The Wells Building

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The Wells Building
Mafiamanz (talk) 08:33, 16 April 2020 (UTC)
the Wells Building

Tollyton [64,68]

the Wisby Monument Reeves Bank wasteland
Pattmore Road the Wells Building the Chetwynd Monument
Norvell Crescent St. Odile's Church Cheal Street

Basic Info:

Barricade Status

Extremely Heavy(EHB).


Blairandkurtanime1.jpg The Wells
The Wells: Quickest way to death is through them. Don't screw with them!

The Wells Building has a unique history for it was and is the hideout of the famed killers called "The Wells Brothers" The Wells Bros were notorious killers who plague us to this day.

  • Blair Wells , the oldest, was a accomplished defender of the weak and hunter of murderers before he succumbed to the dark side and began killing anyone he felt like. His main targets were people of power, and he hunted and hunts his former team,*"The Fortress" to this day. He was a fun loving soul till the day when he felt his brother, "Kurt Wells" was being mistreated by Blair's friends and allies in the Fortress. That was the day when Blair turned his guns on his former friends; the legends Hogan's Hero and Bensonson who were responsible for Blair's brother; Kurt Wells' welfare. Blair was now on the run however and he fled to the Wells building for refuge. He was soon joined by his brother in the building. Together they hunt members of the Fortress and whoever is unfortunate to stand in there way. Blair's kills so far on the Fortress include these people: Hogan's Hero, Bensonson, Charlie mon, General Patton II, Shrimper, Perrin the Wolf ,Ruinator, Officer Duncan, SubForm, BlackOPs, Stark Senap, Derivator, Mescali, The Ears and Lepaige, Private Mendoza, Joe Tudor, Tycoonbosh, Tommy Crowbar, Beasty92, Van Warhawk, Kjendar, Cuthbert the Wise, Justin Valer, and the Pker Executioner himself, Grey Swiftaxe... surprisingly Blair Wells killed a non-Fortress member called BlaneMCC and was accompanied by *Hunter Wells In the killing of BlaneMCC. No known connection between Hunter and Blair. maybe they are cousins. Who knows? What is even more surprising is that Blair is now a member of the Browncoats, who's leader is shockingly enough, BlaneMCC! What could this mean???

  • Kurt Wells is perhaps the most loony of them both; As Blair hunts down Fortress members and people of power, Kurt Wells on the other hand makes no bones about it. He hunts and kills whoever he wants on a whim...
  • Hunter Wells what is surprising about 'Hunter Wells" is how though he too shows a streak of killings, generally kills other killers... As a bounty hunter he says... Hunter has been seen to heal Blair, and to shoot Blair! He hasn't killed Blair yet and has killed WITH Blair... Most believe that Hunter Wells and Blair Wells distant relatives... cousins perhaps...

As they are still active to this day they will surely make more history in which I will be sure to update! --Firetwig W!

The Wells brothers have been very hospitable and I have enjoyed my stay. It is a good tactical building and is extremely safe. They will offer heals and the like if you ask. Bdude416:39, July 26 2008 (EST)

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