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December 07

20th December 2007 - The'Thief strikes straight out for Halberry PD where he finds madscience. This time nothing is going to stop him, he levels his shotgun and finally makes good on the contract. With The Watchmen it's never personal... but The'Thief just couldn't help smiling...

19th December 2007 - The'Joker enters Pitneybank. Within minutes The'Joker and The'Thief locate and work together on paying back the Raider who interrupted their business in Billet Road.

18th December 2007 - The Watchmen accept two hits, one on a small time group called the The Order of Dracula and the other on Creedy Guerrilla Raider madscience, so to handle things The'Joker and The'Thief split up. Around Pole Mall The'Jokers searches come up dry, while The'Thief is finding much the same thing around Fort Creedy. Then suddenly The'Thief, low on AP, stops in on a building only to find the elusive madscience sleeping right there! Deciding to wait until he has the energy for the attack, The'Thief wakes up with madscience firing a shotgun in his face... Managing to escape and take refuge he again goes on the hunt and find madscience in Billet Road Fire Station. Determined not to fail this time The'Thief opens fire... only to be dispatched another Creedy Guerrilla Raider. The Watchmen don't take embarrasement well, and they don't accept failure. Looks like it's time the team got back together again.

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