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This is the Group Archive for old information pertaining to The Wraiths. We needed to put this stuff here because our main group page was getting ridiculously cluttered.

February 2006 - The Wraiths are formed at the beginning of the month, and around February 10th enter Roachtown and set up a temporary headquarters. The group stages regular raids into Ridleybank from here, serving as long-range tactical support for The Gingerbread Men during Operation Candyland. The Wraiths successfully infiltrated the Ridleybank Resistance Front as part of their end of the operation.

March 2006 - With Ridleybank back in zombie hands for the time being, and many of the Wraiths' Gingerbread allies turning zed, The Wraiths move on, heading east at first and winding up, through sheer blind luck more than anything else, at Tynte Mall during the RRF's siege. The Wraiths lost fully half their number in what turned out to be their first major defeat, and quickly withdrew to Randallbank to regroup (helping to put down a minor zombie attack on a hospital during their stay there, which worked to get the unit's morale back up to appropriate levels). The Wraiths then split into three tactical teams, deploying to Tollyton, Millen Hills and Ketchelbank simultaneously.

April 2006 - Since our operations during the month of April are still ongoing, we're not at liberty to discuss some of them in detail here. However, here's a brief overview of what's happened so far:

The Wraiths' tac team in Ketchelbank -- the largest team the group has ever fielded -- splits in half, with one team staying in the north to keep an eye on things around the City Zoo, and the other moving south to stage guerrilla raids into Barrville.

The Millen Hills team also splits, sending two Wraith operatives into the besieged suburb of Yagoton to aid the survivors under attack by The Shining Ones there. This turns out to be the worst defeat The Wraiths have ever suffered, resulting in the loss of all the Yagoton team's members. Ops in Millen Hills continue as normal, with the exception of a slightly increased focus on covert operations that, for obvious reasons, won't be discussed in detail here.

The Zoo task force is present for an assault on the Zoo and neighboring Necrotech Building by the Eastonwood Ferals. The losses of our Medic and science officer hindered Wraith operations in the area, but they still killed many zombies in the effort to reclaim the Zoo. Now that the team is fully operational again, we expect it will only be a matter of time before the Zoo standoff ends in a survivor victory. The Wraiths are working very closely with The Malton Zookeepers to drive off the horde.

May 2006 - May has seen very little change so far from last month... Millen Hills is still relatively safe from zombies but has several human threats that need to be dealt with, and the standoff at the Zoo is still ongoing.

June 2006 - With the Zoo relatively safe now, and no notable increase in activity in Millen Hills, the Wraiths have expanded into Brooke Hills and Yagoton, and have increased their focus on black ops (specifically, targeting the RRF zerg/spy group Malton DEA).

July 2006 - The Wraiths have gone on the move again, extending their operations into Shearbank as well as sending aid to Barrville. This is partly due to the human efforts to reclaim those suburbs, and partly due to a decision that mobility is in our best interest after recent encounters with PKers.

August 2006 - The Wraiths expand again, sending a tac team to Rhodenbank, which will help defend the suburb when The Big Bash inevitably comes knocking. The Barrville and Shearbank teams saw action in Ridleybank in August, helping to reclaim and barricade the suburb and making friends of our former enemies, The Knights of the Temple of the Shrike. All Wraith allies are instructed not to attack KTS members, as they have proven to be a tremendous help in Ridleybank.

September 2006 - After getting our asses handed to us in Ridleybank and Rhodenbank, the Wraiths went right back into the fight against the zombies by dispatching a team to Santlerville. We are currently helping to hold Dowdney Mall against the Bash, and trying to keep our mechanic's solvent out of the coffee. Other Wraith teams are still active in Barrville (helping our new allies The Rebellion) and Ketchelbank (helping seed the suburb with traps for the Bash -- if only we could lay mines).

October 2006 - After losing our entire team at Dowdney Mall (it may have been the coffee rather than the zeds), the Wraiths move on yet again, implementing Operation Rebel Stand, an ongoing effort to aid forces of The Rebellion in Barrville.

October update: The Wraiths still have some zombie operatives in Barrville, but the high level of zed activity has caused us to pull our living agents out. In other news, efforts to reclaim Ketchelbank from the Bash are underway, and the Wraiths are participating in order to give ourselves a staging area for the 5th of November. Operatives have also been sent to Caiger Mall to assist in the siege there, and Yagoton (the Bash's next projected target) to implement the ultra-top-secret Operation Screeching Cat Running In Front Of The Camera.

November 2006: The Wraiths enter Ridleybank November 2nd to lay the groundwork for the 5th of November. By November 5th, there are more than 10 Wraith operatives in the suburb, although nearly half of these are zombies. Currently (as of November 6th), three Wraiths remain alive in Ridleybank, and are helping several other groups hold almost every building in the suburb. The Wraiths have contributed more than 20 zombie kills to the campaign.

