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The Chronicles of Doom

Between the time when the survivors walked in Malton and the rise of the sons of Zom, there was an age undreamed of; and unto this, Thulsa Doom's Temple of Set, destined to consume the survivors of Malton and instruct them in the Riddle of Steel. Let me tell you of the days of high adventure!

It is said that during the time of great undying Plinker, the one, did receive a vision from Thulsa Doom after wandering into a cinema. That vision showed Plinker that all the new changes around us come from Set through his great prophet Thulsa Doom. (Note: Many of the heathen circulate a story that "Conan The Barbarian" just happened to be playing in the cinema, however this heresy should be eradicated at all costs. Anyone uttering such blasphemy is to be eaten at first opportunity).

Embracing the new knowledge of the way of Set, Plinker made his first convert immediately upon exiting the cinema and Thulsa Doom's Temple of Set was born.

Summer 08 The Temple Priests return to the Mountain of Power to enjoy Set's blessings and relax in the summer heat. Infidels in neighboring areas are instructed in the Riddle of Steel as the Priests fatten their bellies waiting for Set to reveal his next wishes.

3/6/08 The Edbrook building falls in the name of Set and the first of the many Arkham citizens is taught the Riddle of Steel! Praise Set!

3/5/08 The Spirit of Set speaks to Plinker and instructs the Temple to extend Set's blessings to the uneducated masses of Old Arkham! The Priests of the Temple immediately set out to outreach and instruct those who may become believers the Riddle of Steel.

2/26/08 By Set's glorious blessings! The Mountain of Power has been reclaimed in the name of the almighty Set and purged of the infidels who refuse to heed his teachings!

2/5/08 With the fall of the Moorish building due to Set's mighty blessing, the Temple feels their services are no longer needed next to our friends in the Big Bash. As the perversion of the Mountain of Power by infidels rages on, the majority of the Temple's Priests head home to teach the true meaning of the Riddle of Steel to all those who deny the power of Set!

2/3/08 Praise be to Set as the Brothers welcome The Original El Cool into the halls of the Temple! Welcome Brother and all hail Set!

1/31/08 What a glorious day as Set brings his blessings to the Temple by welcoming our two newest brothers : Arrgulsnarf and TheAlch! PRAISE SET!

January 2008 After a month long struggle Giddings mall falls to the hands of Thulsa Doom's Temple of Set and allies in the second Big Bash. More infidels were taught the riddle of steel than at any other time in group history.

1/4/08 The glory of Set shines forth as the Temple welcomes our newest Priest of Set: The Stink. Welcome Brother! Furthermore, the Solstice has been a time of great blessing for Thulsa Doom's Temple of Set as we at last have found A Giant Snake to serve as symbol of the Will of Set. We go forth to teach the infidels the true meaning of The Riddle of Steel. ALL HAIL SET!

12/10/07 In celebration of our one year anniversary the Temple has claimed the Farewell Place Police Department as it's own. All hail Set.

12/07/07 A new priest of Set has been born. While young this priest, Drakki, will bring forth new members to Thulsa Doom's Temple of Set. ALL HAIL SET!

11/25/07 The Cult of Set has returned home. We gave thanks to the locals by feasting on their brains. We reclaimed our sacred Mountain of Power and are beginning to re-tag it.

10/23/07 The faithful continue to roll with The Second Big Bash and teach the infidels the true meaning of the Riddle of Steel. We continue to crush our enemies, to see them driven before us, and to hear the lamentations of their women. Unlife is good.

9/30/07 The Temple announces plans to undertake the glorious journey with The Second Big Bash. Coming to a 'burb near you soon! If you're a zombie, get your dinner plate ready. If your a survivor - eat a few extra donuts for us, cause we like 'em fatty.

9/18/07 Having had our fill, literally, of North Blythville, the Temple returns to the Mountain of Power in Reganbank to remind the infidels why they fear the night.

8/30/07 Having found food in Reganbank a bit scarce, the group has moved on to the survivor buffets of North Blythville to feast on the infidels therein.

8/25/07 The Temple and Library have been retaken upon our return from the Steel Motel.

8/18/07 -- The glory of Set is abundant! He has announced through divine revelation that there are even more brethren of Thulsa Doom's Temple of Set than was formerly believed. The Mountain of Power grows stronger as even more infidels are taught the Riddle of Steel and more zombies see the emptiness of Set and the wisdom of his prophet, Thulsa Doom. All Hail Set!

8/12/07 -- Set smiles upon the Temple and, through his divine providence guides a new Priest of Set into the fold! All pause and pay homage to Dragoland, the latest zombie to embrace Set and his prophet, Thulsa Doom, and to be blessed with the Sacred Wisdom of the Riddle of Steel! And what more fitting place for this new Priest to make his presence known than in The Steel Motel itself! All Hail Set!

