The White Mantle/Recruit

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Banner of the Cult of the Unseen Ones

Join the Cult of the Unseen Ones and bring the Unseen Ones to glory. All are accepted only we ask that you praise the Unseen and give them their due reverence. Help us defeat those Chosen who have risen from death in an attempt to attack the glorious Unseen, spread the word to others and bring others to the path of the Unseen. We are a group dedicated to the worship of the Unseen and spreading the word of their glory. However we are also adamant that the Chosen (the zombies) must suffer the fate of death or be brought back to life for only by freeing them from their undead state can the Unseen be brought to glory. For more info click here. Lumix19 16:14, 24 June 2011 (BST)

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