Elsewhere, The Wraiths were attacked by PKers during The Halloween Hootenanny of Horror... members of the PKer groups involved, The Junkyard Bandits and A More Sinister Clan, should be killed on sight. Codename V isn't the only one who knows how to hold a vendetta.

December 2006: After Ridleybank fell back into survivor hands, all of The Wraiths' human operatives were pulled out, leaving only the zombies who are embedded with the RRF. The Wraiths' leader has chosen to go zed for the duration of the continuing operations in Ridleybank, acting like the famous spy he's named after. A running battle in northern Brooke Hills with several dozen feral zombies ended up in the enemy's favor when the Eastonwood Ferals and a small contingent from Shacknews intervened on the zombies' behalf. However, the defeat allowed us to insert an undercover operative into the EF. In the besieged suburb of Yagoton, Operation Screeching Cat Running In Front Of The Camera had its intended effect of surprising the hell out of the zombies. Survivors quickly reclaimed the southern portion of the suburb as the enemy lost unit cohesion, but the north is still contested heavily to this day. In other news, a small Wraith force was present at the siege of Stickling Mall, which lasted as long as it did partly due to our persistent healing and barricading efforts. All Wraiths involved in the siege have since been revived and reassigned as needed.

January 2007: The Wraiths have recently expanded into the northeast (Dulston) and south central (Hollomstown) areas of the city. We are currently in the process of prepping and fortifying Treweeke Mall for what we view as an inevitable visit from Mall Tour '07. Speaking of the Mall Tour, The Wraiths are currently in a pitched battle with them at the siege of Bale Mall in Yagoton. The Eastonwood Ferals have put in an appearance, so it should be interesting. January's been busy in other areas as well... we're preparing for a top-secret mission in Ridleybank, and are also still busily defending Zootown (Ketchelbank, Brooke Hills and Richmond Hills). In our brand-new southern outpost, we're working on strengthening diplomatic relations with our newest allies, Independent Malton Militia, and are hoping to pitch in with the defense of Theophan General Hospital ASAP.

As of January 24th, the cease-fire order is lifted for members of Knights of the Temple of the Shrike. Since they've reverted back to their old PKing, English-butchering ways, they once again have targets on their backs. Members of Wraith tac teams in Ketchelbank, Brooke Hills, Yagoton, and Shearbank (all suburbs where these griefers have been sighted) are advised to kill KTS members on sight.

February 2007: This promises to be a busy month for The Wraiths. Plans are underway for a top-secret mission in mid-February, and in the meantime The Wraiths are on Safari with Malton Tours Inc. in Ketchelbank, competing to see how many Knights of the Temple of the Shrike we can kill. We are also busy establishing our new radio channel, 27.69.

February 12, 2007: The Wraiths are pulling out of Dulston in response to ungrateful residents of the suburb killing our operatives who were trying to rid Treweeke Mall of PKers. We have better things to do than get PKed by people who don't know enough to mind their own business, and are therefore leaving the residents of Dulston to their own devices. Mall Tour '07, feel free to make Treweeke your next target and eliminate some scum from the surface of the gene pool.

April 2007: The Wraiths mysteriously disappeared from the city of Malton this month. Nobody knows what happened to them, but they were gone for a full three years before returning with greater numbers and new tricks.

April 2010

After a prolonged and mysterious (of course it's mysterious, we're the Wraiths!) absence from Malton, Wraith operatives are starting to pop back up. These include some new faces, as well as whatever old operatives we could dredge up from the depths. It's unclear what the Wraiths are up to at this point (naturally), but unsubstantiated reports suggest that they are once again converging on the City Zoo.

Also, the Wraiths' Radio frequency has changed. Wraith Radio, once we get a kriffing transmitter up anyway, is now on 27.22 MHZ.

Update: The radio transmitter is up now, and The Wraiths are broadcasting. Well, sort of. Since most of the group's information is relayed privately via private messages on the forum or Mobile Phone messages in-game, we don't use the radio feature as much as less paranoid groups do.

April 16, 2010: The Wraiths are now in Yagoton as well, and have launched Operation Extreme Prejudice there. The operation's goal is to kill ToTalk, the griefer and suspected zerger, so many times that he finally leaves the suburb. We are willing to collaborate with other groups on this op, and will be awarding a prize -- to be specified later -- to whoever kills ToTalk the most times.

April 21, 2010: The Wraiths deploy to Shackleville for the first time in history to deliver aid to The Malton Zookeepers in their time of need.

The 5th of November

The Wraiths plan to participate in the raid on Ridleybank in November, and will show our support for the campaign by displaying the template on our group page.

The v.jpg Remember, Remember the 5th of November
This user or group supports the vendetta against the villainous undead in Ridleybank. On the 5th of November, we will march on the choked heart of Malton and liberate it anew. Victory will be ours, and with it, vengeance!
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