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'"Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men's blood...Make big plans, aim high in hope and work." - Daniel H. Burnham (1846 - 1912)

This is a list of all of Tikhon Medical's amazing acts of genious that have resulted in various plans/operations and is listed in chronological order. All plans/operations are copied from its last location and is mostly unchanged from its orignial state. These are past operations and any current plans/operations will not be listed here. (duh) The only exception is our roadtrip.

Da Plan

Da plan 1 copy.jpg
The general plan layout.

"Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm."- Sir Winston Churchill (1874 - 1965)

Creator: TZ

Goals: To take back Ruddlebank from a recent RRF excrusion.

Outcome: Fail - Well, TZ did it.

Summary: It was pretty much a random spur of creative thought that that was written up in one afternoon. Plan failed miserably, but it made us all laugh a little. It might have stimulated us to do something, but this isn't confirmed. Although we did manage to take back Ruddlebank. Otherwise I'd be knee deep in zombie right about now.

~plan starts here~

DISCLAIMER: This will probably take a lot of 'cading to keep safe. I suggest logging in once in a while. If you see the 'cades have been lowered even a bit, strengthen them back to full.

Linked from the "Retaking Ruddlebank" thread.

1. Revive, heal and move to New Arkham. If things are looking decent, we might leave some behind with the Octo Legion to check up on 'burb status.

2. Reach New Arkham. Familiarize with New Arkham NOTE: There are no Police Stations. This needs discussion. Most adjacent 'burbs are too dangerous. Regroup in various buildings, 'caded to EH. VS for those that don't have free running. Take 1 police station, a hospital and 1 Necrotech. Defend this positions. Don't go hunting, unless 'cades are being attacked. Throw off their scent by moving at least 10 blocks away, unless you kill them. Never go outside unless you have lots of AP. 'Cade every building you come by to at least VS. Wait 'till everything blows over.

Da plan 2 copy.jpg
A more detailed drawing, depicting the route and staging spot.

3. Number two was the easy part. We will travel to Ruddlebank and find a building to stay for a bit and get AP.

4. There will be two groups, A and B. Group A will go north and take The Selway Building, Sly PD and Edward General Hospital. Group B will take Hugh General and Ethedreda. Remember, the Octo Legion can help us with group A. Defend. Remember to 'cade surrounding buildings to at least VS. Avoid lighting unnecessary buildings, unless for a diversion.

5. Regroup at the Greatorex Building. Leave some behind to maintain and revive those who have died with syringes.

6. Reclaiming our homeland will be Objective #6. With that done, we can take surrounding buildings and 'cade the entire neighborhood to extra extra uber heavily barricaded.

Sorry for the big pics, Amanil

Thoughts? We will also need an awesome code name for when we move back into Ruddlebank. With the combined help of others this should work.

My plan rocks.

Operation: Dinner Bell

"Bite off more than you can chew, then chew it. Plan more than you can do, then do it.:
Creator: elbert gray

Goals: To relieve Tikhon General Hospital (Dartside) and surroundings from zombies.

Outcome: Success - a battle at best.

Summary: The plan was executed somewhat clumsily and I, TZ wasn't there to partake in this hideous plan. A success, although the zombies weren't removed from earth, we did get Tikhon.

~plan starts here~


Completely annihilate the zombie threat in Malton, on Earth, and indeed in the entire Universe in one fell swoop. As that concept seems perhaps a little over-reaching:

Secondary Objectives:

1. Seize control of Tikhon General Hospital in Dartside to open a Tikhon East branch.

2. Frustrate the zombies into leaving.

3. Try not to die.

4. Failing that, have fun anyway.


The zombies will never see this coming. WE have the element of surprise.


They may not see it coming, but they'll certainly see it there. When they do, we will die horrible deaths. THEY have vast numerical superiority and a taste for living flesh. Nevertheless, success is assured. Trust me. Power of Positive Thinking.

Elbert's horrible drawing that shows the staging area and

various routes.

