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This page is an archive of Giles Sednik's Promotions candidacy, which was unaccepted. If you wish to speak with this candidate, please use their Talk page.

User:Giles Sednik

A long term member of the community, commited to maintaining the wiki over a long period, active and impartial. The only thing missing, as far as I'm concerned, to make him the perfect candidate, is an indication of his desire to become a sysop. I hope he accepts nomination -- boxy talkteh rulz 07:15 30 January 2011 (BST)

Awww boxy, I really appreciate this, especially since you've long been one of my favorite sysops/crats. Now I don't want you to think I take this lightly, and indeed I've considered running for sysop a couple of times but have held off until now for a couple of reasons.
1)I like being able to come and go from the wiki as I please. Though I pretty much stalk the changes every day and check on things even when I don't make edits, I like the idea of being able to just walk away for a week or two and not leave anyone hanging. If this promotion was successful I'd feel obliged to contribute all the time.
2)My schedule irl is about to get really busy and I'll have less time in general to make meaningful edits. A sysop shouldn't phone it in.
3)I've become far less mature in my interactions with other users since becoming an entrenched member of the wiki. This is something that I'd like to work on and the wiki wouldn't be getting a very good candidate until that area improves.
For those reasons I'm going to respectfully decline, though when real life quiets down if the wiki is still going strong and if there is still a need for a sop I'll happily put myself up for promotion. Again, thank you box. :) --GANG Giles Sednik CAPD 13:08, 30 January 2011 (UTC)
  • abstain/quite weak vouch - I'd prefer him to Thad I guess, has good behind the scenes work which I respect. -- ϑanceϑanceevolution 10:23, 30 January 2011 (UTC)
  • Question What experience have you had of dealing with disagreements on the wiki? --RosslessnessWant a Location Image? 10:59, 30 January 2011 (UTC)
    The people I've butted heads with have been DDR, Cyberbob, SA, and iscariot. To be fair, just about everyone has clashed with at least a couple of those people. I got really upset at SA one time because I felt he had put another user in a very uncomfortable spot by revealing irl info on that user. As a result I basically flamed the hell out of SA and got very nasty. It's the only time I felt I've really lost my cool dealing with another user and I apologized to him after as a result. DDR is undoubtedly the user I have the most conflict with, because we both tend to be fairly opinionated and don't often walk away easily. Having said this, I respect the great work that ddr does around here and I've vouched for him a couple of times and none of our disagreements have ever gotten heated that I recall. Generally I don't think disagreements stop me from cooperating with other users or being civil. --GANG Giles Sednik CAPD 13:08, 30 January 2011 (UTC)
  • Weak Against - Does some good maintenance work, and I always see him chip in on things like re-evaluations, promotions and bureaucrat elections. However, I can't remember seeing him actually discussing stuff. And not just on conflicts, but also on things like developing policy or a controversial deletion request for example, I just don't see him participate that much in that sorta thing. This makes it difficult to get to know him, and to form a opinion on him. I think he should get off the side-lines, and speak up some more (on some more subjects), if he wishes to become sysops that is. Right now, I can't vouch yet (wish I could return favor Giles, sorry :(. There some good other candidates right now too, like Spiderzed. When is someone putting him up? --Umbrella-White.pngThadeous OakleyUmbrella-White.png Talk 11:27, 30 January 2011 (UTC)
  • Weak Vouch - He does fantastic and especially very steady and reliable gnomeing work. What he lacks is activity on the opinion pages, which also makes it tough to evaluate how he would act on them. While I don't expect him to be type to throw around weird opinions (as Yon has done a few times), I'd still feel more comfortable if I'd see his opinion more often on A/VB, A/PD and A/M to get a clearer picture. -- Spiderzed 12:38, 30 January 2011 (UTC)
    Excellent point. I'll keep this in mind if I ever decide to self-promote.--GANG Giles Sednik CAPD 13:08, 30 January 2011 (UTC)

Closed after candidate declined. Thanks Giles! --RosslessnessWant a Location Image? 13:51, 30 January 2011 (UTC)

Still closed. --RosslessnessWant a Location Image? 14:08, 30 January 2011 (UTC)
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