Toastrlord's Safehouse Appliances

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Toastrlord's Safehouse Appliances
Abbreviation: TSA
Group Numbers: Recruiting...
Leadership: Toastrlord
Goals: To rid the zombie scum from Malton.
Recruitment Policy: See discussion page.
Contact: User:Zedcleaver277

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Survival and You

Are the zombies tearing down your barricade again? Can't sleep at night because all your friends are dead? Maybe you're just tasked with body dumping and don't have any time of your own. Here at TSA, we design various appliances to help you in your daily struggle to survive to make your life easier and less...bleak. Zombies at the doors? Try our new Spinning Doom Toaster!

Of course it's not a regular toaster! (Doom sold seperately)

TSA Radio

Yeah, we're getting our own frequency! CoffeeRadio.gif


The following are groups that are officially allies with TSA:

TSA Template

TSA's primary template:

{{Template:Toastrlord's Safehouse Appliances}}

Toaster.gif Toastrlord's Safehouse Appliances
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