Pre-Strike Planning:

15 suici- er, brave volunteers will break into 2 teams: Blood and Guts.

Team Blood (5 members)

1. Mock Team Guts when they die.

2. Revive/heal Team Guts.

3. Maintain barricaded fallback points for Team Guts.

4. SUPPLIES: Heavy on syringes and FAKs. Generator and fuel.

Team Guts (10 members)

1. Ruthlessly taunt the zombies. This is psychological warfare at it's finest.

2. Barricade strafing according to plan.

3. Supplies: Ammo. Lots of ammo to clear buildings of current residents. Generator and fuel. A few FAKs, 4 should do. Remember to save the last one for yourself. At least 1 can of spraypaint. 1 emergency syringe. Ideally, this doubles the time we can hold in an area, since the zeds now must kill us twice. Makes perfect sense.

Friday, May 11 - Team Blood and Team Guts move into position at the Staging Area (see graphic) in the Williamsville Junkyard (38,90).

- Team Guts will amass a full 50 AP for the May 12 attack. - Team Blood will maintain barricades as needed, using multiple-logins to protect Team Guts as they sleep.

Saturday, May 12 - Go time. At approximately 7 p.m. EST, go.

- Team Blood continues monitoring the Junkyard barricades to EHB. Expand operations to ensure St. Soters Hospital is barricaded to VS+2 and powered. Monitor our emergency revive point at Sherstone Walk. DO NOT TAG IT. We don't want rotters trying to clog it up.

- Team Guts will make barricade strafing runs and establish a forward operating position.


Each route will be run by 3 members. As Team Guts has 10 members, this gives us 3 routes and 1 "special" operative.

Each runner will follow the route selected, and barricade 4X before moving on to the next location. This means on pass 1, the barricades should be Light+2. Pass 2 will bring them to VS, barring a failure. Pass 3 will bring them to VS+2 or higher, depending on failure ratings (which increase dramatically at this point).

Route 1:

- Lombard Arms, barricade 4x

- Brailsford Plaza PD, barricade 4x

- a factory, barricade 4x

- Shapr Blvd PD, barricade 4x

- Tikhon General, Barricade until you have 10 AP remaining or the building is EHB. Login frequently afterwards. Your fallback point is the warehouse (37,86).

Route 1, special jobs:

- Runner 1, place and fuel a generator at Brailsford Plaza PD.

- Runner 2, place and fuel a generator at Shapr Blvd PD.

- Runner 3, place and fuel a generator at Tikhon General.

Route 2:

- a warehouse (37,89), barricade 4x

- St. Patricks Hospital (37,88), barricade 4x

- St. Faustina's Hospital (36,88), barricade 4x

- St. Jeremy's Hospital (36,87), barricade 4x

- free run w/out barricading en route, to Tikhon General. Barricade until you have 10 AP remaining or the building is EHB. Login frequently afterwards. Your fallback point is the warehouse (37,86).

Route 2, special jobs:

- Runner 1: place and fuel a generator at St. Patricks Hospital.

- Runner 2: place and fuel a generator at St. Faustina's Hospital.

- Runner 3: place and fuel a generator at St. Jeremy's Hospital.

Route 3:

- Free run to warehouse (37,86), barricade 10x or to EHB+2, whichever comes first.

- Blakesley Grove PD, barricade 4x or to VS+2, whichever comes first.

- Tikhon General. Check barricades are EHB+2, but try to save your AP.

Route 3, special jobs:

- ALL Route 3 runners: you are first tier protection for Route 1 & 2 runners - they did more barricading. Multiple logins, please. SAVE your generator and fuel to replace those smashed after Day 1.

- Runner 1: tag Lyng Street (37,87) billboard with "Zombies smell funny - TM". Hold your bonus AP as best you can at Tikhon.

- Runner 2: tag Taylour Lane (40,86) as a Revive Point. Scout the Sharman Building (NecroTech) for possible 2nd day assault.

- Runner 3: You're on security detail. Save your AP as best you can, monitor Tikhon and the warehouse (37,86) barricades.

