The stickling 300

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The Stickling 300
TS300 meme.jpg
Abbreviation: TS300
Group Numbers: 300!
Leadership: Slift, Annun
Goals: To make sure Stickling, and in retrospect, Shearbank stay free of zombies, PKers and oppression
Recruitment Policy: Those who know that Shearbank and stickling deserve to reside in the free's hands

During a strange set of incoherent ranting inside the lower right quadrant of Stickling Mall... a group was formed... the three hundred Sticklings ready to stand their ground against any horrors willing to try and take their freedom!

A proud supporter of the freedom of Stickling/Shearbank

Tonight... we dine in hell!

We WILL keep Stickling and Shearbank in freedom's hands at all costs, you will actively have to hack into our users to extricate us from our home. WE WILL HUNT DOWN ANYONE THAT TRIES TO TAKE OUR FREEDOM!

This is a zombie invasion, we need to be co-operative with those who want it (including zombies if they wish to make a cease-fire upon negotiated terms). People charging in and saying 'This is mine, GTFO' will be ignored, and if it comes to it, destroyed.

The people's mall

THIS IS STICKLING! THIS IS OUR HOME! THIS IS THE PEOPLES MALL! We will make sure freedom is at hand for those who want it. This is a time of great crisis, the zombie hordes will overtake us if we don't band together, supremacists will fail.

Army recruitment

We'd like to ask you to notify us (Via our email) if you have any questions, comments, or are signing up. We're not picky on the help we get, but we'd like to know who's in the group so we can call them to arms for co-ordinated assaults on zombies/Pkers. We'd love to have your profile linked to us so we can add you and keep you up to date with current strongholds and opperations.

What have we been up to?

September 17

After reclaiming Shearbank thanks to the help of the good Shearbank residence, the mall was soon voided of any zombies like a fat man with a one free enema ticket. D.A.R.I.S. continues to be the little piece of shit that just hangs on to the end of our bowels but, and while we may not be sleeping inside stickling mall at the time being, fear not we are close at hand. You know you would miss us if we were gone...

We're just out for a quiet stroll

Our recruitment policies haven't changed, but our contact methods have! Use our new, shiny, spartany email to contact us for info. All that we ask is that you love freedom. Heck, who doesn't? (That and you live in/live close to Shearbank/Stickling Mall.)

Made of win and awesome


Our newest member: Spartan G109 has won our most converted trophy. Just after creating a character we found him outside Stickling Mall. He wins the first EPIC WIN trophy in the history of the 300.

Not to be trifled with

Our targets are as follows:

  • D.A.R.I.S. for being supremacists, saying that Shearbank (and by collectivity, Stickling) is theirs. (Oh wait... whats this? they've given up?)

7 Types of Shit Going Down!

We've begun our reclamation project, anyone wishing to help should ask in our talk page, we need tones of help to take shearbank back so any assistance will be VERY appreciated

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