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The aim of this policy is to repair an imbalance in how hate speech is treated on this wiki, and provide the sysop team with a better system of discouraging it. At present, any number of precedents can be pulled up to show that the use of racial slurs and racist hate speech is considered vandalism, and will be dealt with as such on A/VB. However, the use of homophobic epithets and discriminatory speech on the wiki has not been similarly treated, creating a disparity and a sense of double standards in how the sysop team deal with this kind of thing. As such, a standard needs to be put in place in order to create such a precedent. To this end, this policy simply wishes to append the following bolded and italic text to UDWiki:Vandalism#Some examples of Vandalism, and for it to be followed through in cases brought to Vandal Banning:

Discriminatory/Hate Speech: The use of derogatory hate speech on the wiki, with particular note to racism and homophobia, but not excluding other such forms, is to be considered as vandalism. The final authority on what does and does not constitute the above will reside with the sysop team, who are expected to be impartial in the matter.

Discussion on this policy's talk page will allow for a consensus to be reached on what the sysop team would be expected to issue escalations for, though no exhaustive list will officially be used by this policy.

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