Team Guts, special operative:

- Any way you can, get to Samborne Towers. Barricade to VS+2, place and fuel a generator (Phone Mast).

- Scout/Barricade the Bagnall Building (secondary NT)

- Run to the warehouse (37,86). You will monitor the 'cades and sleep there.

DAY 2+


Oh, man. If we live this long, we can declare victory and go home. Otherwise:

Generally, try to get an NT building running, and monitor PDs and Hospitals. We're hoping people will move in to help.

Team Blood: If Team Guts doesn't start reporting in with casualties pretty quickly, move to Tikhon to assist in patrolling/holding the area. Should leave 2 members back at the staging point in any case.

VOLUNTEERS? Please list your interest, and what Team/Route/Job you want.

Let's show all those groups that a disorganized gaggle can die just as fast as they can!!!


The plan was moving with the precision of a well-oiled machine. Allies had been contacted, supplies gathered, and forces were moving into position. So naturally, with us being Tikhon Medical, everything fell apart. Allies moved into the suburb before the attack time, and the decision was made to move in immediately and support them rather than follow the plan.

So while Elbert was catatonic over the loss of his meticulously crafted strategy (with the aid of his Janitorial Battle Guide), Target Zombie submitted an emergency plan:


Operation: Dodo

a.k.a: "the Fodder Zombies for Newbs Movement"

"Fools rush in where fools have been before."

Creator: Elbert Gray. Pictures by TZ

Goals: Booting squaters out of buildings.

Outcome: It was great Success!

Summary: Very simple. The plan was to forcefully remove Extinction from buildings (with spatulas and much grease). Sedation was provided by med students and passerbys, and thus got the name "the Fodder Zombies for Newbs Movement." Much XP to go around.

Pictures to come! (I'm serious, they eventually will).

~plan starts here~

It seemed this operation should have its own thread.


Extinction is invading Ruddlebank. This horde is a bunch of squatters. Zombies don't go where they don't want to be - we can't drag their bodies to someplace to be someone else's problem.


Fortunately, Tikhon Medical is a highly-organized model of efficiency. We can counter this threat, and even benefit from it.

1) Base at Tompson Mall. Easy ammo and FAKs. Note - If you don't have the free-running skill, you will need it to gain access to the mall. Allegedly, St. Inaeus' Church just east of the mall is usually VS+2 and enterable. Other VS+2 safehouses may be difficult to find, but Hinksman Bank might work well. It's right by the mall for aid, and close to the free-runners loading up ammo.

2) Assist as-needed in holding the Cheeke Building. Easy access to sticks, and the harder it is for them to take, the more they'll want it.

3) Raid squatters in Tikhon. Keep killing them, dumping them, and powering Tikhon - but don't stay there. Let them get tired of raiding an empty building and getting headshot for their trouble. ALSO, only barricade Tikhon to VSB+2. This allows students to get in and blast 'em. It also allows the zombies to get used to it being VS+2 and empty. Failure rates barricading above VS+2 make it a questionable use of AP - the zombies will get in anyway.

This also provides a great opportunity for the students to build XP. Tikhon Medical is going to have a lot more high-level staff members when this is all done.

4) Barricade Strafe. One team of barricade strafers establishes a forward position to harass the Extinction group in New Arkham - try to convince them it's in their interest to go home. I think no more than 4 or 5 volunteers for this duty, and we can trade off. Forward operating position can shift as-needed.

We need a volunteer to lead the strafers. Pick a handful of "volunteers" and strike forth. When you need to resupply, pass the buck to someone else so we can keep the pressure on.

5) Moon them early and often. I have it on good authority that this is truly offensive to the zombies, as they have little recourse. They care, and it hurts their feelings.

Okay, so that's my suggested plan, unless someone else has something better.

The Tikhon Medical Roadtrip

"Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd."'" - Voltaire (1694 - 1778)

Creator: Amanil and input from many others.

Goals: To go on a road trip. What the heck did you think?

