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Tour Necrotech
Abbreviation: TNT07
Group Numbers: About 19 or 20 at the moment
Leadership: none
Goals: To tour the suburbs of Malton and revive all of the downed humans in the revive points there
Recruitment Policy: Add TNT07 to char profile, move to the tour area, get reviving, etc, etc

Welcome to Tour Necrotech

Welcome to Tour Necrotech, we hope you find your stay in Malton pleasant! Outside of the zombies, occasional murders and total chaos, it's quite a nice place to live, really it is. If YOU are interested in getting to see a bit more of the city and it's sights, why not join up on the Tour for a bit, get to know the place where you live a little better?

Goals of Tour Necrotech '07

So what, you may ask, is Tour Necrotech trying to accomplish here, anyway? Well, that's rather simple, actually:

  • Have fun!
  • Visit every revive point in Malton and clear it
  • Visit every NT in Malton, clear it and power it

In the early days of Urban Dead, it is undeniable that survivors were far more powerful than zombie characters. Many survivors didn't even take zombies seriously; they posed that little threat. However, this would soon change, with massive hordes getting organized, and update after update where Kevan improved zombie skills. It is now a universal truth that no matter how large a congregation of survivors you have, no group can long hold any stronghold against the indombitable zombie hand.

What we want to do is simple-- in a sort of parallel to the Mall Tour, prove that humans, while the new underdog of this game, can rally together into a force that can cover Malton and stike back at the hordes, to a degree.

As the name states, we will tour around the suburbs of Malton, and in each one we will get at least one NT building up and running, then clear ALL of the revive points in the suburb, then move on. At some point or other we hope to clear out and power every NT even if we can't hold them for long. Over time we hope to see some of those revived join the effort, while those that remain in the 'burb will have a chance to take a foothold back there.

Every Revive Point?

OK, so there are a lot more revive points than Malls and many are not well-publicised. However we don't intend to get to worked up over this. We'll clear all the cemetaries and every revive point we're made aware of.

Where's the Tour now?

May 24, 2007

Things have really begun to heat up in Santlerville and anyone following the tour should find somewhere close to Finch Monument [76-24] and begin reviving. Be careful who you revive! There are a ton of career zombies clogging this revive point.

If you need profiles, try these links. Speak at the revive point to use the URL painted on the monument. Make sure the tinyurl tag is correct though. If its not, you can speak to request a revive at

Be sure to check against this extensive DO NOT REVIVE LIST before reviving.

Dribbling Beavers Public Revive Requests

DEM Revive Requests: Finch:[76-24]

DEM Revive Requests Cemetary [78-26]

DEM Revive Requests The Pace Monument [78, 27] (Doesnt seem to be too active but its listed on the wiki

Early May

With a few success under our belts, we have decided to tour in and around Santlerville. The Annual RRF brainz fest is currently going on and they have invited many of their Zombie friends to help out. Dowdey Mall remains strong and we're going to be there when they need our help

Upon arriving, we found that the festivities hadn't really started yet so we've begun to spread out west and south of Santlerville. We'll help Santlerville if the need arises, but for now, we're staying busy running little day trips into the neighboring suburbs. Come Join us!

Side Day Trips:
We found Santlerville to still be in good shape so we've branched out with some smaller, uncoordinated work in the surrounding suburbs.
Raines Hills (Completed): I personally walked through RH, visiting each publicised revive point and found just 2 which I revived.
Huntley Heights (In Process): A few of us found some reviving needed in Huntley. We promptly dispatch a couple of tourists who are making quick work of the few in this pretty suburb.
Randallbank (In Process): At last check, Staite Plaza [63, 31] had 17 zombies standing. We could use some help at this revive point.

To join us in regrouping, contact us via the TNT07 forum. We're too small at this point to take and hold an NT. We'll attempt that after a few more tourists arrive in the area, maybe with the help of those we revive. For now, bring your needles and lets make a solid movement for survivors.

The Path of the Tour

Molebank - The tour started out in Molebank... which we hope does not prove to have been our finest hour. We hadn't expected the natives to be quite so hostile. So maybe later eh? We'll have to revisit Molebank when we actually know how this thing works:-)

Roywood - From Molebank, we headed off to Roywood - "the forgotton suburb" - Roywood ended up being our first success. We emptied the 1 revive point and cleared and caded Gilesi NT for a few weeks to allow us to fully stock up on needles.

