The Zeally Arms

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The Zeally Arms
--Sister Katie (talk) 21:05, 4 February 2020 (UTC)
the Zeally Arms

Shore Hills [33,59]

Gaye Towers Club Chalderwood Stephens Street
the Crofts Arms the Zeally Arms Burlton Park
Kippins Row Fire Station
Dodimead Bank
St. John's Hospital

Basic Info:

  • Pubs have no internal descriptions, apart from " abandoned pub."
  • Arms can be barricaded normally.

Welcome to the Zeally

A very traditional pub, the walls are covered by a red worn-out tapestry and the floor is made of creaking parquet. It seriously needs refacing, but quarantine brought a stop to possible facelift work. A warm fire is lit into the fireplace and its light is reflected by polished chandeliers and large ceiling lights. Despite its general faded aspect, the floor is properly waxed and furnishings have been dusted off not long ago.

Comfy sofas and armchairs are located in the corners, and a piano covered by a massive blanket sits enthroned against the largest wall. In the semi-darkness, one can notice several old framed etchings hung from the walls, images of the pre-quarantine life in Shore Hills.

The brightest corner is where the bar takes place, an ancient mahogany counter with a good bunch of people leaning on it. A stuffed crocodile lays at its end, watching the barflies, while a massive moose head towers above everything, hooked on top of the bottle rack, upon which is displayed an impressive collection of whiskey bottles, from classical Scotch whiskeys to more exotic ones such as Finnish whiskeys or a "Solan Nº1" bottle from the Himalaya mountains. A few bottles are empty but still displayed on the shelves, due to the difficulty of refurbishing the stock since the zombie outbreak.

A carved pumpkin has been left there, the last remnant of the Halloween night party.

The doors are kept open to welcome every passerby, who will have their first drink offered by the house to greet them in. An umbrella stand is installed near the front door, but it is mainly used to drop off shotguns nowadays.

The pub is run by a few merry fellows, always happy to share a glass or two (or three, erm four, well, as long as we can stand upright. And if we can't, we have sofas anyway...). You will find safety there, care and friends if you are looking for some.

If you want to share more than a drink, or if you simply want to hang out around a bit longer, pop in our dedicated forum to say hello!

At the bar

The Zeally Arms, Shore Hills

- Shore Hills Brown Ale : Dating back to 2007, this is now the best-selling bottled beer in Shore Hills, and is one of Malton’s most well-known brews, famous for being the first suburb-home-made-style Brown Ale. Our local team tried for two years to produce a beer to rival the clarity and purity of the Newcastle Brown Ale. Even though we failed, we did come up with something new which has a “nutty delicacy” (said a now-forgotten beer taster passing by). Tastes of wild nuts and thyme.

- Malton Old Speckled Hen : The beer dates from early 2009 when the stock of much loved Morland Old Speckled Hen started to run low. We then blended the leftover with a secret mixture brewed in our basement, creating the first Maltonian Old Speckled Hen. We're still adding our secret recipe to this ale when the barrels' content shrinks, so we always keep a bit of the original ale in this brew. Taste close to the original Morland Old Speckled Hen, despite some slanderers claiming the contrary.

- Bishop’s Finger : The “nun’s delight” as some locals refer to it. It has some “hints of raisins, licorice and vanilla.” Mick, in his straight to the point style, declares it “pretty darn good.”

- Kevan's Bombardier : Elaborated in 2005 when the city walls were sealed for a nobody-knows-how-long time. Many notable Maltonian beer writers, including Cassoulet and BPitt452, have written favourably about this beer. Cassoulet describes it as “malty and mellow”, but N00b_23_7 was disappointed by the “simple taste, and found it “a bit metallic” (he's evidently been banned from the pub ever since).

Those are the ale selections currently served in the Zeally. We also have more traditional beers, from Guinness to a large choice of lagers. Ask the bartender for specific beverages. Due to the influence of the older member of our staff, a kettle is always boiling to serve hot teas, grogs and warming drinks. If any crumbling dude wants any of it, turn to Aunt, she'll be very glad to do so...

Zeally menu


Warning : we grow our own vegetables, and are supplied fresh meat from local butchers improvised abattoirs. It may happen that animals are in the zombie transformation process when killed, thus, to prevent any risk, we overcook the meat. If despite our precautions you find anything suspicious (eg. moving) on your plate, our staff will replace your dish immediately.

Sandwiches :

- BLT : The traditional!

- Brie & Bacon : Due to the lack of supplies from foreign countries, we have replaced the brie by local cow cheese. Very few people notice the change of taste.

- Paté & Cucumber : For the same reasons, paté is unobtainable in Malton any more. We unsuccessfully tried to bake our own, thus this sandwich is no longer available.

- Egg Mayo : As it reads, boiled eggs and mayonnaise.

- Sausage : 100% Maltonian meat.

- Tuna Mayo : The stock of tuna cans is running low; hurry up tuna lovers!

Main :

- Spicy braised beef : For safety reasons we can no longer serve low-cooked meat, then this dish is available no more.

