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Recently Tricell has expressed interest in the Malton outbreak. A small team was dispatched to set up a base and investigate the outbreak in the hopes of procuring more samples and data on the undead in the city.

The small team was driven into the city under the cover of darkness and quickly set up a field base in the Goodridge Building. Construction work went underway almost immediatly and a perimeter was set up around the base.

The team consists of scientists, medics, Tricell biological containment squads "Trashsweeper units". A propaganda section has been set up by the field commander in order to better incorpotate and educate the people of Malton towards Tricell's recent entry into the city.

It has since turned out that Excella Gionne has placed one of her most trusted employees into a field commander's position. Little is known about this mysterious person except that he has hand picked the employees for the team that were sent into the field.

Primary results from the investigations have already been transmitted to the Tricell main base.


The Goodridge Building
Tricell Pharmaceutical Company HQ

Santlerville [75, 26]

Yandle Plaza the Hall Building Novell Walk
a junkyard The Goodridge Building
Tricell Pharmaceutical Company HQ
the Sweatman Motel
wasteland a carpark Chivers Avenue
know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 27.43 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: Santlerville

  • We are a pro survivor group.
  • We are currently operating out of Santlerville.
  • If you wish to join please contact the group through the forums.

Recruitment Policy

These are the rules for application:

  • The player must apply through the forum. The link is above.
  • The player must intend on playing as a survivor.
  • The player must not be part of another group, however exceptions can be made.
  • A player that was once part of a GK'er or PK'er group must stop fraternising with them and renounce all links to that group.
  • A player that was once a zombie spy must cease such activities.
  • A player caught relaying information from this group to another without consent can find themselves being given a dishonerable discharge from the group and rapid placement on the Kill On Site list (KOS)
  • The player must respect others in the group
  • People must use English. Good grammar and punctuation are highly recommended.
  • You should specify on what you would rather join. The "Trashsweeper" units, Tricell security and scientists are all open for grabs.
  • We are a predominantly roleplaying group. Roleplaying in game is preffered but not mandatory.


  • Tricell is now recruiting. Tell your friends about us!
  • You will see us appearing at certain events within Malton shortly
  • Currently executing Operation: Clear Sky


Group template:

Tricell2.jpg TPC Employee
This user works for the Tricell Pharmaceutical Company

Ally template:

Tricell2.jpg TPC Ally
This group is an ally of the Tricell Pharmaceutical Company

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Tricell Pharmaceutical Company
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