The Whitemore Family

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The Whitemore Family

The Whitemore family were a simple family with not much to their name, although military service is a common field of work for the Whitemore family.

Whitemore Family History

Joseph Whitemore

After the end of the second world war Joseph Whitemore arrived in Malton, having lost his left leg in the war he had received a very handsome payment as compensation. Joseph moved into the suburb of Whittenside where he knew the Beable family; he had served beside their son James in the war. Joseph lived with the Beables for a short period of time, often working in their pub The Beable Arms, not after long he took a keen interest in James's sister Nancy Beable. They were married within the year and moved into their new house on Postlethwaite Drive, soon afterwards Joseph perused his dream of constructing and running a library, the Whitemore Library was built not far from the The Beable Arms.

Joseph and Nancy had four children: Roger, Felicty, Peter and Fredrik.

Roger Whitemore

Twin brother to Felicty, born in 1947, Roger enlisted in the army and served in the Vietnam War. Roger died during the Tet Offensive and his body was never recovered.

Felicty Whitemore

Felicty Whitemore, born in 1947, Roger's twin sister. Felicty lived to the age of six before she died from whooping cough.

Peter Whitemore

Peter Whitemore, born in 1950, second son to Joseph Whitemore. Peter remembered nothing of his sister Felicty, so when she passed away from whooping cough he seemed unmoved. Throughout out his childhood and teenage years Peter nursed a love for auto-mobiles, his dream was to one day own a repair shop and fix peoples cars.

Monkadue Whitemore

First son of Peter, born in 1972. Before the outbreak Monkadue sign up for the army and joined the British SAS

Albei Whitemore

Albei Whitemore, born in 1977 and brother of Monkadue Whitemore. Albei worked with his father in the Auto Repair shop. During the outbreak Albei was separated from his fleeing family and trampled by the crowd, soon after Albei rose back to unlife with hatred burning in his eyes and appetite to fill.

Fredrik Whitemore

Born in 1951

Kalenium Whitemore

Born in 1983

Derk Whitemore

Born in 1989

Whitemore Family Tree

Whitemore Family Tree.jpg