The Welford's

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The Welford's
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Abbreviation: none
Group Numbers: 15+ Roster classified
Leadership: Led by the mysterious Mother and Father.
Goals: The destruction of the Willcox Motel Survivors, Paradox, and AMS
Recruitment Policy: Contact me on AIM at Holy Designs or Theelz102
Contact: The Welford's Forum!

Welcome to the home of the Welford's!

Take a seat by the fire. You are always welcome here. We love you. all.

Who are we?

We are a happy little family, trapped inside the quarantined zone when the outbreak started. The fascist groups of Malton soon thereafter stole the youngest member of our family, Randal Welford and used him for their inhuman Necrotech experiments. Since then we have sworn the destruction of such groups.

Visit us on mIRC

Channel: #ud

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