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Okay i'm aware the name of this policy sucks, couldn't think of anything else. Basically this would mean that all community voting (excluding elections) would require 66% support to pass, rather than 50%. This would apply to deletions, scheduled deletion votes and anything else that fits.


The reason for this is that 51% support should not be enough to change the way the wiki is run or delete a page. If a decision is straight forward, then it should easily get 66%. If it can't then perhaps such changes wouldn't be implemented. While this will mean less changes on the wiki i don't see that as a bad thing. If 2/3 of the community can't even agree on making a change it seems unreasonable to force it through.

This policy could go hand in hand with the sort of scheme hagnat is cooking up over here, the idea being that users who made their first edit after the commencement of a vote are unable to participate, this is designed to eliminate the most crude forms of meatpuppeting.

Questions, Comments & Abuse welcome.