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U.S. Navy Seals

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The following table lists every member ever associated with the USNS. If you happen to depart from the group be sure to delete your profile or change your "Current Status" with one of the following indicators:

  • On Active Duty - Survivor shows group affiliation as U.S. Navy Seals and has appropriate level for date joined.
  • On Leave - Survivor still shows U.S. Navy Seals as their group affiliation, but is "away".
  • MIA - Survivor has not been seen in awhile, but is still affiliated with the USNS.
  • AWOL - Survivor does not show group affiliation as U.S. Navy Seals, but is still active.
  • Joined (blank) - Survivor was with the U.S. Navy Seals, but has left to join a new group.

Character Name Rank Joined Status
Evildemon989 Admiral June 26, 2007 On Active Duty