Outcome: Uh... Not really... well, we explored and stuff. Separately. And with no direction. In fact I think one of us may have gotten over the wal...

Summary: A road trip going around Malton, probably ending in Ridleybank. There will be site-seeing along the way, with much tomfoolery. This will probably be the only plan that is current put up here. It's doubtful that there'll be another at the momment, noting on how long it takes us to organize, which isn't actually that bad, I just like to exaggerate. OMG THE WORLD IS GOING TO ASPLODE! See? There it goes again.

We're making a big list of the places we're going to, points of interest or event, (if applicable) and latter, where we were. Sorry no, we won't be telling which building we're in, should you wish to be a party pooper.

Current Location

  • 8-Finished

Past Locations


  • Entry: 8 ~ We're all home I believe, somehow. I don't know if everyone hit all 4 corners, but I managed to reach 3.
  • Entry: 6 ~ We have a general idea on where everyone is, and where everyone is going. Treweeke Mall is our target location in Dulston, but we could end up anywhere in the end.
  • Entry: 5 ~ I have no idea where everyone is, I think we were supposed to be in Williamsville, but we're scattered across Dartside and who knows where else. We're roughly 5 days in and already we've broken apart. Tikhon Medical at our finest. Of course this means we'll eventually regroup and "win" as that always seems to happen with our plans. Disorganization before organization, I say.

Operation: Moonshine

"THAT is strength, boy. THAT is power!" - Thulsa Doom in Conan, on the strength of Flesh over the strength of Steel.

Creator: Elbert Gray, with much unhelpful input from the general Tikhon Medical community.

Goals: Mass Moon a zombie horde. Like, with bare bottoms and such.

Outcome: Success! Due to an ongoing seige of West, plus some of us heading to Henley NT to help out The Legion of the Octopope, the original plan for all of us to head up there ended up becoming a fair sized group of us, who went up, fought, mooned, and dispersed, somehow making it back to the hospital in relatively good time!

Summary: A road trip to moon Extinction in Chancelwood at the Haslock NT! With all due respect to the disorganization that is a hallmark and cherished tradition of Tikhon Medical, can you think of anything better to organize, than a MASS MOONING?

For posteriority*, and because we couldn't get any pictures: *aka posterity

Elbert gray said: "In honor of the 50th Anniversary of the launch of Sputnik, Tikhon Medical is proud to bring you this:"
Elbert gray said: "::drops trousers and moons the horde::"
Elbert gray said: "::it's a bony-white ass, highly offensive::"
Elbert gray said: "::starts swaying from side to side and wriggling::"
Elbert gray said: "KISS MY ASS!!!"
Elbert gray said: "::pulls pants back up, you are thankful::"
Elbert gray said: "Yeah, that's right. THAT JUST HAPPENED!"

Operation: Open Season

"The genius of you Americans is that you never make clear-cut stupid moves, only complicated stupid moves which make the rest of us wonder if there is something to them which we are missing." - Gamal Nasser, Egyptian president circa 1956-1970

Creator: Elbert Gray, with strong support from other SWA members.

Goals: Through a show of force, encourage all local PKers to leave the southwestern suburbs - or turn them into minor zombie hordes.

Outcome: Success! Yeah, we chased off a bunch of PKers, and they stayed gone a long time. We'll keep the success in mind if we need to sweep the trash out of the southwest again, but generally we just revive around PK activity.

Summary: A PK hunt to demonstrate the power of this fully operational battlestation.

Local player-killer activity was increasing, in number and frequency. It started to become an issue during the Second Big Bash, as PKers would target players defending against the horde, sabotage generators and barricades, shooting them in the back and generally being pests.

Following the Second Big Bash, southwestern suburbs recovered quickly with survivor groups working together. This coordination was formalized with the creation of the SWA - local groups sharing resources and information.

We wished to test our effectiveness as a unit. The murders of two Tikhon Medical personnel inside Tikhon Prime, and especially the crushing of a Cheesy Poof gave us our purpose. Lists of known PKers were made. Not one PKer. Not one PK group. All PKers in the southwest are targets. (Note that this has nothing to do with DEM or its Rogue's Gallery. DEM bounties may or may not be claimed, at the discretion of the individual SWA member. This is an operation to tap certain undesireables on the shoulder, and convince them to leave.)

