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The Resistance
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Useful things

Welcome to the Basic Recruits Information Stand (BRIS). This was created so that all new recruits get familiar with things around here.


XP is a big problem for low-ranked players, because, they need XP to get new skills and tactics. But, sometimes, it is risky to go outside, fire at the Zombies (without the pistol training) and than run out of the AP's. It sucks. So, you should stop by to a Library, pick up some books and learning, it can't be much, but it can help. You can also search for knifes or axes. Using pistols or shotguns is not recommended (5% of hiting a enemy without pistol training? No way.)

  • So, pickup some books! (Deed library)
  • Or get some First Aid Kits (Anne General Hospital)
  • Get rearmed at PD (Wheaton Avenue PD).
  • Or in the worst case scenario, Tactics 1 is at your disposal.

The skills it's preferably to have:

  1. Basic Weapons Training
  2. Free Running
  3. Construction
  4. Advanced Pistol Training
  5. Hand-To Hand Combat
  6. Advanced Shotgun Training
  7. Body Building
  8. Diagonosis
  9. First Aid
  10. NecroTech Employment
  11. Shopping
  12. Any else left


By the end of your "working day" you found a warehouse, closed the doors and went to sleep. When you logged back in, you were dead. (?) Surely, you were mad and very angry. Quickly you got revived, and now you wonder: Where to sleep? This question can be easily answered.

  1. Check where you are
  2. Check the barricading policy of the suburb (if it has it), to check any buildings that are barricaded, but not too barricaded to you to not enter
  3. Find a place where are a lot of people, beacuse if the zombies breach, there is a bigger chance they will take someone else, not you.
    1. A Police Departmant, Hospital or Fire Department Station, or the Netrotech buildings.
  4. Never sleep without a gun.
  5. Get some FAK (in case they infect you while you are asleep)
  6. If you didn't manage to get to a safe building, barricade the buildings and pray.
    1. Closing the door is NOT a good way to hide, any zombie that has Memories of Life can easily open the doors, unrevealing you in it.
      1. With the newest update of UD, you can now barricade the building, with the lowest kind of protetion without the construction skill. I advise that you try that if you are in great danger.
  7. Never-ever power the building if you are alone in it.
  8. If you have enough AP, try to find a safehouse, with no zombies around it (~3x3 squares) so you can be 100% safe

Something very important without you can't survive...

Spread the word! Speak, graffiti or broadcast so we can get recruits!


If you are turned into a Zombie... Kill 'em!

It may bring half of XP but, it could be a nice way to earn XP. Also, do not forget to get revived after the "job" is done :P

This is also known as Tactics 1

Tactics 1 is one of the means of low-players to quickly attain XP by killing zeds, while being a zombie. Tactics 1 will be used only once. The resistance wants to kill the Zombies, like everyone does. With weapons. Not with their own weapons. While using Tactics 1 you will have to know these following rules:

  1. Do not kill humans. Even if they attack you
  2. Do not stay in zombified form too long.
  3. After the "job" is done, get revived. We want you breathing, not dead.





That was the basic, anything else you can find in First Day in Malton guide.

Or in the FAQ section

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