- Bangers and mash : Mashed potato, good quality Maltonian sausages and onion gravy.

- Fish and Chips : Freshly fished. Traditional cod & haddock has been replaced by locally fished barbells and chubs. Deep-fried in flour batter with chips dressed in malt vinegar.

- Shepherd's Pie : A lamb pie cooked in a casserole with a layer of mashed potato acting as a lid. Please tell the staff if your meal is bleating.

- Cottage pie : Beef version. Might moo a bit louder.

- Black Pudding : An easy-to-prepare course nowadays, with the big flow of fresh blood available 24/7 in Malton.

- Jellied Eels & Mash : Became quite popular again since we can't tell the difference between healthy and zombified eels. Served with mashed potato and parsley sauce.

Zeally status

Barricade Policy

The Zeally is to be kept at VSB to offer shelter and drinks to every traveler, except in case of a large zombie horde wandering close by. Those green persons being non-beer-drinkers, we are forced to raise our barricades to a higher level.

Current Status

The Zeally is currently very fine, but it would be nice if someone could bring inside a few logs for the fireplace.

Now Zed Free! Come on by and share a pint!

Zeally timeline

A local Scavenging Hunter

2009 Dec. 12 - Having heard rumours from a pub in zombies' hands in Barrville, some staff members from the Zeally headed fiercely to the Radnedge Arms to protect it from the green-non-drinking hordes. -- Prudence's aunt 16:27, 13 December 2009 (UTC)

2009, Dec. 18 - The Zeallys have returned home from the raid ready for a pint and some friendly faces, if interested check out our forum: [1] Home is looking great. -- Fightin'Mick, Sergeant At Arms' 21:17, 18 December 2009 (UTC)

2009, Dec. 22 - Didnt even know you guys took care of place, ran out of AP here. You people are great and thanks for the meds! I needed em'! Whiskey is also great, will have some to help stay alert...and help my few wounds. Am probably gonna stay and help/chat, as I owe you guys. If its safee enough and there are low lvl zombies around, that is. Sux to be low lvl :( --Supercohboy 05:09, 22 December 2009 (UTC)

2009, Dec. 25 - The Zeally's wish you all a merry christmas. -- Fightin'Mick, Sergeant At Arms'

2010, Jan. 2 - The Zeally's wish you all a happy new year. -- Fightin'Mick, Sergeant At Arms'

2010, Jan. 15 - Ruined. 17 zeds inside and 2 out. -- Bruce Lee VIII 08:20, 15 January 2010 (UTC)

2010, Jan. 24 - The zeally arms has been reclaimed since a few days. The day of reclaiming was happily celebrated by The Zeally's with lots of beer and some of them even drinking till they couldn't stand up anymore and collapsed on the floor. The next day despite the headache's of some the members, there was worked on cleaning up the mess the zeds and the celebration of last night had left.

currently: EHB. Genny low on fuel

Inside: 13 survivors. Outside: empty -- D'u't'c'h'z newbie 01:10, 24 January 2010 (UTC)

2010, Feb. 18 - The Rambling Drunks paid us a lovely visit from Barrville. While they seriously threaten our stock of Old Speckled Hen, we had the very rare chance to hear a cat singing on radio! -- Prudence's aunt 23:51, 18 January 2010 (UTC)

2010, Feb. 19 - A mob of 28 zombified customers decided to start a demonstrative expostulation and ruined the Zeally while feasting on our beer barrels. The management let them now that their claim has been heard, and that a plan is currently under development to give them access to tasty beverages in a more civil way. -- Prudence's aunt 12:31, 20 January 2010 (UTC)

2010, Feb. 21 - The Zeally has been retaken, and we slowly start to refill the shelves with beer, whiskey and other alcohols. While the area remains incertain safety-wise, we invite every homeless wandering around to step in for an invigorating drink before getting back to repairing building business. -- Prudence's aunt 19:38, 22 January 2010 (UTC)

2010, Mar. 27 - Today is starting the Great Scavenging Hunt, organized by the Zeally. Three steps to earn the pub's eternal reconnaissance as mighty inebriated hunter, to win a giant barrel of our most famous home-brewed beer Shore Hills Brown Ale, and to be rewarded with a 'Mighty Zeally Hunter' sticker. The hunt consists in chopping zombies' heads off, gathering art pieces and collecting beer & wine bottles for a memorable party. Join the fun and register on our dedicated forum! Might the Zeally spirit inebriate every hunter!! -- Prudence's aunt 15:16, 27 March 2010 (UTC)


2010, May 17 - This very Monday the town-famous rock band Styx will be rocking the customers of the Zeally Arms! The first of a double night gig, with the band playing for a zombies & humans attendance the following day at the Crofts. A concert to listen on air as well on 26.13 MHz, Shore Hills local frequency. Young lads punished at home and infirm old grannies don't forget to tune your radio this night!!! Due to throat issues, the concert has been postponed. New date is Wednesday 9PM, Central Time. -- Prudence's aunt 23:58, 10 May 2010 (UTC)

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