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This page is for the reporting of vandalism within the Urban Dead wiki, as defined by vandalism policy. On this wiki, the punishment for Vandalism is temporary banning, but due to security concerns, the ability to mete out this punishment is restricted to System Operators. As such, regular users will need to lodge a report for a Vandal to be banned from the wiki. For consistency and accountability, System Operators are requested to note on this board their actions in dealing with Vandals.

Guidelines for Vandalism Reporting

In dealing with Vandalism, time is often of the essence. As such, we ask that all users include the following information in a Vandalism report:

  • A link to the pages in question.
Preferably bolded for visibility. If the Vandalism is occurring over a sufficiently large number of pages, instead include a time range of the vandalism attempt, or alternatively, a link to the first vandalised page. This allows us to quickly find the damage so we can quickly assess the situation.
  • The user name of the Vandal.
This allows us to more easily identify the culprit, and to check details.
  • A signed datestamp.
For accountability purposes, we ask that you record in your request your user name and the time you lodged the report.
  • Please report at the top.
There's conflict with where to post and a lot of the reports are missed. If it's placed at the top of the page it's probably going to be seen and dealt with.

If you see Vandalism in progress, don't wait for System Operators to deal with it, as there may be no System Operator online at the time. Lodge the report, then start reverting pages back to their original form. This can be done by going to the "History" tab at the top of the page, and finding the last edit before the Vandal's attack. When a System Operator is available, they'll assess the situation, and if the report is legitimate, we will take steps to either warn the vandal, or ban them if they are on their second warning.

If the page is long, you can add new reports by editing the top report and placing your new report above its header in the edit screen.

Before Submitting a Report

  • This page, Vandal Banning, deals with bad-faith breaches of official policy.
  • Interpersonal complaints are better sorted out at UDWiki:Administration/Arbitration.
  • As much as is practical, assume good faith and try to iron out problems with other users one to one, only using this page as a last resort.
  • Avoid submitting reports which are petty.

Vandalism Report Space

Administration Notice
Talk with the user before reporting or accusing someone of vandalism for small edits. In most cases it's simply a case of a new user that doesn't know how this wiki works. Sometimes assuming good faith and speaking with others can avoid a lot of drama, and can even help newbies feel part of this community.
Administration Notice
If you are not a System Operator, the user who made the vandal report, the user being reported, or directly involved in the case, the administration asks that you use the talk page for further discussion. Free-for-all commenting can lead to a less respectful environment.
Administration Notice
Warned users can remove one entry of their warning history every one month and 250 edits after their last warning. Remember to ask a sysop to remove them in due time. You are as responsible for keeping track of your history as the sysops are; In case of a sysop wrongly punishing you due to an outdated history, he might not be punished for his actions.

September 2013


For the below vandal report. I know we generally give people soft warnings for bullshit on admin pages, but this is just such blatant, racist, douchebaggery -- boxy 12:05, 28 September 2013 (BST)

Obvious cornhole alt is obvious -- boxy 12:10, 28 September 2013 (BST)
While checkuser information isn't conclusive, I ask everyone to compare this page in my user space with the original revision of Rabbi Korngold's group page. What are the odds that a "new" user, who completely randomly happens to be Dutch, completely randomly stumbles upon an old page in userspace dealing with Cornholioo, while completely randomly picking his handle from the same userspace page? And what are the odds that the same "new" user goes straight to A/VB and spams it with stuff about Jews? My verdict is Ban Evasion. -- Spiderzed 12:19, 28 September 2013 (BST)

Seconded. --Rosslessness 12:31, 28 September 2013 (BST)

Do you second Boxy's vandalism verdict for the A/VB spamming, or my verdict that it is ban evasion? -- Spiderzed 12:38, 28 September 2013 (BST)
Ban Evasion. --Rosslessness 14:40, 28 September 2013 (BST)
LOL-- HEY! HANDS OFF MAH BOOBS!   bitch   COBRA!  אמת12:33, 28 September 2013

Are you fucking kiding me? There are almost 17 million people living in the Netherlands. Any of those people can look up an old userspacepage and post it on a mainspace page. Would you ban all 17 million of us for that? I'm also misconducting you for revealing information about my IP address. Rabbi✡Korngold 15:24, 28 september 2013 (BST)

