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July 07

27th July 2007 - After a brief break to sort out computer problems and visit Holland, The Watchmen return and ditch santlerville so that they can head to Tompson Mall in search of some more suitable head ware. After properly atireing themselves in hats The Watchmen once again begin bounty hunting. Charing cross is spotted and a firefight ensues in the mall drugstore. The'Joker quickly claims the bounty on her head and moves on to reload and restock on supplys.

8th July 2007 - Biertag!! The conversation was flowing with the occasional drunken banter and song. With All along the watchtower able to be clearly heard form one of the pews. The'Joker unfortunately lost the screenshots of the entire ordeal although theres bound to be plenty of good shots on the Biertag page. Cheers same time next year, now back to buisness.

4th July 2007 - The BBK contract takes a twist as they request the execution of Finis Valorum. The Watchmen agree the terms of this and begin the hunt although BBK members will still be targeted under the terms of Finis's old contract. This means we are pretty much hunting the two main groups of the suburb and as such The Watchmen are engaging in more shootouts with the slightly irate group members. But who can blame them, we ll just keep shooting back.

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