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a farce to be reckoned with


To understand Tikhon Medical is to embrace the Poof. Cheesy Poofs. That's what "Tikhoners" are about. Poofs and mooning zombies. We also operate some of the more efficient revive points in Malton, and send medical teams to either treat or cause medical problems.

Tikhon is a fluid, chaotic organization. We have no leaders; Tikhon is purely a voluntary organization. Members are as active as they choose to be. This fluidity and lack of leaders or bona-fide organization led Tikhoners to refer to themselves as a "gaggle" rather than a "group".

What is a Tikhoner?

A Tikhoner is anything you want it to be. They come in all shapes and sizes, some are "organized" while others are not. They do share a universal like for Cheesy Poofs, though, and have a knack with organized chaos, as we call it.


Survivors living at Tikhon General Hospital, having enjoyed a long period without zombie invasion of Ruddlebank, got to know each other through in-game interaction. The bunch was having so much fun together, they opted to "gaggle-up" under the name "Tikhon Medical". The name was already in use by several residents (though not a "real" group), so it was a natural choice.

Tikhon has grown since, establishing operations beyond Tikhon West (a.k.a. Tikhon Prime). Another Tikhon General Hospital was in Dartside, and Tikhon expanded operations to cover that territory as well. A friendly rivalry between the Tikhons has evolved, culminating in artillery barrages of biohazardous material. Tikhon proudly claims the best artillery in Malton.

When the Big Bash 2 rolled through the southwestern suburbs, Tikhoners were at the forefront of resistance, slugging it out with some of Malton's most-feared hordes as the mega-horde rolled. Tikhoners were one of the major reasons the mega-horde reversed course to hit the southwest again, seeing that their work wasn't finished. This course reversal led to the disintigration of the feral Bash - only the organized (and still dangerous) part remains.

The establishment of a Tikhon North in Shuttlebank has met with stiff resistance (pun intended). Local zombies apparently insist on Tikhon paying rent in blood. Operations are ongoing.

Historical Operations

Though Tikhon has no leaders to make things happen, every now and then someone gets a crazy idea anyway. Sometimes these random concepts gain momentum, and become an operation.

Da Plan - Our first plan, our first failure. The goal was to reclaim Ruddlebank following an RRF incursion and occupation. Eventually they left anyway.

Operation: Dinner Bell - Our first success. We claimed Tikhon East, and gave the beleaguered Dartside survivors a respite, enabling them to reclaim the suburb. Following a couple of months of fighting, the primary troublemakers departed for another part of the city.

Operation: Dodo - Tikhon's part in dislodging Extinction from the southwest. This mostly entailed systematically headshotting and dumping the squatters, until they realized we were at least as dedicated as they were, and more capable than they'd expected.

Tikhon Medical Roadtrip - following Extinction's defeat, Tikhon took a victory lap around Malton. Sort of. We held together for a few days before everyone ran solo and made it... most of the way around the city, anyway.

Operation: Moonshine - Tikhoners traveled to Chancelwood to assist the defenders of the Haslock NT, and more importantly, moon the hell out of the zombies there. The journey may have spurred efforts to create Tikhon North and extend our reach, though that is unproven.
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