And you're going to lose all your credibility if you ban me. You have no evidence. All you got is that we have same nationality and that I copied a page with his name on it. That is no evidence. Rabbi✡Korngold 15:28, 28 september 2013 (BST)
Misconduct is found here. Go ahead, make my day. -- Spiderzed 15:35, 28 September 2013 (BST)

Heh. ~Vsig.png 15:37, 28 September 2013 (UTC)

Anyone please watch very closely how I'm getting banned permanently without any direct evidence at all. Rabbi✡Korngold 15:59, 28 september 2013 (BST)

Here's the thing: even if you aren't Corn, you clearly want us to think that you are, and we're happy to oblige. Ban Evasion Aichon 16:11, 28 September 2013 (BST)

Have you guys actually thought about this: if you ban me for being Cornholioo, you're going to have to revert all the edits I made, as they would be made by a banned vandal. That includes the so called 'evidence'. Rabbi✡Korngold 16:14, 28 september 2013 (BST)

Or we could just leave it up for a bit so that everyone else has a chance to see it first. Alternatively, we could delete it while still retaining access for any A/M proceedings, and if anyone distrusts our decision, we're more than capable of undeleting the pages later so that the community can scrutinize our decision. I was actually in the middle of deleting things, when Spider suggested we leave them for a bit, so I think I'll do so. Aichon 16:37, 28 September 2013 (BST)
I'll back the decision to keep the evidence up for now. It is still relevant to the Misconduct case against me, and it also doesn't hurt that common users get a chance to take a look at the evidence themselves. -- Spiderzed 16:39, 28 September 2013 (BST)
Yes please leave everything up for now. I'd like to be able to look at all this. One note - Aichon deleted this image before I got the chance to see it - is it relevant to the matter at hand? And also RK's userpage has been deleted and a chunk of the above implies it is copied from a different page - I did see both pages, but other users might want to inspect. Do I need to file undeletions on those or can it happen automatically? Bob Moncrief EBDW! 17:16, 28 September 2013 (BST)
As a sys-op, you don't need to undelete at all. You can go into the page undeletion process and preview the page without actually restoring. - As for relevance, I don't think that the pages and images already deleted are relevant. The only really relevant thing is the group page The Secret Jewish Order of Hava Nagila -- Spiderzed 17:28, 28 September 2013 (BST)
The image was just a screenshot of this page with a few sentences highlighted and some text claiming the wiki died today. The userpage was just one line of text and an image of George W. Bush standing next to the flag for Israel. Those were the only ones I deleted before Spider suggested keeping stuff around for a bit, but as a sysop, you're able to look at any of them without undeleting them, and unless there are A/M proceedings that hinge on those pages, there's no reason to undelete them. In fact, after a few days, we'll be deleting the rest of the stuff too, since they all constitute vandal edits. Aichon 17:36, 28 September 2013 (BST)

Yeah definitely ban evasion. Please do not delete and revert everything until the A/M case is closed, though. Bob Moncrief EBDW! 01:53, 29 September 2013 (BST)

A/M is closed, so non-administrative contributions deleted. Bob Moncrief EBDW! 20:27, 29 September 2013 (BST)

User:Alexander Ignus

Shalom Gojim,

Rabbi Korngold takes issue with the display of non-kosher clothing and headwear displayed by said user on this wiki. See below for image in question:

Ignus alive.jpg

Fortunately the good Rabbi has applied reparations on said image and will pardon said user if reparation-image will be used instead:

File:417px-Ignus alive2.jpg

Hava Nagila! Rabbi✡Korngold 17:36, 27 September 2013 (BST)

This request has no place here, as there is no vandalism. At best, you could go for Arbitration, but that would very likely be shot down as a ridiculous request. -- Spiderzed 17:47, 27 September 2013 (BST)
Why is that? European people are in debt towards Jewish honor. 6 million Jews we're killed by Europeans of various nationalities during the 40's. Or do you want another 6 billion of us (the Chosen people) to be massacred again by some lunatic with a funny mustache? Oh wait, you're a German. Your grandpa was a member of the Nazi Party. I guess that explains a lot. Rabbi✡Korngold 17:55, 27 September 2013 (BST)

