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The Tourist Welcoming Committee is a group of Nintendorks, citizens of Santlerville and other suburbs of Malton, who are anxious to meet the members of Mall Tour 07. We would like to deliver the zombies our gift baskets, full of shotgun shells, fresh oranges, and a coupon to the nearest Brain Rotter clinic. We specialize in group deliveries, usually centering around 3PM EST (8PM GMT).

During the week of February 19th, the Siege of Stickling Mall completed. Committee members were able to delight over 50 zeds to death, despite a small committee size of roughly 12 survivors.

The Committee is currently regrouping for the next Mall Tour stop; please see the Current Status below for more details on how to join in on the fun.

All survivors of Malton are invited to help us make the Tourists feel wanted in our fair city!

Just one of the many delicious fruit baskets to be hand-delivered to the Mall Tourists.

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Preferred Tagging Adverts: "Welcome the Tourists!" "Kill tourists with fruit"

Current Status

Stickling has fallen. A big hearty thank you for all the committee members who joined us in showing Malton hospitality to our zed brethren.

If you are a committee member (or want to be), please fall back to Dowdney Mall in Santlerville.

Confirmed Tourists Delighted to Death

  • (Siege of Stickling) 40 confirmed at Whippey, 51 total since February 6th.

Questions and Answers

Why did the Staging Area move?

So we could be closer to the action. Honestly, we picked a place that was too far away. :(

Why is was the Staging Location so far away from Stickling?

It would seem better to jump into Stickling Mall and help the survivors directly. However, if we stage this attack outside of Sticking, we have the following benefits:

  1. The further away we are from the mall, the better the chance that we will be left alone to heal & regroup
  2. If the zombies do decide to follow us, that means less zombie AP attacking the mall, which probably helps Stickling more than our attacks.
  3. Most important for the Santlerville folks: if Stickling falls, we are still alive to fall back to Dowdney Mall to await for their arrival.

Attacking from a distance gives members of other suburbs the chance to get into the action for 30AP

Is this a new group?

No, not really. Just come as you are.

Can I add a new question here?

Sure, if you want. I (Sexy Rexy Grossman) will watch the page and try to answer as many as I can.

What happens if Stickling falls?

Head to Dowdney Mall, which is "supposedly" their next stop.

What if a zed group follows us back to The Staging Area?

We hold them off at first, but then we disperse and reform at a new staging area.

Groups Participating in the Welcoming Committee

If you would like your group to be recognized for visiting the tourists, please add your group name down here.

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