under seige, but looks like they got wasted..

9th July
Lets get down to it Boppers; we're going to have to do better out there. The 'zeds just bust into one of the major league buildings - so we're going to bop our way to getting it back. Stay tuned people, for details of what could become the first siege of Warriors history.. any muscle among you looking to make a name for yourself and wear that vest should haul ass up to East Boundwood, and help us waste those suckers!

1st June
As the light dawns over the murky suburbs of West and East Boundwood, the sharply focused shards of light drive away the dismal and muddy fog, to reveal.. the Warriors, thanks to the new Clothing rules, wearing their colours with pride at last! Looking good Boppers, real good.

25th May
Been looking good; we've now expanded our den and we're connected to new turf, in East Boundwood. Keep it up, all you hardcore soldiers out there!

14th May
All right now.. it looks like the FoFST might have gone and got wasted. One of their scouts came by to say that they're looking low on soldiers several days ago; I havent heard anything since. The Warriors are looking good - real good though, we've set up a den now, and are looking at laying down pieces, wasting 'zeds and gaining new affiliates in our new turf. More to follow Boppers!

6th May
For all of you street people with an ear for the action, we've cleaned Wyke Hills, and wasted all of the 'zeds there. We've been laying low for a while, but now we've moved on to set up our own turf, all the way up in West Boundwood. If we get seperated, meet there, okay?

10th March
All right, lets get down to it boppers.. we're heading out to show a little muscle with one of the real solid outfits in the city, the Fear of Fridays Street Team, and a couple of the minor league teams in downtown Wyke Hills. They used to have a real heavy set, so show them some respect and we'll maybe score ourselves some hardcore soldiers to join our clique. When we get there, everyone stick close by, okay? And those of you with solid skills at throwups, remember to lay down our piece while you're there - everyone in all Wyke is going to know our colours!

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