8/10/07 -- The sacred location has been obtained! Thulsa Doom's Temple of Set has arrived at the holy site of The Steel Motel in Peddlesden Village. Where else to learn the true secrets of The Riddle of Steel than The Steel Motel! The Temple resides there, converting infidels in the neighborhood and holding Rituals of Enlightenment and Infidel Soup Parties in the evenings. All Hail Set!

8/6/07 -- Set continues to bless Thulsa Doom's Temple of Set with his grace as they travel on their quest to enlightenment. The latest sign of this blessing is today's glorious gift of a fellow Priest of Set by the name of Brainsforbrunch. This, the second new Priest of Set to join during the Quest for Enlightenment is truly a sign of divine providence. The Temple will celebrate this day annually. All Hail Set!

8/3/07 -- After a four-day siege, the Ruggevale Walk Police Department fell to Thulsa Doom's Temple of Set and their zombie kin. A glorious moment in the continuing quest for strength and wisdom from the sacred knowledge of flesh.

7/29/07 -- As a sign of Set's pleasure at the rituals conducted at St. Jude's Cathedral he has sent us a new Priest of Set! Today, Gregor Ironfist has joined Thulsa Doom's Temple of Set and the latest of those who have come to understand the Riddle of Steel. A glorious day that we will celebrate annually. All hail Set!

7/26/07 -- After an extended battle with the Knights of St. Jude Thulsa Doom's Temple of Set now occupies St. Jude's Cathedral. Though the infidels put up a valiant resistance, the will of Set is not to be denied. The Priests of Set now feast on fresh survivor soup in the center of the Cathedral. Once the rituals and cannibal orgies are complete, they will move on towards the goal of their quest with greater strength and guidance from the Will of Set.

7/5/07 -- The Priests of Doom have met and given praise to Set before moving out on a sacred journey. Guided by Set's grace, they will be gone from their home for some time as they seek out this holy site. They will return stronger and wiser than before, and will use this to strengthen the Mountain of Power.

7/1/07 -- A day of great providence. The stronghold of those who have hounded the Temple faithful for months has fallen with our zombie brothers. Also, our ranks have grown by yet another full Priest of Set who has come to know the Riddle of Steel and embrace emptiness with Set! All Hail Set!

6/9/07 -- The battle is won! All the infidels who use steel, but do not understand it's riddle, have been dragged forth from the police department and converted to the true form of being. May they see the light of Set and embrace emptiness! All Hail Set!

6/7/07 -- Thulsa Doom's Temple of Set, having had their sacred buildings in NE Reganbank repeatedly violated and Priests slain by infidels, have launched a campaign to evict these decadent utilizers of steel from the area. Joined by numerous zombie brothers, the battle is well underway and shall lead to a renewed era of peace and emptiness. As the prophet Doom said "Now they shall know why they fear the night. Now they shall learn why they are afraid of the dark." All hail Set!

5/25/07 -- A glorious day as the prophesy is fulfilled and Thulsa Doom's Temple of Set welcomes the latest Priest of Set into the undead flock. Today, Maleci was anointed as a full priest and shambles among the sacred structures of NE Reganbank.

4/19/07 -- The priests of Thulsa Doom's Temple of Set discovered a total of 3 Chocolate Snake Eggs of Set, with sacred priest 0B1W4N discovering 2 and Dotchel discovering 1. Blessings from Set abound and it is a sign that new priests of Set will be coming soon. All Hail Set!

4/9/07 -- On this day of celebration of those who have died and again risen in true form, a vision from the prophet Thulsa Doom guided Priest of Set 0B1W4N to the sacred site of Thulsa Doom Vocational Boarding School to discover a Chocolate Snake Egg of Set. It is a sign of providence. All Hail Set!

3/28/07 -- The Priests of Set were offended greatly by being rudely locked out of their own official Temple of Set. However, the occasion to reunite the full contingent of the Priesthood and the resulting feast was quite satisfying. The survivor 'Elfin' is now 'El-finished'. We even shared the communion with a fellow shambler who remains anonymous. All Hail Set!

3/27/07 -- Thulsa Doom's Temple of Set unite to welcome a group of studious survivors hanging out in the sacred archive of knowledge known as Thulsa Doom Library. The biggest brains are always the tastiest! All hail Set!

2/28/07 -- The zombies of Set, having found no further adversaries, enjoy a reunion of Thulsa Doom's Temple of Set and hang out on the front porch of the church smoking and eating survivor-jerky.

2/23/07 -- We have many breathern in our area and the faithful are having to wander a bit to find food. Glorious is the zombie homeland of NE Reganbank.

2/11/07 -- The Temple welcomes our latest priest of Set! All hail the power and wisdom of 0B1W4N! He has shed his skin and been renewed in the brotherhood. We will feast in celebration!

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