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The misconduct system is in need of an overhaul that is fair to the sysops subjected to it. This policy creates an expansion of the current rulings and a policy on reviewing sysops. This policy will not override any policy that is specifically for demoting sysops outside of the Review.

Note The point of this policy is to create a set procedure for when the review of a sysop should happen. It does not override the ability to call for a No Confidence vote on the basis of 1 case. It is to evaluate a repeat offender.


  • Added Minor Misconduct. (Misconduct but not counted toward the review)
  • Added Unsubstantiated. (3 Unsub votes with no other votes will delete a case)
  • Added a Review format. (after 3 Misconduct - Minor not included - the sysop is reviewed.)
  • If the review by the other sysops is Satisfactory the Misconduct count starts again (for the purpose of reviews)
  • If the review is Unsatisfactory the sysop is demoted in 24 hours.


Cases will have 3 dispositions: "Misconduct","Not Misconduct", and "Minor Misconduct ". Misconduct and Not Misconduct votes are the same as in the current Misconduct system. Minor Misconduct is for cases that are "minor" or procedural in nature where the sysop made a good faith edit that was a technical violation, but not always deserving of punishment. All cases declared minor are inherently without punishment. For the purposes of voting Minor Misconduct votes will count with Misconduct. However, the Not Misconduct votes will count as Minor when determining final outcome in regards to Review.

Example: A case gets a vote of 2 Misconduct, 2 Minor misconduct, and 2 not misconduct. The Minor is added to the Misconduct tally (4) to determine that it is Misconduct of some nature. The 2 Not Misconduct are added to the 2 Minor and determine it is a Minor Misconduct outcome and therefor does not count toward the review.

Cases may also be ruled Unsubstantiated. This vote means the voting sysop does not see a sysop power involved in the case or the links provided do not supply enough evidence to come to a reasonable conclusion. If a case gets 3 Unsubstantiated votes before it gets any other type of vote it is removed entirely and not archived in any way. If the case is validated then the sysops voting Unsubstantiated are required to enter another vote. There will be no ABSTAIN votes unless the sysop is directly related to the case or the case that would cause a conflict of interest.

Ruling on a Case

Unless there is a conflict of interest, any sysop that comments on a case is expected to supply a vote. There are no Abstain and no Undecided votes on A/M. Failing to do so may result in a vandal warning.

Sysop Review

Having just a running tally of cases and dispositions against sysops doesn't help determine the quality of the sysop. Since in the records a case for banning a user has the same "weight" as just deleting an image that was in use. Now, both may be seen as abuses of authority, however, due to the confines of red tape an action taken in good faith may result in a misconduct vote.

After 3 Misconduct cases (declared Misconduct - "Minor Misconduct" does not count in this case) the sysop is then reviewed. His/Her contributions over the time of the 3 cases are looked at. These are some but not all things that should be considered.

  • How many sysop functions has the sysop performed?
  • Contributions to A/VB, SD, Move, Protect, Suggestion cycling, scheduled deletions, etc. are evaluated.
  • Has the sysop been performing the tasks required of a sysop?
  • Has the sysop initiated any other projects outside of the basic "janitorial" functions?
  • Has the sysop made contributions along the lines of a regular user?

Review Process after the 3rd Case

A protected page is made under the sysops Misconduct Archive named "Review (DATE)". The review only covers the actions the sysop has taken since the 1st Misconduct ruling in the triad. Any actions before that case are not admissible in the review. Sysops are trusted to use their best judgment and not allow any past grudges or personality conflicts to decide their vote. A review will not last longer than (3) three days, however if a unanimous decision is reached it may end sooner.

The page includes the following:

  • Recap of the 3 Misconduct cases posted. Also any points made during the misconduct voting(s) that apply.
  • A statement or summary of contributions (with links if possible) written by the Sysop under review.
  • Sysop/Crat Voting Discussion (Unsatisfactory or Satisfactory - there is no Abstain) Discussion is encouraged to support your vote because of the serious nature of the review.
  • Results.

*General users may comment on the talk page during this process if need be.

If the sysop's actions have been satisfactory - the record is marked REVIEWED - SATISFACTORY (dated) and the misconduct cases prior to that review are not "considered" against the sysop in future cases.

Example of a Satisfactory Review (summary)

  • Op has 3 Misconduct cases involving things from banning/warning unjustly, deleting/locking pages still in use, and editing protected pages arbitrarily. After the 3rd case is deemed Misconduct the sysop's record is checked. During that time the sysop has cycled suggestions, cleaned uncategorized pages, voted on A/VB, and shown efforts to help new users by "one on one" comments on talk pages regarding wiki standards. The sysop team feels the contributions outweigh the negative actions and deem the sysop Satisfactory the record will show X date REVIEWED SATISFACTORY.

It will not remove a Misconduct case (like vandal de-escalation), however, it will show that the sysop has put in an honest effort for the community.

In the event of an Unsatisfactory vote

Should the review be UNSATISFACTORY, the sysop will not retain sysop status.

  • Reviews that can not be deemed Satisfactory by a majority of sysops are grounds for demotion within 24 hours of the unsatisfactory ruling.
  • Users demoted by this means are not banned from another promotion through A/PM.

Example of an Unsatisfactory Review (summary)

  • Op has 3 Misconduct cases including 2 cases of banning/warning unjustly and bullying a specific user. After the 3rd case is deemed Misconduct the sysop's record is checked. During that time the sysop rarely contributed to Admin pages, trolled users on A/VB, harassed users on their talk page, and showed minimal effort to help new users or make regular edits. The sysop team feels the negative actions outweigh the contributions and deem the sysop Unsatisfactory. The record will show X date REVIEWED UNSATISFACTORY. The sysop is demoted.

Fine Print

Should a Bureaucrat be demoted through this procedure a round of elections will begin immediately. The page is locked and the link added to the UDWiki:Administration/Misconduct/Archive/SYSOP/ noted with the outcome. This policy is not retroactive. All cases before the date passed are not considered in the "review" portion of this policy.

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