Havercroft - After feeling good and see some great things in Roywood, we move on to Havercroft determined to clear the cemetaries around Ackland Mall. Within two days, they were looking quite empty and the Mall was back up and running. Another good success.

Darvall Heights - After Havercroft, came Davall Heights, home to one half of the infamous Caiger Mall. We had heard that a small group was holding Herman NT in preperation to take back Caiger. A couple of us made it up there with a good supply of needles and began reviving. A couple days later, the Mall was open, the queues were down and we were ready to move on.

Santlerville - Now we're off to Santlerville. Half of Matlon, Zombie and Human alike, seems to be in this burb. Hopefully, we'll be able to help out where needed.

Santlerville is still in great shape. While we had the chance, we visited a few of the surrounding suburbs.
Raines Hills (Completed): I personally walked through RH, visiting each publicised revive point and found just 2 which I revived.

Allied Groups

In the dark early days of Tour Necrotech, a shadowy group of several DHPD members founded it all, and they found it to be good. They decided to share this great light with all, so that truth may be shown, and thus the group was born. These original founding members did not put their DHPD characters in the group, as they have a commitment to the Hills and the surrounding area, but rather used other alts to found the Tour, but the DHPD we count as an ally, with several DHPD members including alts in the Tour.

We actively encourage the survivor groups and any pro human zombie groups of Malton to help out with the Tour-- we ask that for the time of the Tour, you put "TNT07" in your profile-- after the Tour is completed we will disband, and depending on the success of Tour Necrotech, may or may not do it again next year. If you are interested in joining up but your group sticks to a primary area, feel free to put other alts in, and of course, individuals are always welcome as well.


Considering we hope the Tour will grow to large numbers, this is an issue that needs to be addressed. You can only have one character actively participating in the Tour. If, for whatever reason, the specific character should change over time, this is fine, but in no way, shape, or form is it okay for you to be running more than one tourist at a time. If the Tour moves into a suburb where you have an alt, then either this alt needs to move out for the time being, or your tourist needs to take a break from the tour (go somewhere quiet maybe and restock). If you have an alt on another side (i.e., pker or zombie) we think you can keep them there but there are obvious problems. Either they interfere with the tour (in which case you may be accused of spying) or they don't (in which case they are sort of co-operating). We want to be flexible about this but we would really be much happier if you didn't have two characters in the same suburb AT ALL whichever side they are on. There will be ABSOLUTELY NO zerging under any circumstances. Zerging is an exploitation of the game, and Kevan has made it clear that this is cheating. There is obviously little we can do to prevent people putting TNT07 in their profiles and tagging along -- but don't expect us to be nice to you if we find you are zerging on the tour, and don't expect to be getting revives from us.


The forums are where we will do most of our coordination, and where you can announce joining up with the Tour. Keep in mind, you don't have to actually ever sign up over there-- all you have to do is check here on the wiki for the next spot on the tour, then move there and aid us in managing all of the revives in that suburb. For those who want to be more involved in the Tour, here is the link--

Training Grounds

For those of you who are low-leveled and going to be participating in the Tour and looking to level up your character, look no further! On the forums we are setting up just such a board for characters as these, we'll give you tips and suggestions and a bit of help in your quest for the Holy Experience. After all, isn't that what any good tour is all about?

The Tour Guides

We do not have a set command structure in the way that most formal groups do, as we're not permanent and we don't lay out orders, per se-- just give out the next location Tour Necrotech will hit-- but we do have a few tour guides to help you if you need anything! Feel free to contact commmanderian, rebelcase, or Steve Woz on the forums with any questions/comments/concerns. We have several others who at this time prefer not to actively state too much involvement with the project, but as permits they will be added to this list.


TNT07 is going to be an active supporter of the RESCUE initiative. To find out more about this initiative, check out the RESCUE wiki page.

Have Fun!!!

Ultimately, we're all here just to have fun, and Urban Dead is just a game. Please remember not to take things too seriously and to always play fair. Again, contact the tour guides on the forums with anything you want to, put up discussion on the page here, whatever. Let's get out there, have a good game, and get the reviving party going! Tour Necrotech '07!!!