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At present

Due to bad faith use by vandals, the ability to move pages is restricted to sysops. This effectively removes the ability for page moves to be used as a means to harm the wiki. At the same time, it also delegates yet more routine maintenance tasks to Sysops and takes powers away from the community.

The suggestion

The suggestion is to make use of the wiki's inbuilt "Autoconfirmed" group for the purpose of filtering those users who have tools with greater potential to harm the wiki. Autoconfirmed status is assigned to anyone who makes a certain number of edits and has been registered for a certain time period. Wikipedia assigns it after 4 days and 10 edits; on this wiki, a requirement of 7 days and 50 edits seems reasonable.

Autoconfirmed users would have the ability to move pages. It is also possible to protect a page so that only autoconfirmed accounts can edit them, this would afford frequently vandalised pages some level of protection while still allowing good-faith edits from established users.


Move protections

Pages could be protected from movement separately from other types of protection. This allows the movement of pages which are should not be moved without significant consensus to be limited to Sysops Only. Important administrative pages move-protected as part of this policy.


Would be requested via the current A/P page, the same rules apply and any protections made by Sysops without a request must be listed on the page for future posterity.

In a nutshell

This policy would grant established users the ability to carry out maintenance tasks without giving vandals additional tools. It would also allow semi-protection of high-risk articles without limiting edits only to Sysops.

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