Stop spamming Admin pages with ridiculous cases or your editing privileges will be curtailed. Not vandalism. --Rosslessness 19:45, 27 September 2013 (BST)

Yeah, processing this as an obvious not vandalism and seconding Ross above. Bob Moncrief EBDW! 20:59, 27 September 2013 (BST)
Revoke my privileges then, stupid nazi. Rabbi✡Korngold 01:24, 28 September 2013 (BST)
Meh. You can do better. Try harder. Aichon 01:43, 28 September 2013 (BST)

More Clones?

The user creation log from User:I PRAY GOD WILL PUT AXE HACK TO HEAVEN and up seems to be more of the vandal from last year, at least in terms of MO. Can't cross-checkuser since old accounts were so long ago. Haven't blocked yet - thoughts? Bob Moncrief EBDW! 21:07, 19 September 2013 (BST)

OK, I'm declaring this to be spamming RC with account creations (they're all from the same IP) so I'm blocking the IP for now. Not blocking the individual accounts yet. Bob Moncrief EBDW! 21:21, 19 September 2013 (BST)
Yeah, I'm seeing 49 accounts already created. We've seen this before. Permaban accordingly. Aichon 21:30, 19 September 2013 (BST)
Done. Bob Moncrief EBDW! 21:40, 19 September 2013 (BST)
Also, if you go back through the checkuser logs to about a year ago, you can find prior "AXE HACK IS" log entries, and you can see what IP addresses the sysops back then were checking. If you plug those old IP addresses into an IP locator, you'll find that the old IP addresses and the most recent one hail from the same suburb in a location that I won't name. Suffice to say, it's the same jackass with time to kill. Aichon 21:45, 19 September 2013 (BST)

August 2013

User:Alger Gray

I have made a new account under a different name and want this one to be deleted. Bob Moncheif said this is where I should go. Alger Gray 01:34, 13 August 2013 (BST)

Done! If you would like to reactivate the account, shoot a sysop an email. Bob Moncrief EBDW! 04:07, 13 August 2013 (BST)


Aichon got it --Rosslessness 10:09, 8 August 2013 (BST)

July 2013


My apologies if I wasn't supposed to post in here, but this user has recently been replacing the contents of some pages, such as that of Giddings Mall, Fort Creedy, and blanking out portions of Pitneybank and Bale Mall. I sent a message on his/her talk page, just for him/her to blank it with a gyazo link. This link has also been pasted in the Yagoton page. Likewise, he blanked out the Recruitment category. Apologies if I'm filing this wrong; I've never really had to do this before! -「全ては優美である。」!Pattee.png 01:21, 21 July 2013 (BST)

You did the right thing. I blocked the vandal and am about to rollback the approximately 10 affected pages. Bob Moncrief EBDW! 01:26, 21 July 2013 (BST)
I think I got all of them. Do I have the ability to delete File:Image1.jpg (warning: slur) and User talk:Sploogewarrior? Bob Moncrief EBDW! 01:30, 21 July 2013 (BST)
Yes, both are vandalism / serve no function, so they can be deleted. --  AHLGTG THE END IS NIGH! 01:57, 21 July 2013 (BST)
Yes, perma vandals contributions are always removed. ~Vsig.png 02:26, 21 July 2013 (UTC)
Done and done. Bob Moncrief EBDW! 03:32, 21 July 2013 (BST)


Blanked the userpage of User:Seloth over the course of four edits. I've rollbacked, but not sure if this qualifies as 3eV or regular vandalism. Thoughts? Bob Moncrief EBDW! 15:50, 13 July 2013 (BST)

Eh, I'd like to hear if he has something to say before we just assume vandalism. If he doesn't have anything though, or we learn of some history between the two, then sure, vandalism. Aichon 21:45, 13 July 2013 (BST)
No contributions from either involved party for a month. I'll leave a warning on Banterman920's talk page and close this. Bob Moncrief EBDW! 18:00, 15 August 2013 (BST)


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