Tikanoff Park

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Tikanoff Park

Rhodenbank [86,1]

Luffman Grove Club Farrel St Dunstan's Church
Cull Avenue Police Dept Tikanoff Park Mallard Towers
Sawtell Road Tinkler Plaza School the Floyd Monument

Basic Info:

  • This is an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.

Tikanoff park 2343.jpg


Tikanoff Park was originally an undeveloped lot that in 2004 was sold to a private realtor for development. During construction digging crews discovered what appeared to be fragments of dinosaur bones. This forced construction to be halted and the construction equipment to be moved out until the site could be properly investigated. As such the grassy landscape dotted with trees is treated as a park for all intents and purposes, even if that was not its original purpose. Authorities had not yet completed their investigation of the bone fragments before the outbreak occurred, so the park remained as it was then, except with a fairly large hole ion the west side of the lot. Left abandoned, the dirt mounds and holes from the dig site become a horrid muddy mess whenever it rains. As of August 2008, the Souless Survivors lanuched a clean-up for the park with much success. As such, the park has been restored close to its original beauty thanks to them.

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