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This page is an archive of Misanthropy's Promotions candidacy. If you wish to speak with this candidate, please use their Talk page. If you believe that the candidate has abused the abilities and privileges granted them by this promotion, please report them for misconduct.


Ah go on. We're coming to get you, Barbara 22:34, 8 July 2011 (BST)

  • Strongly Against - User has returned with the sole intention of being meatpuppeted in to the second crat spot so that SA will control both crat spots. Candidate fails multiple promotion criterion, and above all does not have the best interests of the wiki at heart.--Yonnua Koponen T G P ^^^ 22:36, 8 July 2011 (BST)
    Discussion moved to talk page
  • Strongest Possible Vouch - Misanthropy is one of the best SysOPs this wiki has ever had. Does "Thank you for your input" mean "Gee, I feel fucking stupid for making wild accusations and then being proven wrong in public" or does it mean "I have no idea what a joke is, and anyone I hate must be a g00n."? Also, what's with the g00n hate? It's becoming a literal witch hunt here. -- Goribus 22:51, 8 July 2011 (BST)
  • Question I don't see much constructive contributions prior to this bid. What are you hoping to achieve with the Sysops position?-- Cat Pic.png Thadeous Oakley Talk 22:53, 8 July 2011 (BST)
    So... the guy that literally only did enough work to get promoted and stay a SysOP is asking him what he hopes to achieve in his Sysop position? The fuck? Did I just walk into the Twilight Zone or something? -- Goribus 22:55, 8 July 2011 (BST)
  • Vouch - My only memories of Mis' Janitor-With-Buttons work is of him dealing with things in a just and equitable manner. Also of swearing a lot. But swearing in a just and equitable manner. --DTPraise KnowledgePK 23:12, 8 July 2011 (BST)
  • Vouch In before tl:goonsig. I liked sysop Misanthropy. I suspect Yon is probably onto something but I honestly don't care that much. What's a little evil wiki overlording between friends. Anyhow, don't dissapear like you did last time and give me a run for the money in August and I'll gladly vouch. ~Vsig.png 23:55, 8 July 2011 (UTC)
    While I appreciate the support, I'll repeat that I'm definitely not a goon. Unless those bastards stole my identity. Grr! Argh! *shaking fist* We're coming to get you, Barbara 23:58, 8 July 2011 (BST)
  • Vouch - Goribus would make an excellant sysop!--THE Godfather of Яesensitized, Anime Sucks Yalk | W! U! WMM| CC CPFOAS DORISFlag.jpg LOE ZHU | Яezzens 00:07, 9 July 2011 (BST)
  • Vouch - Just do it. --Papa Moloch 00:34, 9 July 2011 (BST)
  • Vouch - Was someone I dearly wished was around during the Dead nonsense. -- ϑanceϑanceevolution 02:57, 9 July 2011 (BST)
    You could have just emailed... :( We're coming to get you, Barbara 03:06, 9 July 2011 (BST)
    Oh, you were here, just not here here, as an op. Some of the things you said and did in drama sections were very good in my eyes, wished they could have been backed up further as a vote or a ruling by you. -- ϑanceϑanceevolution 03:21, 9 July 2011 (BST)
  • Vouch As DDR said. Hes a good m8 as well.       04:26, 9 July 2011 (BST)
  • Strong vouch - the one dissenter, Yonnua, is voting against for loopy reasons. Unless Mis is also SA? (the person, he's not a goony goon goon)--Karloth Vois ¯\(°_o)/¯ 13:57, 9 July 2011 (BST)
  • huge vouch yon is a total thad.-- HEY! HANDS OFF MAH BOOBS!   bitch   COBRA!   אמת 14:12, 9 July 2011 (bst)
  • Vouch vouch vouch vouch vouch (I can do that because all my multiple personalities are in agreement) -- I don't know any other candidate, except for myself or, maybe, myself, that deserves to be a sysop more at this moment in time than Misanthropy. --Ash  |  T  |  яя  | 23:59, 9 July 2011 (BST)
  • Strong Vouch - I don't think it's a secret that Mis and I got along pretty well, even when we were busy disagreeing vehemently with one another, so this vouch should come as no surprise. I always liked having him around as a sysop, because he was a no-nonsense sysop who wasn't afraid to speak his mind, didn't put up with BS, used a great deal of common sense in his approach (his opinions in debates, while oftentimes harshly stated, are just as often like a breath of fresh air in a hot and stale room), and knew enough about the rules to not make a fool of himself (EDIT: that wasn't intended as a back-handed insult aimed at anyone). He's definitely taken a more liberal stance towards precedents in recent months, but he has reasons for doing so. Also, his motives for nominating himself right now may be slightly clouded (I get the strong sense that he nominated himself because he wants to be able to vote on things again), but that doesn't change the fact that I have an unwavering confidence in his ability to act faithfully and capably as a sysop. Aichon 23:33, 10 July 2011 (BST)
    Discussion move to talk page.
  • against - who the fuck is this stooge Achtung! Goonden! 04:05, 11 July 2011 (BST)
  • He's a smart arse who enjoys trying to WIKI LAWYER his way around the spirit of policies -- boxy 15:47, 15 July 2011 (BST)
  • against - no WIKI LAWYER with buttons, thx --hagnat 15:56, 15 July 2011 (BST)
  • Vouch - As others have pointed out, Mis is a bit prone to pranks and wikilawyering. Apart of that, though, he is a competent sys-op who isn't afraid to use his smarts for the wiki's benefit. -- Spiderzed 12:42, 19 July 2011 (BST)

After discussion with Rev, its been decided you have community support and the bid has been cycled as Successful. Thanks. --Rosslessness 08:32, 28 July 2011 (BST)

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