The Wreckening

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The Wreckening
Group Numbers:
Leadership: Hungerer
Goals: Wreck the forts!
Recruitment Policy: Sign up threads at and zombies.desensitised
Contact: For wiki issues, user:Nervie. otherwise, PM Hungerer via or zombies.desensitised

The forts. Symbols of authority. Symptoms of the warlike past. The living are drawn to them. Some come for a sense of history, seeking to hold on to the lives they once had. Others come for expediency, knowing that the tools of war are even now easy enough to find there. Some believe they are bastions of security, holding out against the things they foolishly fear. And all too many come because they have nothing else better to do. Regardless of their reasons, they share one agenda. Guns are loaded. Axes are ready. Murder is in their hearts. We have been beaten, chopped, stabbed, injected and shot. We have fallen more times that we can count. Yet still we rise. We are relentless. That which kills us only makes us stronger.

Until now, every time we rise, they are there. They have built up walls of rubble and rubbish to hide in. Their forts have become havens for their infestation. They sleep behind the barriers they have built, only crawling out to commit more violence against us. Things are going to change.

We need you to get involved.
But first you have to get mad.
You need to say it.
I want you to Stand Up off the ground and find a hole in the barricades, and stick your head in, and yell, and say it:
Now join us! Take down the barricades! Help to make the forts the zombie home they should be!
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