The Willmott Motel

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The Willmott Motel
Soccerfan667 (talk) 06:50, 25 August 2021 (UTC)
the Willmott Motel

Quarlesbank [27, 4]

Summers Towers Kembry Boulevard Fire Station the Bendall Building
Gulledge Walk the Willmott Motel Cornford Cinema
St. Alcuin's Church a cemetery wasteland

Basic Info:

  • Also known as hotels.
  • 50% chance of finding wine.
  • Motels can be barricaded normally.

The Willmott Motel


The placard on the door reads...

Welcome To The Willmott Motel

Owner - Gary Willmott (ex childrens television presenter) Licenced to sell - Alcohol, sweets, crisps and tobacco, and cheap porn. Please feel free to use the facilities, just clean up any mess you make.

The motel has a seedy look to it and the clientele that frequented there weren't dis-similar. The walls of the main foyer are adorned with {now bloodstained and tattered} framed posters from the many shows Mr Willmott starred in. The 114 rooms (38 on each of the 3 levels) lay empty and the pool remains drained. At one time a small room was created under the pool and the pool was kept full of water. This was a brilliant place for hiding from the dead as the water masked the smell the survivors gave off, until one time it flooded, drowning the nine people hiding in it at the time. Now used as a HQ by a rag-tag bunch of survivors that go under the name Shed, you'll usually find plenty of survivors coming and going.


Current HQ of the Shed group.

As from August 2008, it has unfortunatley become common knowledge to Extinction and the many other zombie groups that the Willmott is THE place for survival in Quarlesbank, so is now a rather dangerous motel to book into.

Barricade Policy

Maintain at EHB at ALL times!

Current Status

The motel has kept its seedy look throughout the outbreak, and through its many ruinations at the hands of Extinction and countless other undead hordes, has a now destinctly derelict look to its exterior. This is an obvious front, as it is currently barricaded to the nines. All outer rooms have been piled high with all manner of debris, while it's inner and higher level rooms have been kitted out nicely for its current inhabitants. Any hardworking survivor intent on keeping Quarlesbank safe is welcome to stay.


Rooms on the ground floor (1-38) are strewn with clutter and debris, so to slow down the advance of any Zombies that manage to overcome the barricades. Rooms 39-114 are kept in a reasonable state, and are for the taking of anyone wishing to use the Willmott Motel as a homebase. Shed reserve the right to turf out anyone who missuses their trust and hospitality. To claim a room, just list below:

  • room 42 - The Holy Room
  • room 66 - Rakuen's Room (the Willmott's designated sodomy room, and back-up emergency toilet!)
  • room 74 - Biff Chitts
  • room 81 - Amy Flood
  • room 88 - StuartFS
  • room 91 - The Jelly Pit
  • room 103 - Paragon Pax
  • room 111 - Silent Badger
  • room 115 - The secret special room