The Wheadon Museum

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The Wheadon Museum
EthrDemon (talk) 18:40, 12 January 2020 (UTC)
the Wheadon Museum

Lamport Hills [56,6]

Muxlow Lane Henniker Road Bollans Walk
the Rothwell Hotel the Wheadon Museum Counsell Auto Repair
a warehouse the Sidney Arms Grimstead Boulevard Police Department

Basic Info:

  • Museums have a wide range of different collections and exhibitions, although previously they were not lootable. Nowadays, different decorative items may be found there.
  • Generally, the descriptions found in Museums fall along the lines of "…currently displaying a(n) exhibition/installation/collection of _____________"
  • Museums can be barricaded normally.


The Wheadon Museum is an Impressionist Sculpture Museum located in the central part of Lamport Hills. Tagging it earns no XP. According to the in-game description, its installation by an impressionist artist is now thick with dust, and a room has been cleared for the display of two cracked sculptures.


Opened in 1992, this museum contains several displays containing local ores & minerals. The museum also includes an impressive 30-foot tall sculpture of Eduardo Manet crafted from native tin.

Following the Malton Incident, the Wheadon museum fell into a state of disrepair. Though it was ignored by looters, and the curators managed to pack away most of its artworks before the undead reached the building (missing only a single room, as well as the Eduardo Manet statue that was too large to move), the apocalypse took its toll. Most of the Malton art-viewing public became shambling undead, and most of the curators did, too. With no one to care for it, the museum lay dusty, occasionally ransacked by survivors looking to add an art piece to their safehouse, ransacked by zombies looking to ruin every building in Malton, or vandalised by either side in a fit of boredom.

Will someone restore the building to its former glory? Or will it remain a dusty relic forevermore?

Barricade Policy

It has been designated EHB in the Lamport Hills Barricade Plan

Current Status

The building has been very strongly barricaded. A portable generator has been set up here. It is running. One room of the museum has been cleared, for the display of two cracked sculptures.

Jan. 22, 2009: Jericho Luna arrived today and reported that a massive movement of living dead south of here in Millen hills was reported. Fear of the Doe Avenue PD being a target was reported.