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June 07

28th June 2007 - GomerPyle41 is wasted on the outskirts of Santlerville and watched by old enemies as part of the Beatbox kids Contract as requested by Finis Valorum. The Watchmen also join fellow Rouge Heart Ace members in signing up for the July 8th Biertag."Balls! We want the finest wines available to humanity, we want them here, and we want it now..."

24th June 2007 - The Dribbling Beavers cull has reached its sixth victim that occured with a clash with dribbling beaver member Kowpow. Escendo Numerus may have moved on but for the time being The Watchmen continue the fight until new opportunitys arise.

17th June 2007 - The Watchmen take up an old Escendo Numerus offer and join them in the cull of The Dribbling Beavers in Santlerville and Huntley Heights, the first victim to fall is Jack McAllister in a tense shoot-out inside St Columbanus's Hospital. Many patients lost their lives, collateral damage.

10th June 2007 - After a week fighting and aiding survivors in the Attempts to reclaim Fort Creedy, The Watchmen and the fort fell to the mass of seventy-plus zombies taking refuge inside the walls. Both forts are now in the hands of zombies with very little hope of them being re-taken in the near future. The Watchmen move on.

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