SWA members traverse the southwestern suburbs in the course of ordinary activities. When a PKer is encountered, they deal with the threat, or call out the location on a forum if ammo or AP is low. A "cleaning crew" is then dispatched to deal with the problem resident.

Additionally, the SWA member groups/gaggles run the most efficient revive systems in the southwest. PKers found getting revives harder - one SWA group knew not to revive certain individuals that had been plaguing another SWA member. PKers died faster, and had to travel further for revives. With this organization, we can kill PKers - and keep them dead a long, long time.

PK activity against innocents in the southwest has greatly diminished. Most PKers and PK groups have fled the vicinity, claiming they have business elsewhere. Whether that is true or convenient coincidence is of little importance. The SWA model has proven effective, and is being refined daily.

Operation: Thunderpoof

"Alcohol is a good preservative for everything but brains." - Mary Pettibone Poole

Creator: Elbert Gray

Goals: Convince zombies of futility of attacking Fabian General Hospital in Shuttlebank.

Outcome: Failure!.

Summary: The idea was to convince the horde of the futility of hanging around Fabian, which would allow us to build up Tikhon North unhindered. We fed them instead - it wasn't pretty.

Several Tikhon volunteers geared up and moved to a staging area in Buckrell, as a prelude to an assault on Fabian and the Marfell NT. Since we're... well, us, we ended up moving in a day early, and kinda piecemeal. Whatever - it worked. We battled for a week, holding the hospital against daily incursions, until the Marfell NT next door finally fell. This coincided with the zombies learning how to block barricading survivors.

We knew this new ability was going to make things more difficult. When the zombies that sacked Marfell joined those attacking Fabian, the endgame was clear. In the first major attack, most defenders were dragged outside. Several survived, healed, and returned to defend the building, but most of our crew was eaten. It was a great fight for a full day under new battle conditions (the blocking ability), but finally the remaining defenders were forced to evacuate. Unfortunately, the zombies sacked neighboing buildings, and Tikhon defenders who weren't killed were scattered around the area. Revives have taken place and our strategy assessed. We learn from failure, so we can make it more spectacular the next time.

Operation: Cheesy Beaver

"A journey is best measured not in miles, but in friends." - Some feel-good type person.

Creator: Collaborative Effort.

Goals: Assist the Dribbling Beavers in reclaiming Santlerville.

Outcome: Success!

Summary: Following a brief sacking of Tikhon East, the Dribbling Beavers offered aid. While we declined as our situation was well in control, we appreciated the offer. We instead suggested we send an all-volunteer squad to assist the Beavers, who were in a far more difficult situation than we were. They accepted.

A call went out to rally about 5 Tikhoners as a mobile revive unit, to scurry through red suburbs to Santlerville on what was believed to be a suicide mission. We got about 10. 'Cuz that's the way we roll.

Using Rat Tactics when alive, and Vampire Tactics as crisis control, our team rapidly reduced a revive queue of over 50 to under 20, while barricading "safe" zones (and of course, reviving fallen Tikhoners). Eventually, numbers began to tip back into survivor's favor, and when the Dribbling Beavers returned from another mission, a team from The Fortress arrived, and the Malton Rangers showed up, well... the suburb rapidly transformed. Tikhon Medical played a significant role in turning Santlerville from wasteland to battleground, allowing revived and returning survivors to turn it from battleground to oasis.

Operation: Thunderpoof II

"Keep your plans secret for now." -Ancient Chinese Proverb

Creator: Well, not Elbert Gray. He got us eaten last time.

Goals: Classified.

Outcome: Pending Classified.

Summary: This is an ongoing operation.

Ongoing operations will not be discussed on the wiki, at least until we are confident in the outcome.

"In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable." - Dwight D. Eisenhower (1890 - 1969)